Friday, February 04, 2005

Globe and Mail Fears Early Election – Bashes Conservatives

There are two articles in the Globe and Mail worth commenting on today. The first one seeks to exadurate divisions over the same-sex marriage issue in the Conservative Party. The second involves the upcoming budget and what it will mean for them if they do not support it. Both articles try to shine a bad light on Canada’s only right-wing party.

There is no question that the most divided party on the issue of same-sex marriage is the one that introduced the bill this week. The liberals face deep division in their caucus over this one. Prime Minister Paul Martin has told his cabinet ministers they must vote in favor of the bill or they will lose their post. On a trip to Asia, the Mr. Martin threatened his backbench with an early election before backing off. Yet, threats to the liberal backbench have continued with dissenting liberals being told to take a walk when it comes time to vote.

Conservative leader Stephen Harper on the other hand has given party members free reign to vote their conscience. Yet, the Globe is writing long articles in an effort to exadurate whatever differences of opinion exist in the party. The fact is that the liberals are on the unpopular side of this issue. Already advocates of traditional marriage are asking for a referendum on same-sex marriage.

On the subject of February’s budget, the Globe is out sowing the seeds of resent. In the event this minority government does fall over the budget, the mainstream media has an agenda of seeing the opposition punished for it. The impression they want to portray to the public is that conservatives are too radical and too regional a party for liberals to work with in matters of Canadian interest.

The goal of the mainstream media is obvious. They want to make sure all the negative stereotypes of the Conservative Party are fresh in the minds of voters in the event of an early election. They want Canadians to believe conservatives have no support in Canada east of Manitoba. They want to portray Conservatives as intolerant homophobes trying to push their radical and extreme social views on everyone else. They want Canadians to have an image of Conservatives that are too obstructionist to work with in a minority government. Most importantly, they want Canadians to go to the polls resentful, with a vendetta to punish the Conservatives for forcing them to vote too much.

If Iraqis would risk terrorist attacks, mortars, suicide bombers and death in order to cast a ballot in January’s election, then Canadians will survive marking an X twice in one year.


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