Friday, April 29, 2005

Bloggers Hot on the Trail of the Polling Firm that Released the Latest Liberal Friendly Poll

A new poll by CTV and The Globe and Mail was released today. Already the poll’s results and the firm that conducted it have come under question. Brent Colbert has found three really good articles on the polling firm that conducted the poll, the GPC.

The first article is from Conservative Life. This article details the dubious history of GPC in Canada. One of the highlights was a poll commissioned by the University of Western Ontario which was so deeply flawed that its results were boycotted.

Next, the fine people at Occam’s Carbuncle ran the name of this polling firm through the Elections Canada database. It turns out they have been a big, long term supporter of the liberal party of Canada. This should come as no surprise.

Another article was written today in the Cannuckistan Chronicles. This article links to a Commons paper that details how the GPC polling firm provided stats for the botched gun registry. It also draws a link to this polling firm and many liberal friendly supporters including former premiers, cabinet ministers, senior bureaucrats and political advisors. It also includes a list of big names in liberal politics associated with the GPC and it includes work the GPC has done in other areas of international political activism. The article provides links to back up all its claims and provides evidence that it received money from the public works department, the same department that oversaw the scandal plagued sponsorship program.

Angry in the Great White North adds more research to the GPC poll with a breakdown of political contributions to the liberal party by senior members of the GPC polling firm. The breakdown of their contributions since 2003, when Paul Martin came to power, shows 100% of contributions going to the liberals. Furthermore, Otto Lang (senior counsel for GPC) was named co-chair of the Manitoba chapter of the National Liberal Campaign Committee.

This poll is not yet twelve hours old and already it is putrefying.

New Poll Released by CTV and The Globe and Mail

A new poll was released this morning. The results show that the Conservatives have lost most of their gains. The poll also says that the liberals lead the Conservatives 38% to 30% in the province of Ontario. The results are baffling when you consider how much they differ from the many polls that have been released the last two weeks.

The poll was commissioned by both CTV News and The Globe and Mail. Readers of this blog will know that both these media outlets are well known for their left-wing bias. The polling firm they used to carry out the poll is called The Strategic Counsel. According to a press release dated April 20, 2005 (only nine days ago), CTV, The Globe and Mail and The Strategic Counsel formed an alliance.

One of the partners in this polling firm is Allen Gregg who is a well known lobbyist. A May 5, 2001 article at the Friends of Canadian Broadcasting, makes a mention of Allan Gregg.

When you consider that the federal liberals have been caught in the biggest corruption scandal in the history of Canada, these polling numbers defy logic. When you know that this poll was commissioned by two of the most left-wing media outlets in the country warning bells go off. When you understand that left-wing media types love to use polls to push their agenda, like the CBC did recently, you know that there must be more to this story.

Readers are encouraged to leave comments, or e-mail this author with anything you may want to share regarding this.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Liberals Continue to Campaign and Buy Votes – Still No Election Call

The federal liberals are continuing to buy votes in the election that has not yet been called. Paul Martin will be making a campaign stop in Winnipeg tomorrow morning. The Prime Minister’s meet and greet will involve the signing of a $25 million childcare deal with the province. Manitoba is currently under the control of socialist NDP premier Gary Doer.

The signing will take place at the Discovery Children’s Center, 367 Hampton St. (between Ness Avenue and Silver Avenue), not far from Winnipeg Airport. The time of the event will be 9:30 am.

This $25 million payment to Manitoba is the first installment of a 5 year, $5 billion allocation of funds to socialize daycare in Canada. The signing of this deal is the first of its kind and will not be reversible even if Jack Layton’s socialist NDP budget falls in the House of Commons next month.

It is no coincidence that Paul Martin has chosen to sign this deal at the Discovery Children’s Center. 367 Hampton St. falls on the border of the federal riding Charleswood--St. James—Assiniboia, which is currently held by Conservative Health Critic Steven Fletcher. In last year’s election Mr. Fletcher ran a very close race with liberal candidate Glenn Murray.

Glenn Murray was the very popular Winnipeg mayor who was urged to run for the federal liberals in 2004. He was one of Paul Martin’s chosen ones, appointed to run in defiance of a vote by grassroots party members. Glenn Murray agreed to resign as mayor of Winnipeg to run in this federal campaign. Steven Fletcher beat Glenn Murray by only a 2% margin, or 734 votes.

After going down in defeat, the liberals have done their best to placate Mr. Murray with a patronage appointment. Prime Minister Paul Martin nominated Mr. Murray as chairman of the National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy. The House of Commons Standing Committee that looked into Glenn Murray’s qualifications for the position ruled that he was unqualified for the appointment. Parliament then voted to rescind Murray's appointment. A majority of democratically elected MPs voted against the appointment. Yet, Martin's appointment stands.

Now with a new election on the horizon, the liberals are in full campaign mode. Making campaign stops in a riding the liberals narrowly lost, with a candidate that was appointed despite his incompetence and appointed against the will of liberal members in that riding. A desperate Prime Minister has showed up to use taxpayer money to buy a different outcome in the next election.

If only Paul Martin would call the election and make his campaign official.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Socialists in Control of Nation’s Finances as Liberals Try to Buy Their Way out of Scandal

The socialist NDP offer to prop up the most corrupt federal government in Canadian history has been accepted by Canada’s minority liberals. Desperate to stay in power, Paul Martin and his liberal party will not include $4.6 billion dollars of tax cuts they originally proposed. Instead, they will spend that money in a bid to retain power.

The irony for Canadians is tragic. Evidence from the Gomery Inquiry continues to detail how the liberals used taxpayer money to buy elections for the last twelve years. Revelations of liberals wasting taxpayer money have cost them heavily in recent polls. Now this liberal government will spend another $4.6 billion dollars of taxpayer money to buy a few more months in office and this price tag comes with no guarantee.

In order to stay in power the liberals will need a majority of votes in the 308 seat Canadian Parliament. The liberals will not have enough support to fight off a vote of non-confidence even with NDP support. In order to guarantee the liberals have the votes to stay in office, they need the support of all three independents plus the vote of the speaker of the house to break a tie or they need to buy off opposition members with senate appointments. At least one independent has already said he will vote against the ruling party.

There is good reason for Canadians to be concerned about this unholy alliance of liberals and socialists. With the nation’s finances in control of the most extreme left-wing party in the country, Canadians will continue to pay the price for this liberal scandal. The liberal budget had already allocated $5 billion for global warming and $5 billion for socialized daycare. For Jack Layton, these numbers were too low and he specifically demanded more spending on the environment.

At this point, defeating the budget is the only thing keeping Canadians from being separated from their money.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Alfonso Gagliano Points out Paul Martin’s Hypocrisy

We at The Blue Maple Leaf pointed out some of the blatant hypocrisy that flowed out of Paul Martin’s recent televised address. In the article this author wrote:

“The fact that he recalled Alfonso Gagliano from Denmark should also tell a story to Canadians. Mr. Gagliano was not recalled, because he was a poor Ambassador. He was recalled, because Paul Martin knew the full extent of Gagliano’s involvement in this liberal corruption scheme. Again, Paul Martin did not wait until the final report of Justice Gomery to condemn Gagliano and destroy his career. He simply recalled the man to Canada and terminated him.”

This statement is now being validated by Gagliano himself. In a recent interview with CTV news, Alfonso Gagliano says he is the vitim of Paul Martin’s double standard. He says he has been unfairly singled out for blame in the sponsorship program, and believes the prime minister is a hypocrite for judging him so swiftly.

When he spoke to the nation in a rare televised speech last Thursday night, Prime Minister Paul Martin made special mention of the former public works minister.

"I fired Alfonso Gagliano, the minister responsible for the sponsorship program, from his appointment as ambassador to Denmark," Martin said as he recounted a list of his responses to the scandal.

As the prime minister has often repeated, he commissioned veteran Quebec Justice John Gomery to head an inquiry into program as soon as he took office.

But Gagliano says Martin's plea that Canadians wait until Gomery reports before passing judgment on his party or government smack of hypocrisy.

