Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Socialist NDP Groping in the Dark for Relevance

The Winnipeg Sun published an article today titled 'Peg MP takes aim at safety council.

“A Winnipeg Member of Parliament is furious with the Canada Safety Council after the organization declared yesterday that putting warning labels on bottles of alcohol is a bad idea. The non-profit group, whose mission is to promote safety and reduce preventable deaths in Canada, sent a letter yesterday to Ontario MP Bonnie Brown, who chairs a committee studying the issue, saying warning labels on alcohol would serve no purpose and are essentially a waste of money.”

After reading that opening paragraph you just have to know that a member of the socialist NDP party is at the heart of the story. Judy Wasylycia-Leis, the socialist MP for Winnipeg North, says she is flabbergasted at the Canada Safety Council for taking this position. Judy was quoted as saying,

“It sounds to me like they're nothing more than a mouthpiece for the brewers' association. Their argument is incomprehensible, irresponsible and doesn't deserve any validity at all.”

The Canada Safety Council explained in a letter that warning labels will deliver no benefit to Canadian society, and more importantly, will divert resources and attention away from proven measures and personal interventions that can actually make a difference. The letter said that there is no evidence warnings cut down on alcohol consumption or incidents of drunk driving, and that pregnant women who drink do not need warnings, they need treatment. To this NDP Judy replied, "This is exactly the argument we're getting from the beer companies."

Canada’s extreme left-wing never learns. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been poured into anti-smoking advertising campaigns and anti-smoking labels on cigarette packages with no effect on the smoking rate. Now the socialists want to extend this same useless approach to alcohol. Is it not enough that their extreme left-wing ideology gets them only a dozen seats in Parliament every election? Do the socialists not realize how irrelevant they are that they need to champion such worthless causes as warning labels on alcohol?

Symbolism over substance continues to be the slogan of the socialist NDP as they grope in the dark for relevance.


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