Monday, January 03, 2005

Today's NDP, Yesterday's NDP...What's the Difference?

If you ever wanted to know what the socialist NDP is all about, you need only look at their most ardent supports. Today's NDP, much like yesterday's NDP, is made up of elitists in the labour movement and the bulk of their support comes from labour unions. The NDP has always considered itself a champion of the working poor and heralds unions as the advocate of workers all across Canada. Who benefits most from labour unions?

Today's article from the Toronto Star: 'Illegal' tradesmen marked for exploitation.

A Toronto-based labour union has been exploiting undocumented construction workers from Central and South America. The Universal Workers Union Local 183 had a policy, the union's investigators claimed, of collecting dues from undocumented workers but denying access to benefits. Undocumented workers were left off union invoices that would entitle them to benefits, and those benefits and credits were then collected by other union members, primarily piecework contractors employing such "phantom" workers.

If the poorest workers don't benefit from unions, who do labour unions really fight for? Well, if the National Hockey League Player's Association (NHLPA) is any indication, the wealthiest employees in the land! As the 2004-2005 NHL season lays on its death bed, Canadians can only wonder if there will be NHL hockey next year. The prospect doesn't look good as the NHLPA fights tooth and nail to avoid any salary cap that would restrict how many millions of dollars a player can earn each year.

Today's NDP, yesterday's news.


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