"If he asks Canadians to wait ... before they can pass judgment on him and his government, why didn't he wait for the Gomery report before he fired me (in February, 2004)?"

Pointing to current senior cabinet ministers Pierre Pettigrew and Anne McLellan, both of whom were in charge of once scandal-plagued departments, Gagliano said there was no precedent for his being singled out on this file.

Denying any direct links to allegations of wrongdoing in the sponsorship program, Gagliano said, " I did everything I could when I was aware, I acted."

"I learned the same time you learned that these things took place ... there is no direct link with me," he added. "So why didn't the prime minister wait for the report and what Gomery will say before he judges me."

Mr. Gagliano, the answer is obvious; Prime Minister Paul Martin is a desperate hypocrite.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Voting is No Day at the Beach – It is the Duty of Every Canadian

The mainstream media has been hard at work fighting off an election call for their friends in the liberal party. They have been using polls and man on the street interviews to push the liberal agenda of postponing an election at all costs. Paul Martin even used a televised national address to make a desperate plea to Canadians in a bid to hold power. The entire liberal juggernaut in Canada is stalling for time.

What is most troubling is how the media is working to pacify Canadians. When they commissioned polls in the past that showed the liberals leading, the stories they presented were all about how Canadians love the job liberals are doing. When the polls show Conservatives ahead of liberal, the left-wing media talks only about how Canadians do not want an election right now.

Asking Canadians in a poll if they want an election is pointless. Pollsters do not ask Canadians if they want to clean their house, shovel their driveway or mow their lawns. We all know that going to the polls is not exactly a day at the beach, but voting is more than just a right or a privilege; it is the duty of every Canadian.

What the liberals did in the sponsorship scandal was more than simply blow our money. Wasting taxpayer money is nothing new for liberals. Since they came to power in the early 90s the liberals have squandered our money by the billions of dollars. The HRDC boondoggle cost taxpayers over $1 billion. The gun registry scandal was another $2 billion. Billions of dollars in grants to Bombardier, scrapping the EH-101 project cost $500 million, the Shawinigan scandal and the list goes on.

The sponsorship scandal only represents another $250 million dollars of wasted taxpayer money, a small loss compared to the other liberal scandals. But what makes this scandal so important is the degree to which these liberals subverted our democracy. By introducing campaign finance reform the liberals ensured that the hands of other political parties would be tied financially.

At the same time, the liberals completely disregarded the rule of law and bought elections outright. They lied, they laundered money, they used the taxpayer’s wallet to fund their elections thereby ensuring that they could outspend all political parties by hundreds of millions and guarantee themselves reelection.

And now the CBC and other elements of the liberal mainstream media use self serving polls and man on the street interviews to feed the notion that Canadians should do nothing.

Only a few months ago, Canadians watched as ten million people in Afghanistan and eight million people in Iraq braved death threats, mortar attacks and suicide bombers to vote for a chance that they could one day enjoy freedom. One brave Iraqi spotted a suicide bomber heading for people who were lined up to vote. He grabbed the fanatic and they were both killed when the bomb belt detonated. This brave Iraqi died to save others who went on to vote. Other Iraqis stood in front of cameras in defiance of terrorists and showed off their blue stained fingers, proof they had voted.

Look also at what happened in the Ukraine recently. A Russian friendly communist style politician engaged in voter fraud. The fraud he was guilty of paled in comparison to the grand money laundering scheme and kickbacks the Canadians liberals organized. As a result of that voter fraud, the Ukraine ground to a halt. Its population stopped working and gathered en masse in the city center, sleeping and eating in the streets for weeks on end. They wore orange clothing. They sported orange flags. They did not relent until new elections were held to restore democracy and ensure that those election fraudsters were rightly kicked out of power.

And yet, in Canada we sit on our butts and complain about how voting two times in twelve months too much work. Every single day the CBC sets out to do its infamous man on the street interviews. The CBC always shows at least one person who complains they don’t want another election right now. I’m too tired. It would cost too much money. My wrist is sore. Whatever the excuse, the ones that complain about having to vote are the ones the CBC puts on TV. The whole thing is just sick!

55,000 Canadians died fighting in World War I. Another 37,000 Canadians died in World War II. Canadians have died fighting in many other wars including the American lead war on terrorism in Afghanistan. Those Canadians died fighting for the rights and freedoms we enjoy today. They did not die fighting for mythical rights like the rights of people to have sex with barnyard animals or the right to marry Canadians of the same-sex. They died fighting for democratic rights and the right to honest, transparent and accountable government.

Those Canadians laid down their lives so that we could elect a government of the people through free and fair elections, not governments that come to power by rigging the election system and engaging in election fraud of epic proportions. Given the sacrifice of all those Canadians who came before us, the least we can do is mark an X to preserve what has been given to us for nothing.

Voting in a federal election may not be a day at the beach Canada, but for the sake of our freedom and our democracy, get off your lazy asses and vote!

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Jack Layton’s Socialist Strategy – An Election Ploy or Political Suicide?

Paul Martin’s federal liberals are mired in scandal. The polls have them trailing the Conservative party as they desperately try to avoid an election. After watching the Prime Minister beg Canadians to stay in power during a pre-recorded television address, socialist NDP leader Jack Layton has offered an olive branch. Jack Layton is willing to prop up the most corrupt federal government in the history of Canada if the liberals remove a tax cut from the upcoming budget.

The proposed budget includes a cut in the corporate tax rate from 21% to 19% and removes all tax surcharges, cuts which would amount to about $4.6 billion this year.

The socialist NDP has always been adamantly opposed to tax cuts. Members of Canada’s most extreme left-wing party favor huge tax increases to pay for every worthless idea they can dream up, from building giant windmills in the arctic to putting warning labels on bottles of beer. The socialist NDP is also the party that is pushing hardest for same-sex marriage and legalized prostitution in Canada.

The socialist ideology of the NDP has always been so left-wing to the extreme that they never win more than 25 seats in the 308 seat Canadian Parliament. The question is, has Jack Layton resigned himself to the reality that the NDP will never be a mainstream party and decided that selling out is the only way to advance socialism in Canada or is Jack Layton making an election ploy?

One idea has been advanced which suggests that Jack Layton’s offer may be nothing more than an election ploy to seal the liberal’s fate. By making this offer they are showing Canadians that the NDP is willing to do whatever it takes to make this minority government work. As soon as the liberals fail to give in to one NDP demand then Jack Layton can simply jump on board with the rest of the opposition and topple the government while saying that the liberals were simply impossible to work with.

Jack Layton may think that an offer to sell out Canadians by propping up the liberals is a brilliant election ploy, but in the end, it may be nothing more than political suicide.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Paul Martin Impeaches himself in his Own Public Address

In an act of complete desperation, Prime Minister Paul Martin delivered a pre-recorded address directly to Canadians. The speech was a clear attempt to buy time from voters. The emphasis of the speech was on allowing the liberals to govern while Justice Gomery continues doing his job. It was also an attempt to win over public sympathy and portray himself as a trusted political figure that is innocent of this scandal.

Consider what The Blue Maple Leaf predicted the day before the speech. This author wrote, “He [Paul Martin] will distance himself personally from this scandal. He will allow the public to condemn the people he deems a few rogue members of the party, but he will ask Canadians not to condemn him until after Justice Gomery releases his full report sometime in December.

This is exactly what Paul Martin did. In his speech he said:

“On December 12, 2003, I cancelled the sponsorship program. It was my very first act on my very first day in office. In addition, I fired Alfonso Gagliano, the minister responsible for the sponsorship program, from his appointment as Ambassador to Denmark. To recover taxpayers’ money – money that went to those who did not earn it -- I ordered my government to sue 19 people and companies for more than $40-million.”

The fact that Paul Martin cancelled the sponsorship program as his first act in office should tell Canadians that he knew the full extent of the criminal activity of that program. He did not have to wait until Justice Gomery gave his final report to conclude that this was a corrupt money laundering scheme. He simply shut it down.

