Saturday, January 01, 2005

Big Governments Don't Go to Heaven

It is judgment Day in Heaven and two people stand before God on trial. One a liberal, the other a conservative.

God turns to the conservative and asks, "When I was in need what did you do for me?"

The conservative listed all the charities he gave to, and all the places he volunteered his time. He mentioned the time he saw someone sleeping at the bus stop and he missed a day of work finding him a home. He also tells the story of how he gave his last $8 to buy candy for a family at Christmas. Of course he regrets he couldn't do more saying, "I did live in Canada after all and you know what our taxes were like."

God nodded since he knew that truth all too well. Then he turned to the liberal and asked the same question.

The Liberal replied, "Well, I paid my taxes......And I would have paid more were it not for this conservative."

The moral of this story is a sad but true one. Many people support Liberal politicians, because Liberals raise taxes and promise to cure all the social problems of people. However, the plight of the poor is our concern and not simply a problem for government. Private charities with a sense of community have always been the best address to the poorest among us. Their help has rescued many lives, even while Canada's social programs have destroyed the independence of generations.

As the relief efforts for the 2004 tsunami disaster are well under way, we are again witnessing the kindness and generosity of Canadians. Even as our Liberal politicians stayed on holidays, Canadians all across the country volunteered their time, effort and wealth to the relief effort. Canadians are making a big difference as they have following one disaster to the next.

The saying is true, "Governments don't go to Heaven, people do." Thank goodness this truth is not lost on the Canadian people.


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