Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Baghdad Bob to Replace Dan Rather at CBS News?

CBS news anchor Dan Rather gets ready to step down in March with no word yet of a replacement. The quest now is to find someone who will fill the shoes of this outgoing icon who is so highly respected in America. Who can possibly do a job with as much integrity, attention to detail and thorough research to every story as this great man?

That question leads to this thought. If the CBS news needs an anchor person to take the reigns of the most highly respected nightly news service in America. A man in the know. Someone with his ear to the ground, with a pulse for the nation. Someone who can continue the dedication and respect of the CBS Nightly News!! Here is the perfect candidate...

Yes, Baghdad Bob!. He is certainly no tartoor, nor will he ever wag the dog.

Can you see it now? It's late at night. People are watching their favorite police drama, when all of a sudden...

"We interrupt 'NYPD: Blue' six minutes before the end to bring you this exclusive special report"

Camera pans over to the Anchor desk where Muhammad Saeed al-Sahaf is seated. As he clears his throat he says:

"Disneyland has turned 50 years old today! That's 5-ohhh years," [while holding up his fingers] "We have the documents and I will show you. IN ONE HOUR!"


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