Thursday, January 06, 2005

NDP Continues is Wasteful Spending Ways

NDP governments have always been unable or unwilling to balance a budget. When inheriting governments with surplus money they spend that money and more, borrowing as they go. Today the story continues in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Out on the prairies, Manitoba's Gary Doer and Saskatchewan's Lorne Calvert are showing what NDP finances are all about. Both turned black ink into red, while saying the difference between surplus and deficit depends on what system of accounting you use.

The socialist NDP in Manitoba has been lying to the voters for three years now, this time telling Manitoba it has a $13 million surplus. The reality is quite the opposite. Manitoba's auditor Joe Singleton explains the reality, that the government is actually running a deficit over $600 million a year, and hiding its debt in government run companies. Although the debt is on the books of crown businesses like Manitoba Hydro, the taxpayer is still responsible for that debt.

Saskatchewan Lorne Calvert's NDP are doing the exact same thing. After inheriting a $400 million dollar surplus, Saskatchewan socialists also turned their finances into a $600 million loss for the year. In the last two years Saskatchewan NDP has added over $1 billion to its provincial debt.

In both cases it was the auditor general who provided the last glimmer of truth, even when the elected politicians flat out lied.

Member of Parliament Pat Martin (NDP) got his 15 minutes of fame when he suggested a fix for the governor General's outrageous spending. He said, "she [Adrian Clarkson] might have to switch to a different brand of caviar."

If that is true, maybe the NDP should switch to a different brand of calculator.


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