The fact that he recalled Alfonso Gagliano from Denmark should also tell a story to Canadians. Mr. Gagliano was not recalled, because he was a poor Ambassador. He was recalled, because Paul Martin knew the full extent of Gagliano’s involvement in this liberal corruption scheme. Again, Paul Martin did not wait until the final report of Justice Gomery to condemn Gagliano and destroy his career. He simply recalled the man to Canada and terminated him.

Paul Martin also, by his own admission, picked 19 people and companies to sue to recover $40 million of taxpayer money. Again, Paul Martin did not wait for Justice Gomery to issue his final report before deciding to retain a legal team to go after 19 scapegoats to recover lost money. These lawyers were commissioned to condemn these people and organizations without any information coming from the Gomery Inquiry.

Paul Martin has proven through his own actions, and through the words of his own public address, that he knew the extent of this sponsorship money laundering scheme. He knew who was involved. He knew what companies were involved in illegal activity. He knew all this and he has condemned them all without hearing anything about these people or these groups from the Gomery Commission. Paul Martin named and fired Gagliano and invites Canadians to condemn him and all these other groups without waiting to hear the final report from Justice Gomery.

And yet, in spite of his own admissions, the Prime Minister asks Canadians not to judge him until after the final report of the Gomery Commission is released in December. He makes this plea in spite of the knowledge that he was Finance Minister in charge of public money during the sponsorship scandal. He makes this plea despite knowing of all the corruption and all those who were involved. He makes this plea even though he knew and did nothing about it.

He begs for more time to rule, despite growing evidence that he himself directed sponsorship contracts. Despite evidence he lied under oath about his relationship with Claude Boulay, the President of ad firm Groupe Everest, who received $67 million in sponsorship contracts.

He says this despite the fact that he himself shut down public accounts committee that was looking into this scandal and called an unnecessary early election last year in a bid to win a new majority government while Canadians were still completely in the dark about liberal corruption. And by his own admission in this public address he knew everything about this scandal including all those who were involved before he called that snap election! But now, Paul Martin says that an election must wait until Canadians hear the whole truth about the sponsorship scandal, which he says can only happen when Justice Gomery issues that final report in December.

Paul Martin did not wait to condemn a handful a scapegoats for this corruption scandal and he is a desperate hypocrite to think that we need to wait until December to condemn him now.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

What to Expect From Paul Martin Address to Canadians

Tomorrow, Prime Minister Paul Martin will deliver a speech directly to Canadians. The speech will be a prelude to an election that we know is only weeks away. Whereas the liberal party has always had everything it says echoed by the liberal mainstream media, this time Paul Martin will talk to us directly. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

The liberals have no positive agenda for the country and they have rallied behind such losing left-wing causes as legalizing drug use, legalizing prostitution and changing the definition of marriage to include homosexual couples. That is why the liberal strategy in this coming election will be a classic smear campaign of the Conservatives. The liberals also intend to portray their leader, Paul Martin, as a virtuous saint that had absolutely nothing to do with the biggest corruption scandal in this nation’s history.

Look for Paul Martin’s speech to include comments about how Jean Chrétien’s camp of liberals was to blame. He will talk about how it is necessary for Canadians not to judge the whole liberal party on account of a few rogue party members that did not have the country’s best interest at heart. He will distance himself personally from this scandal. He will allow the public to condemn the people he deems a few rogue members of the party, but he will ask Canadians not to condemn him until after Justice Gomery releases his full report sometime in December.

However, Canadians do not need to have their minds made up by a judge. Canadians have seen the evidence and will continue to see more damning evidence between now and the middle of May, when the Gomery commission is expected to wrap up. The job of the Gomery commission is to look into this scandal and make recommendations for criminal charges. The moral standards that Canadians use to hold their political leaders to account are much higher than that of the criminal justice system. For this, Canadians can make up our own minds.

Paul Martin will also talk about national unity. He will portray the Conservative party as a regional western party that is more of a separatist party than the Bloc Quebecois. Out of this speech you will hear slander and lies that will expose the true desperation of the liberal party of Canada. Paul Martin will make a pathetic attempt to portray the liberal party as the only Federalist Party capable of saving the nation.

Paul Martin will do this in spite of the fact that what the liberals did in Quebec probably means Quebec is gone already. It is possible that this scandal, the biggest in our nation’s history, has already convinced the majority of Quebecers that enough is enough. It may well be that the damage these liberals have done is irreversible. Even a majority Conservative government with a strong mandate to de-centralize the power of this overwhelming federal government may not be enough to save it in time. Canadians should take this to heart.

The speech will also be one designed to invoke fear in the hearts of Canadians. There will be talk of how the country will be screwed if liberals cannot continue governing. He will say things like: “If our government falls you won’t get same-sex marriage. The government will not raise your children for you in a socialized daycare program. The Maritime Provinces will not get money promised to them. The cities will not get the cash they need to operate.” The list will go on and on.

He will paint the picture of a nation grinding to a complete halt if the liberals are not allowed to continue running it. The liberals have been in power so long, they cannot imagine themselves no longer running it. Canadians will get a sense of his desperation at this point of the speech. Government power has changed hands many times in our nation’s history and life went on for Canadians. People will see this lie for what it is.

This speech will have the look and feel of a campaign throne speech. Everything you can expect from the liberal party in this coming election will be included. Readers are encouraged to return and visit this article to post your comments on how close these predictions ring true.

See you tomorrow at The Blue Maple Leaf.

Will Justice Be Done? -

Readers are strongly recommended to vist this new website. They have a FLASH into that you will not want to miss!

Because Canadians Deserve Better Government


Bloggers Burst the Paul Martin Myth – CBC and Mainstream Media Exposed

For most of the weekend the Blue Maple Leaf has been dispelling the myth that Canadians trust Paul Martin. This myth got started when the CBC commissioned a liberal friendly poll and Paul Hunter completely skewed its results to push the liberal agenda. A tip from our friends at CBC Watch led to the website that commissioned that poll.

The cat is now out of the bag with this Lorrie Goldstein article titled:

Lorrie Goldstein asks why it took a Winnipeg blogger to accurately report the results of the latest AdScam poll.

Did you know that an Environics Research poll released last week found that a startling 73% of Canadians surveyed believe Prime Minister Paul Martin is either "very responsible" or "somewhat responsible" for AdScam?

This is devastating news for the Liberals because it flies in the face of their claims that Canadians don't blame Martin for AdScam and that he's deeply trusted by voters, which they say, will be the central theme of their next election campaign.

After all, since more than seven in 10 Canadians now believe, despite all Martin's protestations of innocence, that he bears at least some responsibility for AdScam, it's going to be pretty hard to build a campaign around him as, in the words of one aide, the "wire brush" who will wipe the stain of scandal from the Grits.

But you wouldn't know any of this from the highly selective reporting of this poll last week by the CBC, which commissioned it, and by other media, who, incredibly, portrayed it as a positive finding for Martin. (For alerting me to this controversy, I'm indebted to blogger "Michael" of Winnipeg, who first wrote about it Sunday on his website,

When the CBC reported this key finding from its own poll, it focused on the fact that when 1,200 Canadians were asked from April 11-13 who they thought was "very responsible" for AdScam, "just" 28% said Martin. (In separate questions, 52% said Jean Chretien was "very responsible" for AdScam, 48% said "a small number of officials working within the federal government" were "very responsible" and 45% identified "the Liberal Party of Canada" as "very responsible" for the scandal.)

Canadian Press, the national wire service, picked up on this theme, reporting that "the same polls indicating widespread disgust with Liberal scandal also suggest people don't blame Martin ... only 28% of respondents in the Environics poll said Martin was 'very responsible' for the sponsorship scandal." This article also quoted an unidentified "Liberal strategist" saying: "Canadians clearly trust the man. There's an affection for Paul Martin and we'd be crazy not to lean into that."

In fact, an Ipsos-Reid poll conducted for CTV and released late last week found more Canadians (40%) now trust Conservative Leader Stephen Harper than Martin (35%), although more still prefer Martin as prime minister to Harper (42% to 34%).

