Monday, January 10, 2005

Jack Layton is Taking His 'No Weapons in Space' Fetish Way Too Far

The one sided debate in Canada's mainstream media about missile defense is continuing today with comments made by American Ambassador Paul Cellucci. According to the ambassador, the United States expects Canada to sign on the missile defense within months. Canada's media is talking non-stop about all the non-sense opposition there is to this plan.

There is no doubt that the two countries who pose the biggest threat to world peace at the moment are Iran and North Korea. The international Atomic Energy Agency is pretty sure Iran has a program to develop a nuclear weapon. North Korea on the other hand, is already believed to have nuclear weapons and be in the process of making more nukes which they are proudly bragging about.

North Korea is a communist country with the worlds most oppressive totalitarian leadership. Their policies have starved millions of their own people to death. If this is how they treat their own, how can they possibly care about the outside world?

North Korea decided to test a missile in 1998 by launching it over Japan's head and into the Pacific Ocean on the other Side. Imagine if the United States tested a cruise missile by launching it from New York, over Toronto and Ottawa, to see if they could hit the Hudson Bay! This action by North Korea was a complete provocation.

Why then is the socialist NDP talking about outer space like it is some holy temple not to be defiled with weapons? Jack Layton talks about weapons in space as if it is the ultimate sin, but he never explains why. There is no way to explain Jack Layton's 'no weapons in space' fetish except to understand that Canada's socialists have always believed pacifism equals peace.

Pacifism in this case is not good enough. If North Korea starts launching nukes, Canada will be right in the middle. A direct path between Pyongyang, N. Korea and Washington D.C takes you right over Toronto, Ontario.

The total distance between Pyongyang and Washigton is 6,766 miles. Given that ballistic missiles travel at about 15,000 miles per hour, a launch from North Korea would take only 27 minutes to reach its target. If that missile falls just 359 miles short, one minute sooner, Toronto, Ontario, along with over 3 million people, will be dead! What will Jack Layton say if that happens, "oh well, at least we don't have weapons in space"?

If this world has to fight World War III, it would be better to fight that war in outer space, or on the face of the moon, rather than here on Earth where the lives of over 6 billion people are at stake. Canada is being handed a golden opportunity to share its common defense with America, Britain, Japan and many other nations without the need for a go it alone solution to this problem.

Jack Layton's 'no weapons in space' fetish is just pathetic.


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