Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Svend Robinson Incensed Over Lenient Criminal Sentence

In a bitter twist of irony, Svend Robinson made the news today. Ten months ago he was convicted of theft over $5,000 and released without punishment and with no criminal record. The former NDP Member of Parliament for Burnaby-Douglas was caught on video surveillance stealing a diamond ring for his lover Max Riveron. The judge who sentenced him said in the ruling, “In Canada, we don’t kick a man when he is down”. So why did Svend make the news today? Apparently Svend feels that a Criminal Court Judge’s decision to sentence someone else to six years in prison is too lenient.

This story in the Globe and Mail today reads, “Family members and gay community representatives, including former MP Svend Robinson, strongly denounced a six-year sentence handed to a man yesterday for his role in the beating death of Aaron Webster”.

The story involves a beating death of a naked man, Aaron Webster, in Stanley Park, British Columbia. The area of the Park were Mr. Webster was beaten is a place where gay men like to seek anonymous sex. Mr. Robinson and the gay community feel that six years is too lenient and that the crime should have been prosecuted under the hate crimes legislation the MP managed to pass into law. According to the article, there was no evidence to support a charge of gay bashing.

The issue here is not the fact that the victim was gay. The issue is a Canadian justice system that is too lenient on crime. The NDP is constantly on the front lines pushing for lower sentences in the belief that crime is the result of poverty. They believe tough sentences punish the poor unfairly. The only reason the gay community is fighting for a tougher sentence in this case is because the victim was gay.

Svend Robinson is obviously upset that six years in prison is too low for the taking of a human life. Well Svend, in Canada we don’t kick a man when he is down.


At 8:33 a.m., Blogger A Hermit said...

Svend can be a goof at times, and not the best person to be speaking out about this, but let's be serious; which is worse, shoplifting a ring, regretting it and returning it, or beating a man to death with a baseball bat? Six years for deliberate, unprovoked killing? Usually conservatives are outraged by that sort of thing...

At 9:42 a.m., Blogger Flanstein said...

They're generally only concerned with victims if they are white, hetrosexual, christians from alberta...


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