Sunday, January 16, 2005

The Toronto Star Spins the Sgro Scandal to the Max

No newspaper in Canada is doing more to spin the Sgro Scandal than the Toronto Star. The Toronto Star is doing everything to discredit Judy Sgro's latest accuser while championing Judy Sgro and the Liberal party at every turn. Typing the search word, "Sgro" in the 7-day search box at the Toronto Star website yields the following articles. Comments about each articles follows the headline.

Improving opportunity for immigrants - Canada's immigration department will get even better now that Joe Volpe is taking over. Poor Judy was just working too hard.

Sgro's accuser fights deportation ... Again - Yes, again. He doesn't deserve to be here, but he's a desperate man who will do or say anything to avoid being deported.

Martin slow off the mark - Jean Creitien made governing so easy! Paul Martin is doing an awesome job in spite of minor setbacks like another small scandal.

A well-earned reputation as a battling politician - Let's not hold back any flattery from the woman that brought the best strippers to Canada from around the world.

Accuser a fraud artist - Judy's accuser is a fraud artist! Guilty! He's a witch, burn him!

Defiant Sgro comes out fighting - Judy is a great woman of character determined to clear her name from this baseless attack.

Honesty threshold cries out to us all - Let's not get into details about the scandal, her actions fall just a teeny tiny bit short of that overwhelmingly high moral standard the Liberals have set.

This is only two days worth of articles from the Toronto Star covering January 15-16. When you hear conservatives talk about bias in the mainstream media, this is what they mean.


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