Saturday, February 19, 2005

Liberals and Human Rights – They Just Don’t Get It

The same-sex marriage debate opened with Paul Martin lecturing Parliament about human rights. In his introduction to bill C-38, Paul Martin said, “When we as a nation protect minority rights, we are protecting our multicultural nature; we are reinforcing the Canada we cherish [17:45]”.

Since when are the liberals champions of minority rights?

It was liberal Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King who, after the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941, invoked the war measures act and went on a witch hunt of Japanese Canadians. Within three months his government took power away from Parliament and forced male Japanese Canadians into camps. The RCMP was given expanded powers to search without warrant, impose a curfew and confiscate property. During the evacuation many Japanese Canadians were given only 24 hours notice to vacate their homes, before being sent to "clearing sites" where they were detained until internment camps were prepared.

When it came to multiculturalism again we can look to Mackenzie King. As Hitler swept through Europe in a quest to annihilate the Jews, European Jewry fled to any nation that would take them in. Many nations received the Jews with open arms. When Mackenzie King was asked how many Jews Canada would receive, he gave the infamous reply, "None is too many". Mackenzie King recorded in his diary that any action permitting an appreciable number of Jews to settle in Canada would undermine the unity of the Nation. He said "This is no time for Canada to act on humanitarian grounds. But that Canada must be guided by realities and political considerations." This is not exactly a liberal endorsement of multiculturalism.

Paul Martin also said, “Remember that it was once thought perfectly acceptable to deny women personhood and the right to vote [18:50]”. This was true and it was a Conservative government that changed this. It was Conservative Prime Minister Robert Borden who, in 1918, passed the bill that ultimately gave Canadian women the right to vote.

Paul Martin continued saying, “There was a time not that long ago, that if you wore a turban you couldn’t serve in the RCMP [18:55]”. Yes, Mr. Martin this was also true. Again it was a Conservative government in 1990, under the leadership of then Prime Minister Brian Mulroney that changed the rules allowing Sikhs in turbans to serve with our national police.

All through history it has been Conservatives that extend and protect human rights, while liberals revoke or ignore them. Marriage, however, is not a right. Marriage is an institution. The institution of marriage is equally available to all persons that want to choose a life long partner of the opposite sex. If people prefer to engage in alternate relationships or forgo relationships altogether, that is fine too. Choosing an alternative is the freedom of every Canadian, but the alternative is not a marriage, nor is it a right.

It is not surprising that liberals, who know nothing about fundamental human rights, suddenly believe that same-sex marriage is one of them.


At 8:58 p.m., Blogger Flanstein said...

"All through history it has been Conservatives that extend and protect human rights"

Who said comedy was dead?


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