Sunday, March 27, 2005

Advocates of Legalizing Prostitution Request $200,000 to Tour Brothels

Some prostitution advocates will be taking an all expenses paid trip to the world’s brothels courtesy of the Canadian Taxpayer. Members of the justice subcommittee looking into decriminalizing prostitution will be traveling to Britain, The Netherlands, Sweden and Reno, Nevada. The committee has already approved the trip and is now requesting $200,000 of federal funds to pay for it.

The article in the Winnipeg Sun describes the trip an education seminar for members of the committee. MPs would benefit from visiting these areas and meeting with law enforcement agencies, counselors and brothel owners.

The biggest advocate of legalizing prostitution in Canada is socialist NDP MP Libby Davies. According to Libby Davies, “In the U.K. they actually allow women to work out of their own homes. The Netherlands, of course, is a well-known situation where they have a fully operating area for the sex trade and I think we're very interested to see what the impact of that is from various perspectives.”

The $143,678 travel budget request for Liverpool, Amsterdam, Utrecht and Stockholm includes $62,840 for transportation, $25,328 for accommodation, $12,000 for food and $43,500 for miscellaneous items like interpretation, official gifts and fees. The traveling party includes three staff members.

It is disgusting that the liberals would spend the hard earned money of Canadians on a sex trade holiday in a bid to bring legalized prostitution to our country. It does not take a $200,000 holiday to Amsterdam to learn about the social decay that legalizing the sex trade would bring.

Consider the crime wave that has swept Germany following its move to legalize the sex trade. Reported cases of human trafficking more than doubled between 1993 and 1996. Women from all over Europe and Asia have been kidnapped and sold, to be used as sex slaves in German brothels. The best estimates are that between 60,000 and 200,000 women are working the sex trade in Germany and about half are foreigners.

The contempt that liberals have for the Canadian taxpayer is astounding.


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