Sunday, February 27, 2005

Canada, the European Union and the New World Order

Think back to where Canada was in 1990. Conservative Prime Minister Brian Mulroney had just scored a victory for minority rights when the Federal Government changed the rules allowing Sikhs with turbans the right to serve in the RCMP. Ben Johnson was trying to claw his way back in sports after a drug scandal that horrified the nation. Canada was taking part in the largest military campaign since World War II under the leadership of our number one ally, America. With Canadian warships and Air Force F-18 fighter jets, we joined in a campaign to kick the butcher of Baghdad, Saddam Hussein, out of Kuwait.

Now imagine if you were told back then, that in Canada, Conservatives would be branded as enemies of human rights. Homosexuals would be getting married and receiving full marriage benefits. The federal government would be using tax dollars to grow marijuana in the abandoned mines of Manitoba. Tax dollars would be spent to give drug addicts free heroin. Drug use would be decriminalized. Taxes would go up. Federal spending would double. Parents would be forced to pay for childcare through punitive taxation whether they use daycare or not. Thousands of strippers would be a priority for Canadian work permits. Canada would be opposing our number one defense partner on every major defense policy. Federal politicians would be fomenting anti-American hatred, calling them bastards and jumping up and down on dolls of American presidents. Would you believe any of it?

Yet, this is where we have come as a nation after 13 years of liberal rule. If Canadians could not have imagined how much moral decay would spread in the last decade, what can we expect to happen in the next? More importantly, where are we going as a nation?

In this coming week, the Blue Maple Leaf will publish a three part series on where we believe liberal policy is taking us. Below is a schedule of subjects we hope to cover.

Monday – How current liberal policy changes favor EU membership and Liberal generational governance
Tuesday – Everyone likes a good conspiracy theory. Here is one reason Paul Martin may be pushing Canada toward EU membership
Wednesday – The anti-American agenda and Canada’s security needs.
If anyone would like to send their thoughts on any of the upcoming subjects, your e-mail would be appreciated. To send e-mail simply click ‘view my profile’ at the top of this blog.


At 3:51 p.m., Blogger dakota said...

Keep up the good work Michael! I will be checking back often.

At 7:59 p.m., Blogger Bill said...

I am looking forward to reading your series with great anticipation.


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