But what's incredible about the way the Environics findings were reported is that the media totally ignored the fact that in addition to the 28% of the public who held Martin "very responsible" for AdScam, the largest single group by far -- 45% -- thought he was "somewhat responsible." This compares to only 18% who thought Martin was "not responsible." (Even the Sun, which simply reported the 28% figure with no editorial comment, missed this aspect of the poll.)

Reported accurately, then, these are deeply alarming findings for the Liberals, because they speak directly to Martin's credibility, or lack thereof, with voters. For the media to portray this as a positive development for Martin and the Grits is simply absurd.

Surely the more accurate way of reporting a polling question which asks people whether they believe Martin is "very responsible," "somewhat responsible" or "not responsible" for AdScam is to combine the tally from the first two options and report that 73% believe Martin bears at least some responsibility, compared to only 18% who believe he bears none. Then it would be accurate to break down those who thought Martin bore some responsibility into the two categories of "very responsible (28%) and "somewhat responsible" (45%).

Reporting instead that "just" or "only" 28% think Martin is "very responsible" while completely ignoring the fact that the largest single group polled -- 45% -- think he is "somewhat responsible" is selective at best, misleading at worst. Especially when these reports went on to claim this finding was positive for Martin simply because Canadians think Chretien, the Liberal Party and "a small number of officials within the federal government" are even more responsible for AdScam than he is.

First, neither Chretien nor "a small number of officials within the federal government" are running for re-election. Second, Liberals can hardly be happy about the fact that Canadians think their party is even more responsible for AdScam than Martin.

Instead of uncritically reporting the Liberals' rather desperate spin on this poll, it would have been much more accurate to say that while it was bad news for Martin, it was even worse for the Liberals. Assuming, of course, that accuracy was the goal.

The mainstream liberal friendly media will find it a lot harder to hoodwink Canadians with bloggers on the watch!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Toronto Star Bashes Conservatives With Hit Piece on Pope Election

A Canadian federal election is fast approaching. The corrupt liberal minority government that is about to be ousted has nothing positive to offer the country. Liberal strategists are already on record for spelling out an election strategy that involves smearing Conservatives the same way they did last election with lies of hidden agendas.

The Toronto Star has taken this hatred for Conservatives to a new level with an article that printed comments on the election of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger as the new pope of the Catholic Church. Every second comment was a conservative bashing one. Below are a few examples:

“The Catholic Church had made the observation that people are leaving because the Church is becoming more dated, irrelevant, ignorant, and indifferent to modern problems and concerns. The elevation of a hard-line conservative who's more interested in maintaining the dogma (rather than the spirit) of the religion ensures that people will continue to leave because of those concerns.” - David Matsumoto, Scarborough, Apr. 19

“It's not surprising that the cardinals elected a staunch conservative who doesn't believe that women and gays are deserving of equality, and who would sit by while AIDS ravages the globe. However, it is the prospect of millions of Catholics around the globe bowing at the feet of such a regressive representative that gives me the chills.” - Lynn Iding, Toronto, Apr. 19

“Another strident ultraconservative who prefers trying to freeze time and human progress in place. When will the church stop trying to hold onto some idyllic period and embrace the present? Remember the past; don't live in it.” - Shawn Sintzel, Toronto, Apr. 19

“I'm disappointed with the selection of yet another conservative Pope. A conservative outlook from the church in this day and age will only create more dissention. The parishioners should be the ones to vote on a Pope, not the cardinals.” - Valentino Assenza, Toronto, Apr. 19

“Although Cardinal Ratzinger is a man of peace and values, it is unfortunate the Cardinals have decided upon one of the most conservative Cardinals there is. This could be very dangerous for the already troubled Catholic Church. It seems to me this is somewhat of a backwards move for the church. We can expect no forward progress with respect to ordination of females and the marrying of priests under his reign. Much of the progress many of the more liberal Catholics may have been hoping for has just vanished. I hope the new Pope can be as dynamic and outspoken as John Paul II was. The reformers, however, will have to wait.” - Rob Taylor, Mississauga, Apr. 19

“I'm a little bit concerned in regards to his age. He just turned 78. Also the fact that he is very conservative.” - Jan Staniszewski, Whitby, Apr. 19

Looks like the Toronto Star finally found a way to smear the values of Conservatives over and over in the same article.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Mainstream Media Runs With Deceptive CBC Story

The Blue Maple Leaf has been reporting the past two days about a Paul Hunter, CBC story, which completely twisted the results of a recent Environics Research Poll.

The reports involve Paul Hunter delivering the poll results in such a way as to lay blame for the sponsorship scandal at the feet of Jean Chrétien and a few rogue liberals. The CBC also tries to deflect blame away from Paul Martin. The problem with Paul Hunter’s propaganda piece is that the poll clearly shows 73% of those asked believe Paul Martin is responsible for the scandal. The CBC piece was so deceptive that the mainstream media has now picked it up.

Alexander Panetta of the Canadian Press yesterday published an article titled Voters Don’t Blame Martin. The story begins with, “The federal Liberals are building an election strategy around the leader they see as a rare bright spot amid a series of disastrous polls. Just like the last campaign, Prime Minister Paul Martin will be getting plenty of face time if there's an election this spring. That's because the same polls indicating widespread disgust with Liberal scandal also suggest people don't blame Martin.”

According to the story, a liberal strategist was quoted as saying, “Canadians clearly trust the man. There's an affection for Paul Martin and we'd be crazy not to lean into that.”

The story continues with, “Four polls released this week showed the Liberals behind the Conservatives for the first time since the early 1990s. An Environics survey put the Grits just a shade above the NDP. But only 28 per cent of respondents in the Environics poll said Martin was "very responsible" for the sponsorship scandal.”

The poll they are referring to is the Environics Research Group poll commissioned by the CBC. In that poll, 73% of those polled said that they believed Paul Martin was responsible for the scandal. Of the 73% that believe Paul Martin is responsible, only 28% said he was ‘very’ responsible. This 28% is the number that Paul Hunter and the CBC used to dupe viewers into believing that only a minority blame the Prime Minister. It seems that the Canadian Press has fallen for this propaganda.

The idea that the liberals and their friends in the mainstream media would even try to pass Paul Martin off as some kind of Paragon of Virtue is amazing. It is especially amazing that they are trying this while quoting a poll that clearly shows 73% of Canadians hold Mr. Martin responsible for the biggest scandal in the history of the nation. As Finance Minister under former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, Paul Martin was the one person who was ultimately responsible for public money.

The mainstream media is going to need a lot more make-up if it thinks it can pass the Paul Martin corpse off as rare bright spot amid a series of disastrous polls.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

73% of Canadians Conclude Paul Martin is Responsible for the Sponsorship Scandal – CBC Poll

Yesterday we published an article that detailed how Paul Hunter of the CBC skewed the results of its own poll to favor Paul Martin. Today comes new revelations about that poll from our friends at CBC Watch. It seems Paul Hunter’s left-wing spin of those poll results was even worse than we thought.

The polling question delivered by Environics Research Group was phrased this way:

4. In your opinion are each of the following very responsible, somewhat responsible, or not responsible for the alleged wrongdoings that have been reported from the Gomery inquiry.

a) Prime Minister Paul Martin?
b) The Liberal Party of Canada?
c) A small number of officials working within the federal government?
d) Former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien?
e) The way that politics is conducted in Quebec?

When Paul Hunter delivered his news piece, he did it in such a way as to give the appearance that Canadians think Jean Chrétien and a few rogue members of the liberal party were to blame. This angle is one that the liberal party has been pushing for weeks in the House of Commons and in the mainstream media. Paul Hunter furthers the liberal agenda by portraying the numbers in a way that reinforce the liberal position. He says,

“As the opposition points its fingers at Paul Martin over it all, Canadians seem to be aiming elsewhere. Asked to assess blame for the scandal on five different targets; 45% say the liberal party is ‘very’ responsible for it. Separately, 48% put a small group of government officials in that category. 42% cited former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien as ‘very’ responsible. Just 28% put Paul Martin that way; roughly the same number that says that is just Quebec politics.”

