Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Canada's Left - A Never Ending Affair with Racism

The left in this country just can't seem to get over its love affair with racism. The most famous example is Liberal cabinet minister Hedy Fry using her position as Minister for Multiculturalism to convince Canadians "we can just go to British Columbia where crosses are being burned on lawns as we speak".

Before that, the most radical quota system of government imposed racism ever proposed was almost made law by Bob Rae's socialist NDP in Ontario. His plan was to make employers fill quotas based solely on race, age, sex and disability through legislative force. Only an election call and a resounding rebuke from Ontario voters put that nightmare to rest.

Today, government continues to set the example as the worst offenders of race based hiring policies. The trick for them has always been to put a colorful face on every department without getting stuck with a full blown status indian on the payroll. How else can you explain the Winnipeg School Division #1 making a job posting today asking for someone "age 30 or under and must be Metis, Inuit or non status"?

It used to be governments hid their shame by saying, "we are an equal opportunity employer". Then when you came down to apply, they would put a gold star on your application if you were a woman or visible minority. Now they don't even try to hide anything. They simply post exactly what demographic they want on the Federal Government's website.

Canada's left always talks about how it wants to end racism, but living in a truly color blind society cannot be something we are always striving for. It must be something we eventually achieve. If the left thinks that creating hysteria then advertising jobs solely for minorities is the answer, they are wrong.

We cannot get there from here.


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