Thursday, April 28, 2005

Liberals Continue to Campaign and Buy Votes – Still No Election Call

The federal liberals are continuing to buy votes in the election that has not yet been called. Paul Martin will be making a campaign stop in Winnipeg tomorrow morning. The Prime Minister’s meet and greet will involve the signing of a $25 million childcare deal with the province. Manitoba is currently under the control of socialist NDP premier Gary Doer.

The signing will take place at the Discovery Children’s Center, 367 Hampton St. (between Ness Avenue and Silver Avenue), not far from Winnipeg Airport. The time of the event will be 9:30 am.

This $25 million payment to Manitoba is the first installment of a 5 year, $5 billion allocation of funds to socialize daycare in Canada. The signing of this deal is the first of its kind and will not be reversible even if Jack Layton’s socialist NDP budget falls in the House of Commons next month.

It is no coincidence that Paul Martin has chosen to sign this deal at the Discovery Children’s Center. 367 Hampton St. falls on the border of the federal riding Charleswood--St. James—Assiniboia, which is currently held by Conservative Health Critic Steven Fletcher. In last year’s election Mr. Fletcher ran a very close race with liberal candidate Glenn Murray.

Glenn Murray was the very popular Winnipeg mayor who was urged to run for the federal liberals in 2004. He was one of Paul Martin’s chosen ones, appointed to run in defiance of a vote by grassroots party members. Glenn Murray agreed to resign as mayor of Winnipeg to run in this federal campaign. Steven Fletcher beat Glenn Murray by only a 2% margin, or 734 votes.

After going down in defeat, the liberals have done their best to placate Mr. Murray with a patronage appointment. Prime Minister Paul Martin nominated Mr. Murray as chairman of the National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy. The House of Commons Standing Committee that looked into Glenn Murray’s qualifications for the position ruled that he was unqualified for the appointment. Parliament then voted to rescind Murray's appointment. A majority of democratically elected MPs voted against the appointment. Yet, Martin's appointment stands.

Now with a new election on the horizon, the liberals are in full campaign mode. Making campaign stops in a riding the liberals narrowly lost, with a candidate that was appointed despite his incompetence and appointed against the will of liberal members in that riding. A desperate Prime Minister has showed up to use taxpayer money to buy a different outcome in the next election.

If only Paul Martin would call the election and make his campaign official.


At 8:35 p.m., Anonymous Karlos said...

The Black Rod has done a great job in a couple of postings, exposing the way the Liberal network has tried to almost deify Glen Murray and prop him up. Their latest piece was on how the Aspers wanted the feds to pay Muurray's consulting bill, for advising the Asper Museum how to get more money from the Liberal government.

To CBC and the lefty media Murray is some sort of star when the reality is he alienated even some of his most ardent supporters in Winnipeg, and his loss to Fletcher was a bitter pill given he was a shoe-in for cabinet.

Murray was known for being evasive arrogant and difficult, all the while tooting his own horn and promoting a wing-nut agenda. The Black Rod has him all figured out and everyone else should check it out.


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