Sunday, January 02, 2005

Punishment as Deterrence "UnCanadian" Says Left - Really?

An interesting story out of Alberta this week in the The Globe and Mail. Members of an RCMP detachment in Ponoka, Alberta were surprised when a group of youths showed up to confess to a break-and-enter. What was surprising for the police was that there was no report of a break-and-enter and these youths were so eager to confess. It turned out that the home these youths broke into was one of Canada's many marijuana grow operations. This is not the government grown stuff the Liberals are making in Flin Flon my friends, this is the real thing! The reason this group of youths were so enthusiastic about being arrested was because they feared retribution from the owners of the house.

Police said one of the youths had already been visited by the homeowners, who allegedly brought five friends to beat him with bats, fists and boots. At one point, the youth said, the female homeowner grabbed his testicles and ordered one of the others to fetch a knife.

Naturally, these young people feared they would actually be punished and went straight to the police. Once charged, they can look forward to all the wonderful rights and privileges our youth receive under the 'Youth criminal justice Act' including not having their names released to the public. Maybe if these adolescence are girls they may even get a spa day in jail with free manicures and pedicures to boost their self esteem.

The Liberal left has made a sanctuary out of our criminal justice system. They have always had this belief that punishment is bad and ineffective. The NDP believe crime is the result of poverty and we should give people money to stop committing crimes. In fact, in October, 2003, Mr. Paul Burstein (Director, Criminal Lawyers Association) addressed a special Parliamentary committee looking into the 'Non-medical' use of drugs (Bill C-38). Talking about the use of the Canada's criminal justice system to curb marijuana drug use he said, "It is unnecessary, it is unfair, it is ineffective, and I suppose to put it bluntly, it is in my view unCanadian."

Canada's Liberal left can say what it wants about punishment as a deterrence, when a woman has your manhood in her hand and she is fetching for a knife, you will change your ways.


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