Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Harminder Singh Brar Confirms Judy Sgro is Lying

The hole Judy Sgro dug herself got a lot deeper today when a Canadian Press reporter interviewed a friend of Harjit Singh, the now famous pizza man. Harminder Singh Brar told a Canadian press reporter that he was at the meeting between Harjit Singh and Judy Sgro during the last election. Sgro continues to deny this meeting took place.

"I was there during the meeting," Brar said. "She was saying, 'As long as you give us volunteers to do the work in our campaign, we'll look after your immigration papers -- we'll see what we can do.'" Singh, who owns Pizza Market in Brampton, sent pizzas and chicken wings to Sgro's campaign office every evening. Brar said a senior political aide was also at the meeting at Sgro's north Toronto office, as was Brar's teenage son.

Sgro strenuously denies making any such promise or having even talked to Singh. Brar countered by saying he has TV news footage showing Sgro standing with Singh. Singh said when he met with Sgro he had to sign in at the campaign office.

The most damning evidence of all from this article is the fact that Sgro asked Singh for a police clearance from India, which court documents show was provided to her constituency office.

The evidence is overwhelming, even a liberal couldn't lie their way out of this one.


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