Monday, January 17, 2005

The Plot Thickens in the Judy Sgro Scandal

The game of he said she said took an interesting turn today when Harkamal Virk was interviewed by a reporter with the Globe and Mail. Ms. Virk is the daughter-in-law of Harjit Singh, the infamous pizza man who's allegations last week cost Judy Sgro her cabinet position. Ms. Virk said she was with Harjit Singh when he met the former Immigration Minister, Judy Sgro, which contradicts Sgro's claim that no such meeting took place. Ms. Virk says the meeting took place at midday in Sgro's campaign office in north Toronto during last year's federal election campaign. She insists that before that meeting took place, Sgro was already familiar with her father-in-law's situation.

Ms. Virk also gives names of other people in attendance that day including Ihor Wons, Ms. Sgro's former chief of staff, and a member of the Sikh community, Arminder Brar, who had posted an immigration surety bond for Mr. Singh. Judy Sgro called Mr. Singh's accusation "ridiculous" and said, "These are false allegations from a desperate man who is going to be deported." This quote draws an erie parallel to one of the Harjit Singh bashing articles The Toronto Star published in its two day scandal whitewash campaign January 15-16.

Sajiv Kumar, of the Montreal-based Punjabi Human Rights Action Committee, said Mr. Singh is being made a scapegoat in federal government circles, and it is igniting concern in Canada's Sikh community. He said that although Mr. Singh was a "perfect case" for immigration acceptance, Ms. Sgro "became panicky about the case" because she was already under investigation by the government's ethics commissioner.

But the story doesn't end there. Commenting on a damning story published by the Toronto Star which accused Harjit Singh of being a fraud artist, she said news media stories falsely implicated her father-in-law in a credit-card scam and bank fraud when it was really her husband who was involved. "My father-in-law had nothing to do with it." (Her husband was found liable in a civil fraud case.)

She also told the story of how her mother-in-law died of kidney failure last year because, although she had a kidney donor for transplant, the operation couldn't be performed because she didn't have landed immigrant status -- and thus no health insurance -- in Canada. Apparently America isn't the only place people with no health insurance are left to die.

This woman sounds completely credible and gives names of other credible people to back up her story. With one interview she has driven another nail in the Liberal's coffin, proven once again that the mainstream media is in bed with the Liberals (none more so than the Toronto Star) and completely destroyed the myth that Canada's health care system is the most compassionate in the world.

Can we have the next election now please?


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