Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Looming Canadian EU Membership - A Conspiracy Theory

This article is part two of a three part series on Canada, the European Union and the New World order. Why the liberals are setting the stage for Canadian membership in the EU.

Everyone likes a good conspiracy theory. How many times during the Iraq war did you hear talk about George Bush going to war for oil? How about all that talk of conquering Iraq to make Dick Cheney and Halliburton rich? For the liberal left, everything is a conspiracy theory. The idea that anyone would make a sacrifice to free people from tyranny is foreign to them. There must always be a selfish motivation.

It is not surprising that the left thinks this way. After all, everything they do has a selfish motivation. The sponsorship scandal was nothing more than a way to funnel taxpayer money to liberal friendly ad firms that in turn funneled money back to the liberal party. Corporate bailouts go to companies that give huge contributions back to the liberals. The liberals even offer backroom deals to strippers and pizza boys for favors. Not to be outdone, the socialist NDP fights for unions, even though unions put companies out of business and cost union members their jobs. The NDP does not seem to care about the damage unions do, so long as unions contribute to their socialist agenda.

The left in Canada views everything in terms of selfish motivation. When conservatives reduce the role of government and lower the burden of taxes on people, the left figures something must be in it for them. “They’re working for the rich!” is what they say.

Consider what the liberals have been doing lately. The Canadian economy is closely linked to the United States, yet the liberals are fomenting anti-American hatred and opposing American foreign and domestic defense policy at every step. Our domestic agenda of decriminalizing drug use forces America to clamp down at the border to prevent drugs from going south. Trade relations Between Canada and America are suffering as a result.

If the federal liberals continue to destroy the good trade relationship we have with the U.S., then the liberals will need to find a new export market for Canadian companies to keep our economy growing. Getting access to the European common market would be huge for economic growth, but access would require EU membership.

The problem with the European Union is that the socialist structure of the EU discourages wealthy countries from joining. Norway is a good example. Norway is the Saudi Arabia of Europe, awash in oil, and there is little incentive for them to join a union that will simply redistribute their wealth to other nations.

On the other hand, poor countries like Turkey are eager to join, because the European Union provides financial assistance to improve their infrastructure and economy. If people in Alberta and Ontario are sick of having their wealth paid out to have-not provinces now, imagine how Canadians will feel when all ten provinces have their wealth paid out to have-not nations like Estonia, Lithuania and Turkey.

Canada’s wealth and our trade partnership with America make EU membership a terrible proposition. But if the liberals keep undermining American defense policy and keep fomenting anti-American hatred, trade relations between our two countries will continue to suffer. As the economic impact of poor Canada-U.S. trade relations continues to hurt our economy, Canadians would welcome a more involved trading partnership with the EU to save jobs. The radical anti-American left would love nothing more than a new federal trade policy that involves severing ties with America once and for all.

As anti-American resentment grows, Canadians may even accept giving up some sovereignty in the area of domestic policy to be a part of a bigger trading block. The liberal left in both countries already point to the bad image of America as being the result of George Bush’s policies. So if Canada-U.S. trade relations bottom out, Canadians have already been conditioned to believe that it must be America’s fault. Blame would never be laid at the feet of our own liberal government.

Now consider how goods are shipped between Canada and the United States. Everything goes by train, truck or plane. Imagine how the movement of goods would be altered if trade relations with America suffered and Europe became Canada’s number one export market. If Canada joined the EU the majority of goods would travel by ship.

Can you sea where this is going?

In 2003, Paul Martin had to sell his stake in Canada Steamship lines to prevent a conflict of interest while serving as Prime Minister. CSL is by far the biggest shipping company in Canada. However, he did not sell his stake altogether. Instead, ownership of that company was transferred to his three adult sons: Paul, James and David. If Europe replaces the United States as Canada’s number one trade partner, the Martin family stands to become one of the wealthiest families on Earth by moving those goods.

It may be that Paul Martin is just selfish enough to undermine Canada’s best trade relationship in order to guarantee a Martin family dynasty.


At 3:42 p.m., Blogger Flanstein said...

What a load of white-wing, er, right-wingng nonsense...

At 4:52 p.m., Blogger A Hermit said...

I think Michael forgot to wear his hat...

At 8:36 p.m., Blogger Bill said...

Martin and his family scheming to make $ millions by redirecting Canada's trade from the US to Europe?

Sure, that's about as likely as Jean Cretien and his family making $ millions off the UN Oil-for-food scam... hey, wait a minute!

At 10:00 a.m., Blogger mjb said...

It just isn't feasible Michael! Despite the ramblings of some NDP members, the idea of Canada being integrated into the EU is unlikely (at best). There is still the physical constraints to think about (we are not part of Europe!) and I hardly consider the Turkish situation as relevant to the Canadian one.

Nonetheless I despise the liberals with a passion like you do, and for that, I tip my hat in your favour.

At 10:42 a.m., Blogger Michael said...

The European Union is already spreading beyond the continent of Europe. Turkey is in Asia.


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