Monday, February 28, 2005

Canadian Membership in the European Union Ensures Generational Governance for the Liberals

This is the first of three articles designed to advance a theory. The theory being that our federal liberal government is paving the way for Canada to join the European Union. Canadian membership in the EU would serve two objectives of the liberal party. One is to speed up the liberalizing of moral laws and ensure more need for government. The second is to use the reliance on government that lowered moral standards will create to achieve generational governance. Let us start with the basics.

Conservatives believe in empowering people to live independent of government. Conservative policy works to eliminate government programs, reduce the role of government in our lives and lower taxes. The idea is that people can run their own lives better than government can run their lives.

Liberals believe the opposite. They empower government to serve people with unlimited social programs and regulate the lives of everyone. Liberals create new programs and new government departments to solve society’s problems. Every time the liberals create a new program, they gain influence over people’s lives, but instead of solving problems, these programs create new sets of problems which require even more programs and ultimately more taxes.

The term generational governance is a popular term in America right now. It is the goal of the Conservative Republicans to destroy the Liberal Democratic Party by creating a political reality that makes the Liberal Democrats irrelevant. By vanquishing the Democrats, Republicans ensure that they will continue to govern for generations. Republicans have lowered taxes, which has increased the wealth of Americans and reduced the need for government. Home ownership is at an all time high, especially among minorities. Less regulation has created jobs so that fewer Americans are dependant on the state.

Now, the biggest policy initiative in America is social security reform. Republicans are reforming social security in a way that gives ownership of retirement plans to the individual, instead of making them reliant on a government program. This move will put a final nail in the coffin of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s legacy called the New Deal and eliminate the last major program that makes individual Americans dependant on the state.

The liberals in Canada are engaging in their own campaign to achieve generational governance. Thirteen years of liberal rule, excessive regulation and taxes has kept unemployment artificially high. This has led to more need for welfare, employment insurance benefits, job training and job counseling programs. Our socialized health care is now the number one expense for governments both federal and provincial. Canadian seniors rely on government for the Canada Pension Plan and Guaranteed Income Supplements. And, virtually every Canadian camps out at their mailbox four times per year waiting for that GST cheque.

Liberal and socialist policy is designed to turn Canadians into dependents. Unsatisfied with the control liberals already have over our lives, they press on. Environmentalists have convinced Canadians that unless we spend billions of dollars on federal programs, global warming will kill us all. The liberals told us that we needed a program to register rifles and shotguns to protect us from crime. A sponsorship program was created to advertise how great Canada is to prevent Quebec from separating.

But, the most intrusive program the liberals are pushing now is the national childcare program. If the liberals succeed in implementing a national childcare program, dependence on government will pass from generation to generation. Liberals will tell you that daycare is a voluntary program. Just like everything else, when you are obligated to pay for something whether or not you use it, people will take part. When program usage increases, so does the need for funding. Taxes go up to cover the unexpected shortfall. Eventually it becomes mandatory for children to attend daycare, just as school is mandatory now.

In every example the liberals do not solve problems. Instead, the advance of one policy creates a need for more policies and more government. A national daycare system will lead to government departments responsible for licensing, training and ensuring standards are met. Sponsorship programs lead to inefficiency and fraud, which leads to inquiries that cost almost as much as the program itself. Gun registries start out with an $85 million dollar budget and then grow to over $2 billion. $5 billion gets earmarked for the environment, but CO2 output continues to increase. In all cases the solution for failed liberal policy is more money and more government.

Now consider what is going on in Europe. The European Union now stands at 25 nations and continues to grow. The EU has passed a new constitution which now has to be ratified by member states. Whereas the constitution of both America and Canada affirm that we have a creator which implies a certain standard of morality, the EU constitution ignores all references to God and affirms the divine nature of people on Earth. Morality in Europe is relative.

Canadians are still a socially conservative people that believe in a sense of morality. Canada’s left would like nothing more than to ram extreme left-wing social reform down our throats including legalized prostitution and even more liberalized drug laws. The social problems created from moral decay represent a boom in need for government programs ensuring the liberals rule Canada until kingdom come. The majority of Canadians want no part of it. As a result, liberals act socially conservative and use the Courts to advance their agenda.

Even on the subject of same-sex marriage the liberals acted like they were champions of traditional marriage. Then they sat silent as liberal activist judges in seven provinces and one territory redefined marriage. The liberals were hoping the Supreme Court of Canada would give them the same free pass they got with abortion. Only after the Supreme Court of Canada kicked the issue back to Parliament did the liberals admit they were in favor of same-sex marriage and introduce a bill to implement it. Having the Courts strike down morality laws makes it so much easier for the liberals to save face with the voters.

That is where the European Union comes in. In order to join the Union, the candidate countries need to fulfill the economic and political conditions known as the 'Copenhagen criteria', according to which a prospective member must:

• be a stable democracy, respecting human rights, the rule of law, and the protection of minorities. Fulfilling this criterion is a key for the start of accession negotiations.
• have a functioning market economy as well as the capacity to cope with competitive pressure and market forces within the Union.
• adopt and enforce the common rules, standards and policies that make up the body of EU law.

The key here is the emphasis the EU places on respecting human rights and protection of minorities. How many times during Paul Martin’s speech on the same-sex marriage bill, did he talk about human rights and the protection of minorities? It is no coincidence.

The European Union constitution openly endorses liberalism and eliminates any government policy that stems from a God inspired morality. An example of this is the decision made by the EU over Turkey’s application to the Union. Turkey is a Muslim nation where adultery is punishable by death. In order for Turkey to be considered for membership in the EU, they were told that they must abolish the death penalty and strike adultery from their laws.

People are welcome to debate the validity of laws concerning adultery, but consider the realities that arise from cheating in a marriage. Adultery could result in contracting sexually transmitted diseases which places a burden on the health care system. Adultery causes problems in a marriages creating need for counseling. Family courts get clogged with cases which burdens the legal system. Children of divorced parents often have challenges that require a whole slew of other social programs. Ultimately, none of this matters, because EU members forfeit the right to make domestic laws that are less liberal than the overriding body of EU law. The goal may be to secure rights for people, including the right to cheat on your spouse. But the consequence of less morality is a guarantee of the need for more government.

This reality of EU membership creates the perfect opportunity for the liberal party. Instead of waiting for the supreme court of Canada to strike down one or two laws every decade or so, all God based morality laws could be struck down in one shot. The advantage of membership is the access members have to the worlds biggest export market. By adopting common rules, standards and policies of EU law, the Conservative Party becomes irrelevant because Conservative ideology flows from a belief in God. With the Conservative Party gone, the question is not whether you vote liberal or Conservative. The question is whether you vote liberal, socialist NDP, green, marijuana party, or communist party of Canada.

Since the liberals are the most centrist of the left-wing Canadian parties, EU membership would ensure the liberals are re-elected for generations to come.


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