Thursday, January 13, 2005

Racist Hiring Policies Continue in Winnipeg

The Winnipeg Sun is today reporting a story about more racist hiring policies, this time from Winnipeg City Hall. The new mayor has it in his head to increase the amount of natives on the city payroll. It seems natives can't get jobs in the city based on merit so the city has to hire them for being natives.

Winnipeg Mayor Sam Katz said, "the goal is to beef up the Metis and First Nations component of the city's 8,000-strong workforce to 7.7% from its current 5.3% -- about 420 aboriginal employees. Our goal is to be at or above the labour market".

So what Sam Katz is doing to show people he is not a racist is this. Winnipeg has figured out how many people of the native race other employers in Winnipeg's labour market have hired. To show that the city of Winnipeg is less racist than all the other employers in the city, it is going to single out people based on race and hire only them, until they have as many natives or more natives than other employers in the labour market.

This news comes less than a week after the Winnipeg School Division posted a position on the federal governments Job Bank website.

Canada's Left - A Never Ending Affair with Racism

Canada's left always talks about how it wants to end racism, but living in a truly color blind society cannot be something we are always striving for. It must be something we eventually achieve. If the left thinks that hiring people of one specific race is the way to end racism, they are wrong.

We cannot get there from here.


At 12:14 p.m., Blogger selutha said...

This never has a good effect now what is going to happen is people that should have gotten hired on merit will be angry towards those who were given the job because of race. Grats to Winnipeg you just increased your problem...

At 1:42 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

AAH come "on - why don't you white people accept the fact that many of you are hired not through merit, but from the color of your skin, your political stripes and whom you may know as your white neighbour hiring for some governmental positions. Winnipeg is such a small city that many people are hired on the basis of who they know and not what they know. Many of the municipal, government, positions cater to Native people and many times Native people are more qualified than whites. There is nothing wrong in being racist. I'm racist too. Admitting that you are racist is Kwel. Denying it is when its wrong! And I happen to get a job because one of my friends wanted me to work with their organization. Whats wrong with that? thats been the norm for so many years. I think its about time Natives were hired too because they are Native. After all whites have been hired for being white. Just as an example Mr. Broadbeck of the Winnipeg Sun found 80 jobs in one day. WHY???-Because he was white, not that he had any merits (qualifications) for the jobs.

At 12:07 p.m., Blogger Michael said...

Well that was a bunch of garbage. That's usually what you get from people that post annonymous though.

Tom Brodbeck did not get 80 job offers. Tom Brodbeck found 80 places that had a position to fill and they needed someone, anyone to fill them.


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