Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Canadian Ascension to the European Union – A Hot Topic in Germany

After posting a series on Canada, the European Union and the New World Order, others are voicing the thoughts of the Blue Maple Leaf. This three part series dealt with the poor state of Canada-US relations and how liberal policy is pushing Canada toward joining the EU. The articles were written on February 27th, February 28th, March 1st and March 2nd.

Yesterday, Ben echoed our views on his blog called ‘The Tiger in Winter’. In his March 7th article titled A Modest Proposal he explains how Canadian foreign policy and liberal disdain for military spending have resulted in poor relations with America. His solution to the problem, short of Conservatives getting elected and undoing the damage, is to join the European Union.

Ben also mentions the benefit that EU membership would have on the Quebec sovereignty issue. He writes, “Once we were within the European super state, sovereignty-association would be dead-easy to manage, and there would be no giant hit to the financial markets that a present-day Quebec secession would bring. We could still hang out in Montreal without going through customs--after all, aside from England, its one big happy Schengen customs union, right?”

German newspapers have also offered commentary. On March 3rd, the German newspaper Spiegel Online published an article titled ‘It’s Time for Canada to Join the EU’. This article states, “This week's decision by Ottawa to reject Washington's missile defense plan shows that politically, Canadians are from Venus and Americans from Mars.”

Other German papers added comments including Handelsblatt. They wrote, "Canadians believe they view the world in a more 'international' way that they believe they are more European when it comes to their views of 'social values'."

The center-left Sueddeutsche Zeitung says, "Once again Canada and the US have no understanding of each other. The Americans see the latest decision of their northerly neighbor not to participate in the missile defense program as a slap in the face. With the rejection of the missile defense system, the Americans now have more doubts than ever about the Canadians' reliability. Washington, it says, has carefully masked its rage over the decision.”

The signs are everywhere concerning possible Canadian membership in the European Union.


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The signs are everywhere?

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