His deception involves the use of the word ‘very’ in assessing who was responsible for the sponsorship scandal. According to the poll 28% of Canadians think Paul Martin is ‘very’ responsible for the scandal. What Paul Hunter does not say is that another 54% of Canadians think Paul Martin is somewhat responsible versus 18% who think that the Prime Minister is not to blame at all. Only 8% did not know or did not have an opinion.

When you add together the number of Canadians that think Paul Martin is responsible for the sponsorship scandal versus those that do not, you have 73% of Canadians that conclude Paul Martin is to blame. Only 18% of Canadians think Paul Martin is not to blame.

When you remove the word ‘very’ and simply asses whether the same targets are responsible or not, you get a very different outcome. 82% of Canadians think the liberal party is responsible versus 10% that do not think they are responsible. 82% say a small group of government officials is to blame versus 10% that think they are not. 84% say Jean Chrétien is to blame, versus 9% that think he is not. And, 73% of Canadians believe Paul Martin, who was Finance Minister in charge of public money under Jean Chrétien, is to blame for sponsorship scandal versus 18% that think he is not responsible for it.

Yet, Paul Hunter tries to convince viewers that only 28% think Paul Martin is to blame and he further reinforces this message with a video bite from Donna Dasko of the Environics Research Group who says, “And even though the Prime Minister does not seem to be mainly responsible for this, he and his party are certainly being punished.”

Paul Martin does not seem to be mainly responsible for this, even though 73% of Canadians think he is? You cannot get 73% of Canadians to say they like ice cream on any given day!

When it comes to spinning the results of a poll to advance the liberal cause, Paul Hunter and the CBC is ‘very’ guilty and ‘very’ deceptive.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Paul Hunter of the CBC Spins Latest Poll

The latest poll has been released, this time by the CBC. The numbers look bad for the liberals, but Paul Hunter and the state run broadcaster are not going to let the liberals sink without a fight.

Paul Hunter begins his piece with a happy and confident Prime Minister Paul Martin taking a reporters camera and photographing journalists. But in spite of Mr. Martins enthusiasm the polls show him behind in a poll commissioned for the CBC. The numbers suggest that if an election were held today 33% of decided voters would vote for the Conservative Party. The liberals trail with 27%, the NDP 24% and the Bloc Quebecois would get 11%.

The camera then turned to Donna Dasko, the vice-president of Environics Research. She said, “If we were to see this on Election Day, I think we would be looking at a very, very fractured Parliament with a number of the parties with seats and an even more fractured Parliament than we have today.”

The poll was commissioned after the damning testimony of Jean Brault, president of the ad agency Groupaction. According to the CBC, this poll has politicians in Ottawa anxious about a spring election. BUT NOT SO FAST says the CBC! The most important poll result for Paul Hunter is this one.

According to the poll, fully 76% of Canadians say there should not be an election until AFTER the final report of the Gomery commission, likely in November. Paul Hunter could not emphasize or stress this number enough. The number...

...was put up on the screen as big and bold as possible to drive home the idea that Canadians do NOT want an election. Canadians DO NOT want to see the liberals toppled. Canadians, according to Paul Hunter, want to continue living under the rule of the most corrupt federal government in the history of the nation for at least seven more months!

The camera then pans back to Donna Dasko of the research firm who says, “And at that point an election may be in the cards, but they [Canadians] don’t want an election in the near term.”

Paul Hunter then continues with some other numbers that came out of this poll, while the slide showing that...


...of Canadians say there should not be an election until AFTER the final report of the Gomery commission, goes back on the screen. Remember Canada, you don’t want to force an early election when Paul Hunter’s beloved liberals are behind in the polls.

The other numbers include 41% of Canadians which say there in NO single issue that even justifies an election right now. And yet, if there were a single issue to justify an election, 34% say it would be the sponsorship scandal.

Then Paul Hunter shows the numbers of who Canadians think is to blame for the sponsorship fiasco. According to the poll, 45% say the liberal party. 48% say a small group within the party. 52% sighted former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien as very responsible. Yet, only 28% think Paul Martin was responsible, even though he was the Finance Minister the entire time the kickbacks and money laundering was going on. The Finance Minister! We should also note that 28% is the same number who thinks that is just the way politics is in Quebec anyway. No big deal.

The camera then goes back to Donna Dasko who wraps up with the comment, “And even though the Prime Minister does not seem to be mainly responsible for this, he and his party are certainly being punished.”

Even though the Prime Minister is not mainly responsible? According to the poll he is not mainly responsible for this? According to witness testimony he is most certainly implicated in this! And as Finance Minister for Jean Chrétien he is the number one person responsible for this!

Paul Hunter then concluded with a number that paints two thirds of Canadians with a big brush of cynicism. According to the poll more that two thirds of the country thinks it does not matter who you vote for, all politicians are just as corrupt as the liberals anyway. So who cares?

It was a treat to watch a stunned Paul Hunter deliver the bad news on the day the publication ban was lifted, but now he is right back to spinning his left-wing journalism in favor of his friends in the liberal party.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Liberal Party Election Strategy to be Classic Fear and Smear Campaign

The federal liberals will soon be toppled over revelations of government corruption. The party that made money laundering and patronage an art form in national politics will soon have to face the Canadian voter, possibly as early as next month. With nothing positive to offer the country after 12 years of managing the most corrupt federal government in the history of the nation, their campaign tactic is clear. The liberals will use the classic fear and smear campaign to scare voters away from the opposition.

Alexander Panetta of the Canadian Press is reporting, “Liberals will revive the national-unity debate as a campaign theme and paint their opponents as twin partners in the dismantling of Canada.”

The goal for the liberals this election will be to portray the conservative and separatists as Siamese twins, joined at the hip and determined to destroy the country. The Canadian Press article offers no link between the two parties, nor does it explain how either party has similar philosophy on issues. Yet, the story details how top liberal strategists will engage in another fear campaign to scare voters away from Conservatives.

One senior liberal warned that a liberal defeat would propel Quebec toward independence. This is a likely scenario given the depth of liberal corruption and the extent to which democracy was subverted by the liberals in that province. Liberals engaged in election financing fraud that went all the way up to the Prime Minister and involved hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars. The damage done to national unity by this liberal government may be irreversible.

In spite of this, the liberal campaign tactic will be to scare the hell out of Canadians by telling them that a vote for the Conservative Party will result in the break up of Canada. If this liberal campaign strategy sounds familiar, it is because they used it to first get elected in the early 90s. They have used similar campaigns of fear in every election, including last year’s election where they accused Conservatives of having a secret agenda.

When it came to propaganda, nobody knew better than Adolf Hitler. It was he who made famous the phrase, “If you are going to lie, make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it and eventually they will believe it.”

The notion that conservatives want to destroy Canada is a big liberal lie, but the question is will Canadians believe it?

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Prime Minister Paul Martin Spams the Flock with an Open Letter

The following open letter was sent out by the liberal party. It is clearly an attempt by Paul Martin to slow the bleeding of liberal support across Canada and shore up support of party faithful. Touching as it is, it ends up being a desperate attempt to save himself from a despicable legacy.

April 11, 2005

Dear Liberal friend:

In recent days, testimony at the Gomery Commission has captured a great deal of public attention. It has also given rise to allegations about the Liberal Party itself and, by extension, all of us who are members. I felt it was important to write you on this subject and share my perspective and my pride in all of you as Liberals and activists.

As Leader and Prime Minister, I want party members everywhere to remember that it was this Liberal government that established the Gomery Commission – precisely in order to see that anyone who might have used the Liberal name to profit from national unity would be identified and punished. Similarly, if there are those who abused our party’s trust by using their position or their association with it, they have done a terrible disservice to the people of Canada and the members of our Party.

Like all Liberals and all Canadians, I'm offended by what I've heard in recent testimony. If even part of it turns out to be true, it is abhorrent to us all.

Public life is the highest service to which one can commit and the Liberal Party must embody the highest of ethical standards. This is my determined view, just as I know it is yours.

