Friday, December 31, 2004

New Canadian Holiday - Liberal Tsunami week

We have all heard the famous postman motto: "neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow.....Just holidays.....Will keep the mail from being delivered". This week it has become the slogan of the Federal Liberals. That all caring, "be all things to all people" group of politicians that constantly tell us how they are the party of compassion and caring. They always flaunt their moral superiority. They never miss a chance to label conservatives as the party of the rich. Yet at a time when the world rushes to deal with a disaster of biblical proportions, Paul Martin is on vacation.

With countries racing against the clock to help the millions of people affected by the biggest natural disaster of recent history, the Canadian Prime Minister and many of his key cabinet ministers are away on holidays. As people came to terms with the scope of the disaster our liberal politicians are still on holidays. Fully five days later, with the death toll topping 121,000 people Paul Martin is still vacationing in Morocco with no word on when he will return.

So the question is...Will the Federal Liberals take this opportunity to create a new national holiday from the tsunami disaster? Goodness knows we need new holidays in this country. We all know the left hates Christmas. All those references to God and Jesus and angels and stuff, makes the secular left squirm. In the new age, Christmas trees are called holiday trees. The Christmas season has become the holiday season. The left in this country has done everything to whitewash all references to God. So why not scrap Christmas altogether and make a fresh new National Holiday? Instead of a holiday to remember a Jewish King (Dec. 25) or to remember a British Queen (May 24), we can pay tribute to the Royal Hypocrites right here in our own land. It's perfect!

We could have a national holiday in keeping with our Canadian Liberal values. A holiday where Canadians can truly get away from the need to worry about other people...No more 'good will toward men' (which is just a front for sexism anyway). No need to collect canned goods for the poor or volunteer for the needy, since Liberal governments do all these things for us. Instead we can celebrate a whole week without work, where we pamper ourselves, and love ourselves and look out for ourselves. Forget about gold, frankincense and myrrh. We can dole out all the condoms, free needles, and government grown pot our taxpayer dollars have bought.

Ahhhhhhh..... Liberal Tsunami week. Seven days of self.