Thursday, February 24, 2005

Liberals Evade the Hangman with Big Spending

The 2005 federal budget came out this week and Canadians have seen the numbers. There is no mistaking this for an election year budget. The tax cuts provided in the budget are so small they would not cover a one month supply of Slurpees for the average Winnipegger, and the spending increases are so big they wipe out the over $10 billion surplus of 2004. The liberal are now spending 50% more than they did in the year 2000.

The most wasteful spending initiative in this budget is the $5 billion dollars earmarked for a national socialized childcare scheme. The liberals still have no plan on how they will implement this new brand of socialism even though they have been promising national childcare since 1993. When finance minister Ralph Goodale was asked how this budget helps people who raise their own children, he dodged the question. Ultimately his answer was ‘nothing’. So we have $5 billion allocated for programs that do not exist, for the purpose of raising children for parents who have kids and then pass the responsibility of raising them on to the Canadian taxpayer.

Also in the budget is $5 billion for the environment. The liberals still have no plan on how it will meet its targets under the Kyoto protocol. So far all the liberals have done is pour millions of dollars into advertising to brainwash Canadians into polluting less. Judging from the boom of sport utility vehicle sales in Canada, that is doing nothing.

The only piece of good news is that the liberals have realized that Canada’s Armed Forces are worth a damn. More money has been allocated for our military, but again we have no plan on what our role is in the world or how this money will be spent. Prime Minister Paul Martin announced today that Canada will not take part in missile defense. This decision means that Canada will have no say in the event of a missile attack. It should also be noted that ballistic missile defense took a quantum leap forward today with a successful test over the Pacific. The Standard Missile-3 is now five for six.

All told this was a very disappointing budget. All through the 1990s, the liberals raised taxes and cut spending to the most important programs, including health care, in order to balance the budget. Now that Canada is in the black the liberals have opened the floodgates of spending instead of giving that money back to the taxpayer. It may have been politically smart for the liberals to give a tiny tax cut and drastically increase spending today, but this budget does nothing for the Canada of tomorrow.

Stephen Harper said it best when he said, “Avoiding an immediate hanging is one thing, expressing a vision for the future is another.”


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