To those who have watched recent testimony, I say simply this is not the way politics should be done. Most certainly, this is not the way we do politics in the Liberal Party.

Canadians are looking for someone to step forward and to be accountable for cleaning up this mess and as Prime Minister and Liberal Leader, I accept that responsibility.

In fact, as my first act in office, on December 12th, 2003, I cancelled the sponsorship program. I made sure that those implicated were removed from their positions as crown corporation executives. The Government has also filed a lawsuit against 19 defendants, including several communications companies and their directors, to recover $41 million. And of course, it was this Liberal government that appointed Justice Gomery. With his conclusions in hand, I will act swiftly and surely to ensure those who did wrong face the full consequence of their actions.

As Liberals, these challenging times will also give us an ideal opportunity to show Canadians our true values and ethics. It is the Liberal Party that believes in the good that government can do, that has stood at every important moment in our nation’s history to fight for a united country and that has delivered to Canadians the strongest economy and best quality of life anywhere in the world.

It is these values, expressed through the policies we pursue that tell the true story of what the Liberal Party stands for and what it will fight for in the future. Together we have made great strides to strengthen public health care by finding ways to lower the times that Canadians have to wait for heart surgeries and cancer treatments. We have taken steps to revitalize Canada’s cities and communities, and to preserve our natural environment. We are working to build a child care system on which Canadians can depend.

In other words, this Liberal government is keeping its promises to Canadian taxpayers. While the Gomery inquiry finishes its job, we must continue to do ours. Most important of all, we must be proud of who we are, the good we’ve done and the good we will continue to do in the future. That is why I am – like you - so proud to be a Liberal.


Prime Minister Paul Martin

It looks as though Paul Martin will go down fighting, and given the latest polling data, he will go down soon.

Monday, April 11, 2005

The Toronto Star – Driving the Agenda of the Liberal Party

On Saturday, Conservative pro-family groups gathered in Ottawa in support of the traditional definition of marriage. The rally was one of the largest political rallies since Canadians gathered to support Canadian unity during the last Quebec referendum. Many keynote speakers took to the podium including Stephen Harper, leader of the Conservative party who will likely become the next Prime Minister of Canada.

In spite of the rally’s size and scope it was not reported on by the Toronto Star. Instead, this sickly left-wing, agenda driven newspaper chose to report on a very small rally that also involved marriage. The headline read:

The article explains how Christian priests, Jewish rabbis and Moslem sheiks gathered in support of same-sex marriage calling for the right to perform gay and lesbian marriages. This completely one-sided news piece is designed to convince the reader that same-sex marriage is a mainstream view among religious groups whose popularity is growing.

Reading the article makes you wonder if this is being reported as a news story or simply a parody of the very successful rally by Conservative pro-family groups this weekend. Close to 20% of Canada lives within delivery range of the Toronto Star. It is small wonder we end up with corrupt liberal governments when you look at the extremist left-wing garbage that newspaper prints daily.

There is no question the Toronto Star is driving the agenda of the liberal party.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Why Bleeding-Hearts with Broken-Hearts Write to Lonelyhearts

Maureen Scurfield writes an advice column in the Winnipeg Sun under the name Miss. Lonelyhearts. The horrible advice she gives is seldom outdone by the convoluted stories that are written to her. One such exchange was printed in yesterday’s paper. Here is the headline:

His phony first name biggest betrayal of all

Dear Miss Lonelyhearts
I was eating a hotdog last summer from one of the carts, and this guy came up to me and asked if I was enjoying it. One thing led to another and we ended up having drinks and then dinner and then walking around The Forks and holding hands and then we went to his apartment and we made love. Not just sex; we made love. It was the most romantic experience of my life.
He said we could never meet again, and I could only know his first name, but that was OK because I was married.
Yesterday I saw him for the first time since. He was with a woman and a child and he was obviously the child’s dad, and they were at, where else – The Forks. I walked over to him when his wife was at the kiosk and said “Hi, Don” and the child said plainly: “His name isn’t Don.” I turned and walked away fast. For some reason, that lie really threw me. He’d lied about his first name, too! Why am I obsessed by that?
Feeling Betrayed

The short answer would be, you are a classic liberal moral relativist that does not seem to grasp that if people as shallow as you are willing to commit the most outrageous betrayal imaginable in a relationship, like cheat on your husband, it just may be possible that other people are willing to do something as insignificant as lie about their first name. Of course, pointing out the obvious is why the Blue Maple Leaf is a political blog and not an advice column for Winnipeg’s most dysfunctional. Here is the advice of Miss. Lonelyhearts, the professional.

Dear Betrayed
You expected him to honor your agreement of no last names but you thought you’d shared the trust of first names. But you gave him your real name – and he made one up. Not so romantic. Did you say his name repeatedly as you made love? Many people do that when they are falling for someone.

Then, in classic feminist, man bashing style, Miss Lonelyhearts ends with, “My guess is he’s done this many times before.”

Translation: the fact that he lied about his first name means he is a typical man, chronic cheater, can’t be trusted and he is the lowest form of life. But you told your real first name, so you are a stand-up Winnipegger even though you just committed adultery with a guy that simply asked, “Are you enjoying your hotdog.”

Just keep on taking advice from Miss. Lonelyhearts all you bleeding-hearts and you will have broken-hearts for the rest of your lives.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Gomery Inquiry Lifts Publication Ban – Liberals are Finished for a Generation

Today, Stephen Taylor is reporting that the publication ban at the Gomery Inquiry was lifted. The ban was put in place to suppress damning testimony given by Groupaction president Jean Brault. The effect of suppressing this information has kept the Canadian public from knowing the full extent of liberal corruption which would spell the end of this liberal minority government. That ban is now gone and Canadians will soon learn details of Jean Brault’s suppressed testimony. Experts in the know agree that Canadians will be returning to the polls within months.

During five days of suppressed testimony, Jean Brault gave details of the liberal party’s sponsorship money laundering scheme. Under the scheme, liberal party insiders awarded $250 million dollars worth of contracts to advertising firms on the condition that they make in-kind payments directly to the liberal party.

In addition to direct political contributions, the liberal friendly ad firms also paid liberal campaign expenses directly. Bills the liberal party received for signs, pamphlets and other campaign expenses were simply handed over to ad firms to be paid using taxpayer dollars. By doing this, the liberal party avoided the need to declare contributions through the Elections Canada laws governing disclosure.

Another aspect of the scam involved liberal friendly ad firms putting liberal party organizers on their payroll. Instead of being compensated for work done for the ad firms, liberal party organizers were being paid with taxpayer money diverted to ad firms, while the liberal party members were actually working on campaigns in liberal ridings.

Manitoba residents can remember not long ago when a scandal broke involving a few thousand dollars of private money. The money was paid out to advance a candidate in northern Manitoba in order to split a vote in a lesser known provincial riding. The fallout from that minor scandal was enough for Manitobans to oust the incumbent party and replace them with a socialist NDP government that has since added over a billion dollars to the debt of that province. Comparing that scandal to this one involving the federal liberals is like comparing a pebble to a planet.

When Canadians learn the details of liberal corruption, starting today, the liberal party is finished for a generation.

The Blue Maple Leaf Launches Pre-Emptive Strike in the Court of Public Opinion

The contempt of court charges for breaching the Gomery Inquiry’s publication ban have not yet been laid. Already Canadian bloggers are winning over the hearts and minds of the public with a pre-emptive strike in the media. The Following David Schmeichel article was published in today’s Winnipeg Sun.

The public's right to know outweighs the AdScam inquiry's right to keep testimony secret, according to a Winnipeg man who's been using his Internet site to breach a court-imposed publication ban. Michael Napier runs a blog site called The Blue Maple Leaf, where he's been posting excerpts of AdScam testimony Canadians haven't been able to see or hear anywhere else.

Justice John Gomery imposed a ban on the testimony weeks ago to ensure a fair trial -- and an untainted jury pool -- for key sponsorship figures who'll appear in court on related criminal charges in the coming months.

