Thursday, February 03, 2005

Racist Metis Leadership are the Biggest Hypocrites in Manitoba

Leaders among Manitoba's Metis communities continue to show how racist and hypocritical they are. For a long time now, the Manitoba Metis Federation has pushed its agenda to secure the best government jobs for its people based solely on race. Even though the Manitoba Metis Federation uses the most openly racist hiring policies in the country, they are quick to allege racism against them. This week's shooting of an 18-year-old who attacked a Winnipeg Police officer with a screwdriver is just another opportunity for them to advance their cause.

Matthew Dumas, 18, was shot in the 500 block of Dufferin Avenue in Winnipeg on Monday, after allegedly pulling a screwdriver on officers who had been chasing him in connection with a robbery in Elmwood less than two hours earlier.

"He (Dumas) had a lethal weapon in his hand and was advancing toward the officer," the officer's lawyer Hymie Weinstein said, adding the cop pleaded with him to put down the weapon and repeatedly warned: "If you don't, I'll have to shoot". That was after Dumas had been pepper-sprayed several times. As Dumas advanced, the officer continued to retreat. Eventually he could not retreat anymore and shot Dumas.

The fact that Dumas was killed and he was Metis is all the justification Metis leaders think they need to allege racism. Now the story comes out that the police officer who shot Dumas is also Metis. Yet, Manitoba Metis leaders still maintain this was a racist shooting.

"It is racist. The fact that a person is Metis, that some part of him is Indian, that doesn't absolve him from all blame. That doesn't give him absolution," Roseau River Chief Terry Nelson said, noting he's encountered "native people that are racist against native people."

Nahanni Fontaine director of justice for the Southern Chiefs Organization added, "yesterday's revelation doesn't change anything. The fact still remains we have a dead child on our hands shot by the cops."

If leaders of the Metis community want to be treated like everyone else then act like everyone else. Stop alleging racism at every turn and stop posting racial profiles of the people you are willing to hire!


At 2:07 p.m., Blogger Hamm172 said...

It's not that the Metis want to be treated like everyone else, but that our political ones want to be treated like treaty indians. Give us access to a bigger and better teat on the Great White Mother's bossum. makes me sick.

So do the comments by Roseau River Chief Terry Nelson about encountering Meti- I mean Native people who are prejudiced against Native people.
What a whiner. Nelson's definition of a 'Racist' is like many first nations people's- A racist is someone who thinks the aboriginals should be treated like everyone else, like our Constitution says.

At 5:48 p.m., Blogger darcey said...

Sometimes I'm ashamed to be a Metis or maybe I'm ashamed of the Metis. Haven't figured that out yet. Either or I write about this stuff as well. Needs to be in the open.

best regards!


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