Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Liberal Media Spins Events of Sponsorship Inquiry

Headlines out of Canada's mainstream media today are all alledging impartiality on the part of those looking into the $250 million dollar sponsorship scandal. The Liberal media is doing its very best to shift the focus of the investigation away from the politicians that blew taxpayer money and onto Justice John Gomery.

At issue are some comments Mr. Gomery made about some witnesses during an interview. The Justice was also criticized for calling the sponsorship program a managerial catastrophe.

The list of media outlets pushing this story is a who's who of the Canadian liberal spin machine, including:

This is a conflict of interest of epic proportions for our media. Canada cannot expect to hear the truth about the sponsorship scandal when the media outlets who benefited most are the same ones Canadians depend on for their news.


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