Despite Gomery's orders, the outlawed words soon turned up on a website operated by a Minnesota resident, and bloggers in Canada quickly posted links to the American site on their own pages. A few Canadians, like Napier, have also published testimony on their sites.


"I can understand a restriction or a publication ban on something like the Paul Bernardo case, because I don't think the public's right to know the salacious details of how a 14-year-old girl got raped, supersede ... the public's right to have (Bernardo) tried and put away," Napier said. "In this case, the Canadian public is that 14-year-old girl ... and I think everyone needs to know how badly we were raped by the corrupt Liberal government."

Justice spokesman Patrick Charette has said federal lawyers are looking into the sites, warning those found to be breaching the ban could be issued warning letters or charged with contempt of court.

Napier isn't worried. "He (Charette) keeps ratcheting up the rhetoric of who he's going to prosecute, but so far, nothing has happened," Napier said. "I'm not even sure how they'd get a hold of some of us."

The Blue Maple Leaf was also mentioned in this Stephanie Rubec article on Tuesday in the Toronto Sun. It was also printed in the Ottawa Sun.

CANADA'S attorney general is probing possible breaches of a publication ban set up to protect explosive testimony at the AdScam inquiry. Justice spokesman Patrick Charette said federal lawyers are looking into the Internet sites reproducing excerpts of Montreal ad exec Jean Brault's testimony and providing a link to a U.S. blog featuring more extensive coverage of the hearing.

"We have to decide what the best course of action is," Charette said, adding federal lawyers could charge Canadian bloggers and website owners with contempt of court or suggest AdScam Justice John Gomery issue warning letters.


"It's a discussion that will take place between Justice lawyers and the Gomery commission," Charette said.

Website owners and bloggers began thumbing their nose at the publication ban on the weekend. A U.S. right-wing blogger posted the first accounts of Brault's testimony on Saturday and Canadian bloggers have followed suit.

Winnipeg blogger Michael Napier said the threat of being hauled into court to face contempt charges won't cause him to pull the testimony excerpts from his site. Since he posted the information, traffic on his site has doubled. "Does the right of one person override the right of 32 million people?" Napier asked.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are winning this one.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The Blue Maple Leaf Mentioned in Toronto Sun Article

The following Stephanie Rubec article appeared in The Toronto Sun:

CANADA'S attorney general is probing possible breaches of a publication ban set up to protect explosive testimony at the AdScam inquiry. Justice spokesman Patrick Charette said federal lawyers are looking into the Internet sites reproducing excerpts of Montreal ad exec Jean Brault's testimony and providing a link to a U.S. blog featuring more extensive coverage of the hearing.

"We have to decide what the best course of action is," Charette said, adding federal lawyers could charge Canadian bloggers and website owners with contempt of court or suggest AdScam Justice John Gomery issue warning letters.


"It's a discussion that will take place between Justice Lawyers and the Gomery commission," Charette said.

Website owners and bloggers began thumbing their nose at the publication ban on the weekend. A U.S. right-wing blogger posted the first accounts of Brault's testimony on Saturday and Canadian bloggers have followed suit.

Winnipeg blogger Michael Napier said the threat of being hauled into court to face contempt charges won't cause him to pull the testimony excerpts from his site. Since he posted the information, traffic on his site has doubled. "Does the right of one person override the right of 32 million people?" Napier asked.

Jean Brault Criminal Trial pushed Back One Month – May Not Be Enough to Lift Publication Ban

The Globe and Mail is reporting today that the criminal trial of Jean Brault will begin on June 6. He is charged under the criminal code for his role in the $250 million sponsorship money laundering scheme set up by the liberal government. Mr. Brault’s trial was originally scheduled for May 2, but he complained that he did not have enough time to prepare his defence. He had asked that the trial be postponed until September, but was granted only a one month reprieve.

Justice Gomery was to decide today at 3pm Eastern Daylight Savings Time, whether or not to lift a publication ban. The Gomery Inquiry currently has a publication ban which prevents testimony from being reported to the public, a move that was supposed to help ensure Jean Brault gets a fair trial. Rumours have been circulating that if Jean Brault’s criminal trial were to be postponed until September then the publication ban may be lifted.

In spite of the publication ban, an American blogger named Ed Morrissey has been publishing details of Jean Brault’s testimony at the Gomery Inquiry. Mr. Morrissey, also known as Captain Ed, runs a weblog called Captain’s Quarters. Details of Jean Brault’s testimony can be found at his site in both French and English.

Some Canadian bloggers, including us at The Blue Maple Leaf, have posted excerpts of the Captain’s banned articles with links back to his web site in flagrant violation of the publication ban. Canada's attorney general is investigating Canadian bloggers for possible contempt of court charges. Gomery Inquiry spokesperson Patrick Charette has been making empty threats all week to Canadian bloggers who are in defiance of the publication ban.

Threats made by Mr. Charette have included going after bloggers that post excerpts of Jean Brault’s testimony, including the part where he details how he hired liberal party organizers and laundered money through his ad firm for liberal ridings in Quebec. His threats were then expanded to bloggers that dare to name Captain’s Quarters as the website where the banned testimony can be found. He then followed this up by threatening to prosecute bloggers that link to the Captain’s Quarters website.

This author sure wishes that mouth piece Charette would either put up or shut up, because a weeks worth of empty threats is pathetic already.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Jean Brault Testimony Continues on Day Two – Paul Martin Connection

The following excerpt is reprinted from an article at The Captain’s Quarters. The Captain’s Quarters is an American Blog that is defying the publication ban of the Gomery commission, by relaying the evidence provided by Jean Brault. Jean Brault was the former head of Groupaction, an ad agency hired by the federal government to provide marketing and advertising expertise for the $250 million sponsorship program. Below is some of what he had to say.

The Martin Connections

So far, Jean Brault has testified that in addition to the roughly $250,000 (US) his company legitimately gave to the Liberal Party, they made almost $250,000 in under the table contributions (cash donations, or donations funneled through employees or other companies), and put party workers on the payroll for an in-kind contribution value of about $200,000. Most of Brault’s testimony seems to implicate the circles around Jean Chrétien and Alfonso Gagliano – who are all persona non grata in the “new” Liberal administration of Paul Martin - but there seem to be few direct links to the new regime.

However, Brault's testimony does appear to indicate that those links do exist.

Brault was invited to join a consultative committee for Rogers Cantel – a Canadian mobile phone company, chaired by former Liberal cabinet minister and key Martin ally Francis Fox. (Fox later served as Martin’s Principal Secretary when Martin became Prime Minister). At one of the Cantel lunches, another former Liberal minister and Martin organizer Jacques Olivier told Brault that he should “Stick to Corriveau. He will open doors for you.” (Olivier was referring to key Chrétien ally Jacques Corriveau, who Brault brought in as a subcontractor on advertising contracts.) This shows that two of Martin’s key Quebec organizers knew what was happening with government contracting and sponsorships.

Another connection is through Liberal organizer – and former assistant to Fox – Yvon Desrochers. When Brault was asked about direct political interference in the awarding of sponsorships, he mentioned that Desrochers and Corriveau pushed hard for approval of federal money for the renovation of the Corona Theatre in the riding of Liberal cabinet minister Lucienne Robillard (who still sits in Paul Martin’s cabinet as Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs), even though there were indications of construction problems. The person responsible for transferring the funds was told to “cut the check and don’t ask questions.”

Close ties link Fox, Olivier, Desrochers, Martin fundraiser and former hockey star Serge Savard, and another one of the Adscam firms – Claude Boulay’s Groupe Everest – and all are connected with the Martin, not Chrétien, wing of the Liberal Party in Quebec. (Desrochers later committed suicide after the discovery of another corruption scandal, the Montreal International Aquatic Games, in which millions of dollars went missing.)

To read the article posted at The Captain’s Quarters in full, please follow the link.

Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press – It’s About the Charter Stupid!

