Saturday, February 12, 2005

Manitoba Métis Federation Continues With Its Racist Hiring Policy

The most racist organization of people in Canada is at it again. The Manitoba Métis Federation has recently advertised a job opportunity at its Winnipeg office on Henry Avenue. What do the aboriginal clansmen need now? According to the ad they need a filing clerk. But not just any filing clerk will do.

“Preference will be given to qualified Métis applicants. Qualified applicants are encouraged to apply and self-identify on their resume.”

It seems that ‘self-identify’ is the politically correct way to say, "take a big red crayon and write METIS across your resume."

So why is the pressure on to hire a candidate of a certain race? Has the MMF hired so many white males lately that Métis are now under represented at the Henry office? Do they even hire anyone that does not have red skin?

This is the kind of flat out racism that we have come to expect from the Manitoba Métis Federation. What is most troubling about this group is the degree to which they accuse everyone else of prejudice but themselves. Only a week ago, Métis leaders were screaming racism when Matthew Dumas was shot by a Winnipeg Police officer. Mr. Dumas was native.

When it was revealed that the Police constable was himself a Métis, Roseau River Chief Terry Nelson uttered the famous phrase:

“It is racist. The fact that a person is Métis, that some part of him is Indian, that doesn't absolve him from all blame. That doesn't give him absolution. [I know] Native people that are racist against native people.”

Yes Mr. Nelson, and we all know native leaders that are racist against everyone else.


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