Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Debating Same-Sex Marriage Through Liberal Spin

Parliament began the debate on the liberal same-sex marriage bill today. The liberals put their spin on the issue trying to paint the image that homosexuals already have the right to marry and have had that right all along.

During the debate, Paul Martin said, “The issue is not whether rights are to be granted. The issue is of whether rights that have been granted are to be taken away.”

Paul Martin is completely lying when he says this. Rights for same-sex couples to marry have not been granted. The Supreme Court of Canada said in a December 9, 2004 ruling that same-sex marriage is not a question for the bench to decide. The Supreme Court specifically said that this is an issue for Parliament to decide. This is why the liberals were forced to introduce a bill in the House of Commons.

Stephen Harper countered saying, “If same-sex marriage were a fundamental human right, then countries as diverse as the United Kingdom, France, Denmark and Sweden are human rights violators. But these countries, largely under left wing governments, have upheld the traditional definition of marriage while bringing in equal rights and benefits regimes for same-sex couples.”

“Separate but equal, is not equal,” replied Martin

It is no surprise that the liberals are debating the issue in this fashion. The debate in the court of public opinion, covered by the mainstream media, has followed exactly the same pattern. The left in Canada cannot debate this issue on the grounds that a same-sex relationship gives anything beneficial to society that warrants extending marriage benefits to homosexuals. Rather, they create the image that gay marriage is the status quo and conservatives are trying to pass a bill to take that right away.

For the record, marriage is NOT a basic fundamental human right.


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