Everyone would agree that the rights guaranteed to Canadians under the charter are not absolute. Freedom of speech does not mean the right to libel someone. It does not give Canadians the right to preach hatred or genocide of ethnic minorities. Freedom of speech does not include the right to commit mischief by yelling fire in a crowded theater or the right to say bomb on an airplane.

Yet, consider the freedom of speech that exists in the world’s totalitarian regimes. You can choose any one of them: Ayatollah’s Iran, Kim Jong-Il’s North Korea, even Castro’s Cuba. How about Saddam Hussein’s Iraq? Before Saddam’s ouster, Iraqis were more than free to preach hatred against Americans and Jews. Under UN sanctions, most of them did. Terrorist groups like Ansar Al Islam not only talked about bombs on airplanes, they practiced doing it. Iraqis were afforded freedom of speech under Saddam’s totalitarian rule that made western democracies look rigid, with one glaring difference. It was absolutely forbidden to utter any speech that was in any way critical of the governing power.

It is true that democracies do not give people the freedom to libel, slander, and preach hatred and genocide or to commit mischief. Freedom of speech exists in a democracy for one reason and one reason only. That is to ensure that opposing political views can be voiced without fear of intimidation or reprisal. Freedom of the press exists for no other reason than to ensure that government is transparent and accountable. The right of Canadians to freedom of speech and freedom of the press is guaranteed for reasons that are 100% political.

Here we are amid the biggest corruption scandal in the history of the nation. Evidence given at the Gomery Inquiry last week detail how the sponsorship program was created for the sole purpose of laundering hundreds of millions of dollars through liberal friendly ad firms and back into the liberal party to win elections. According to testimony this was done under the guise of saving the country so that when scandal broke the liberals could fall behind the classic liberal mantra of good intentions. Yet because of a publication ban, the rights of Canadians to learn the extent of liberal corruption are being suppressed. The original intent of the charter in guaranteeing these rights is to prevent exactly what is happening here.

In spite of this, the liberal friendly mainstream media is all too wiling to accept the publication ban as an excuse to aid in the suppression of information critical to the governing liberals. The CBC spent the weekend acting as though there was no Gomery Inquiry. Even conservative bloggers are weary of defying the publication ban.

Conservative bloggers that refuse to publish Gomery evidence seem to fall into two groups, the timid and the self-righteous. The timid ones talk about fear of reprisal from government. The self-righteous talk about how important it is to obey the law.

The timid are easy to understand. When you live in constant fear, like the Iraqis did under Saddam, you will risk your life under death threats, with suicide bombers and mortar attacks to vote for a chance to taste freedom. When you are born into freedom, as almost all Canadians are, fear of spending even one night in jail is enough to scare you away from doing something that is entirely within your right to do.

The self-righteous bloggers talk about the publication ban as being the final authority under the law. The publication ban is not the final authority under the law, the Constitution is. During the 2000 election, Paul Bryan broke a publication ban and published election results from eastern Canada in clear violation of Elections Canada rules. The BC Supreme Court ruled that such a ban is of no force or effect in British Columbia. Paul Bryan proved that a Canadian’s right to free speech is only guaranteed if people are willing to assert their rights.

The point was also made that this publication ban is necessary to ensure that Jean Brault receives a fair trial. You can bet that 99% of Canadians had never heard of Jean Brault before last week. He is a peon in the grand scheme of things. No person can argue in a credible way that the right of one person to a fair trial supercedes the rights of 32,000,000 Canadians to learn the extent of government corruption. Especially in a minority government situation where the government could fall at any time sparking a sudden election.

When it comes to freedom of speech and freedom of the press, the romper room wing of the liberal party says it best.

“It’s about the charter stupid!”

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Jean Brault's Testimony at the Gomery Inquiry is Damning

The following is some of Thursday’s testimony by Jean Brault at the Gomery Inquiry. This excerpt is only part of the article which can be found at the Captain’s Quarters.

On Thursday, Jean Brault began his testimony, subject to the publication ban, and revealed a massive pattern of corruption going to the highest levels of the Liberal party and government. Brault testified to hundreds of thousands of dollars of bogus transactions designed to benefit the Liberal Party of Canada over a period from 1994 to 2002.

Most of the illegal campaign contributions involved Brault either hiring “employees” -- who were in fact working full time on Liberal Party activities -- or paying invoices for Liberal Party campaign expenses (which were never declared as such) or making untraceable cash donations to Liberal officials. In exchange for helping the federal Liberals in Quebec, Brault received millions of dollars in federal advertising contracts.

Brault said he met with Jean Carle, a key aide to then Prime Minister Jean Chretien to propose a more direct way of ensuring that Groupaction got a large share of federal advertising dollars in Quebec. Carle referred Brault to federal bureaucrat Charles (“Chuck”) Guité and told him that “there was room for everybody.” Guité later put together the sponsorship program, in which five Liberal connected firms -- including Groupaction -- were guaranteed a monopoly on government “sponsorship” advertising (e.g. federal advertising at sporting or cultural events) and related work. The sponsorship program eventually became a huge slush fund into which over $250 million was poured, over $100 million of which was paid in fees and commissions to these five advertising firms, with little or any evidence of work done or value for money.

In exchange for these large contracts for little or no work, Brault kicked back generously to the Liberal Party, putting Liberal organizers on his payroll while they continued to perform party work (including, at one point, Prime Minister Jean Chrétien’s brother, Gaby Chrétien), paying invoices to other companies for work actually done for the Liberal Party, and giving large donations -- in cash -- to the Liberal Party through Renaud or Liberal Party organizer (and close associate of Public Works Minister Alfonso Gagliano) Joe Morselli.

Don’t forget to visit the Captain’s Quarters to see more of this damning testimony.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Socialist NDP Government in Manitoba to Offer New Baby Bonus

The following article was written by Tom Brodbeck of the Winnipeg Sun.

The Doer government will announce Monday a new "baby bonus" program designed to boost Manitoba's flagging fertility rate, which will include cash payments to parents for every child born, The Winnipeg Sun has learned. The program, similar to one used in the province of Quebec to help boost its population, will pay parents $2,000 -- tax free -- for their first child and $3,000 for every child thereafter.

It's a move designed to bolster a birth rate in Manitoba that has fallen almost every year since the late 1980s.

"Our continued low birth rate could cause serious economic problems in the future if we don't address it today," said a government source. "We can't rely solely on immigration for population growth because it may not be sustainable."


But the program won't be cheap. It's expected to cost taxpayers as much as $40 million a year. There were 13,986 births in Manitoba last year.

Government officials are hoping the new program will increase the number of births by 15% over time, which would bring total births to just over 16,000.

At an average of $2,500 per newborn, that's a price tag of just over $40 million.

"Raising a child is more expensive than ever before," said the government source. "We know through focus groups and other studies that the financial hardship of parenting is a major obstacle for many people."

The government also plans to allow parents to write off on their income taxes all non-food, child-related expenses for kids under six, including clothes, strollers, cribs and diapers.

The write-off will replace an existing tax credit for children. Government officials say they want to target support to younger children as an added incentive for families to have more kids.

"The cash value of those write-offs will far exceed what families were getting from the tax credit," the government source said. "We think this is going to be a huge incentive for families to expand and for people who weren't sure they could afford to have children."

The program will be administered out of the province's Healthy Baby program, which already provides assistance to new parents, including food cheques for expectant mothers.

Government officials say failure to address the fertility problem in Manitoba could mean a population decline within 30 years.

Because of an aging population, there could be more people dying than babies born by 2037, according to recent data from the Manitoba Bureau of Statistics.

A population decline could have a devastating effect on Manitoba's economy, including a shrinking tax base, government officials say.

But critics of the program call it "social engineering" of the worst kind.

"I almost lit my hair on fire when I heard about this socialist, cash-for-kids program," said Adrienne Batra, regional director of the Canadian Taxpayers' Federation. "They should be cutting taxes for everybody, including parents, not wasting tax dollars on a fertile few."

Government officials have confirmed that each baby bonus cheque will come in an envelope marked "April Fools!" in large, bold letters.

Gotcha -- again.

This fact that this story is so believable makes it a cruel April fools joke Tom!