Monday, March 28, 2005

Toronto Star Deserves Recognition for Its Extreme Political Bias

The Toronto Star is by far the most sickeningly pro-liberal/anti-Conservative newspaper in the country. When Judy Sgro resigned from cabinet amid scandal, the Toronto Star came to the rescue with seven articles in two days, pumping the liberals and dumping on critics and accusers alike.

Below is five days worth of headlines from March 22 to March 26. With one sixth of the country, over 5 million people, living in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) it is no wonder the liberals have such a death grip on this country.

By-elections are notoriously unreliable barometers of a governing party's performance. So, there should be no cause for alarm among Liberals that Premier Dalton McGuinty is zero for two in by-elections since taking office in October, 2003. Robert Benzie explains.

Verdict: Pro-liberal. If this was an article about conservatives losing two bi-elections the headline in the Toronto Star would be: Conservatives Lose another Bi-Election - Voter Regret is Obvious.

The cynicism of the Alberta government on the issue of gay marriage seems to know no bounds.

Verdict: Anti-conservative. It should be noted that Ralph Klein’s views on same-sex marriage are the same as the liberal party’s position on same-sex marriage only 2 short years ago. When the Supreme Court refused to rewrite the definition of marriage for the liberals, the liberals were forced out of the closet and now they admit this is something they favor.

Conservative Leader Stephen Harper angrily vowed today to vote against Kyoto-related provisions in a Liberal money bill, setting up a game of chicken that could bring a snap election no party claims to want.

Verdict: Anti-Conservative. Yes, we know…the Conservatives are all a bunch of angry hate filled rich white guys that hate the environment and want to poison the air and water to make big companies rich. That is why they want to force an early election.

Stronach, party fighting – March 24, 2005

Belinda Stronach could be barred from any future Conservative leadership race if a dispute over outstanding fees from last year's race is not resolved, party officials are suggesting.

Verdict: Anti-Conservative. The liberals are embroiled in scandals that involve the squandering of billions of taxpayer dollars. But why would the Toronto Star publish news of the Gomery inquiry when they can exadurate stories of Conservatives eating their own?

WASHINGTON—the vote by the U.S. Congress to allow the federal courts to take over the Terri Schiavo case has created distress among some conservatives who say that lawmakers violated a cornerstone of conservative philosophy by intervening in the ruling of a state court.

Verdict: Anti-Conservative. What a surprise. Here is another story about divisions among Conservatives, even if it is about American Conservatives. Let the reader understand, there is no more important cornerstone of conservative philosophy than protecting innocent life.

Opposition parties are warning they might vote against legislation implementing the federal budget if the Liberals include new Kyoto provisions - a move that could bring down the minority government.

Verdict: Pro-liberal. This story chronicles how the liberals are champions of the environment. Anyone who would stand in the way of our beloved liberals is just lustful for power and wants to force an election that Canadians do not want. Don’t forget to punish anyone who would dare stand in the way of our beloved liberals if there is an early election Canada!

The Ontario government will "revisit" its promise to balance the books by the end of its first mandate in 2007, Finance Minister Greg Sorbara said today.

Verdict: Pro-liberal. Ontario liberals promised if they got elected they would not raise taxes, they lied. Ontario liberals promised not to introduce user fees for health care, they lied. Ontario liberals promised to balance the books by the end of their first mandate and with the current budget $6 billion in the red, the liberals will now have to “revisit” that promise. God forbid the Toronto Star would actually come out and say the liberals lied about that.

Several young Tories are planning to defect to the Liberal party in the wake of the Conservatives' controversial decision not to create a youth wing.

Verdict: Anti-Conservative. The Toronto Star managed to find a bunch of young ones willing to say they are leaving the party simply because the conservatives refuse to set up a play pen for them like the one the liberals have. Most of Canada’s youth appreciate being treated like adults in an adult political party like the CPC. KiN I Hav sUm mOre canDeh pliZ mR. toRonoH stAr mAN pliz!! isLe bE uR beStiEst FreNd & deNounCe mY paRtee!

Prime Minister Paul Martin's government has been let off the hook for failing to hold a vote on missile defense in the House of Commons.

Verdict: Pro-liberal. Paul Martin said Parliament would be consulted on any deal involving missile defense. Paul Martin later said Canada will not be taking part on missile defense and he made this decision without ever consulting Parliament. We call this a bold faced lie in Winnipeg. Apparently this is called dodging a bullet in Toronto.

On the eve of a summit meeting with the presidents of the United States and Mexico, Canadians are giving Prime Minister Paul Martin an overwhelming thumbs-up for his refusal to join the U.S. missile defense project, a new poll suggests. About 57 per cent of Canadians supported Martin's decision, according to the poll.

Verdict: Pro-liberal. We are a nation of people who watch our liberal politicians stomp on Dubya dolls on state run media (CBC), hear our politicians call Americans bastard and accuse every American friend as an honorary member of the coalition of idiots. The sycophantic mainstream media is more than willing to echo everything liberal politicians say, so it should come as no surprise that slightly more than half of Toronto, when asked in a self-serving poll if Canada should join missile defense, say no.

Ontario's newly revised $6-billion deficit is another reason the federal government has to cut the province a break on equalization payments, Premier Dalton McGuinty said today.

Verdict: Pro-liberal. Would the Toronto Star ever blame failed liberal tax and spend policy for a $6 billion dollar deficit? Of course they wouldn’t. It is not their fault that the federal government short changes the poor provincial government of liberal Dalton McGuinty. The Toronto Star certainly never cut Mike Harris any slack when the province was in the red. But now that liberals rule Ontario, the province needs some slack from the feds. There is just one problem. The federal government is run by liberals as well.

Conservative Leader Stephen Harper may have kicked a chair and a few balloons in frustration at the Tory policy convention this past weekend. But he left Montreal armed with an 84 per cent vote of confidence from a party that has been sadly split in the past. Just as important, he can now fight the next election less hobbled by a strident right-wing agenda.

Verdict: Anti-Conservative.

All these articles were printed between March 22 and March 26. That is twelve pro-liberal/anti-conservative articles in 5 days. You know the Toronto Star is running low on ink and newsprint when they say Tories struggle for focus hobbled by a strident right-wing agenda.

The Toronto Star: out of ink, out of newsprint and out of canDeh!


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