Sunday, April 17, 2005

Mainstream Media Runs With Deceptive CBC Story

The Blue Maple Leaf has been reporting the past two days about a Paul Hunter, CBC story, which completely twisted the results of a recent Environics Research Poll.

The reports involve Paul Hunter delivering the poll results in such a way as to lay blame for the sponsorship scandal at the feet of Jean Chrétien and a few rogue liberals. The CBC also tries to deflect blame away from Paul Martin. The problem with Paul Hunter’s propaganda piece is that the poll clearly shows 73% of those asked believe Paul Martin is responsible for the scandal. The CBC piece was so deceptive that the mainstream media has now picked it up.

Alexander Panetta of the Canadian Press yesterday published an article titled Voters Don’t Blame Martin. The story begins with, “The federal Liberals are building an election strategy around the leader they see as a rare bright spot amid a series of disastrous polls. Just like the last campaign, Prime Minister Paul Martin will be getting plenty of face time if there's an election this spring. That's because the same polls indicating widespread disgust with Liberal scandal also suggest people don't blame Martin.”

According to the story, a liberal strategist was quoted as saying, “Canadians clearly trust the man. There's an affection for Paul Martin and we'd be crazy not to lean into that.”

The story continues with, “Four polls released this week showed the Liberals behind the Conservatives for the first time since the early 1990s. An Environics survey put the Grits just a shade above the NDP. But only 28 per cent of respondents in the Environics poll said Martin was "very responsible" for the sponsorship scandal.”

The poll they are referring to is the Environics Research Group poll commissioned by the CBC. In that poll, 73% of those polled said that they believed Paul Martin was responsible for the scandal. Of the 73% that believe Paul Martin is responsible, only 28% said he was ‘very’ responsible. This 28% is the number that Paul Hunter and the CBC used to dupe viewers into believing that only a minority blame the Prime Minister. It seems that the Canadian Press has fallen for this propaganda.

The idea that the liberals and their friends in the mainstream media would even try to pass Paul Martin off as some kind of Paragon of Virtue is amazing. It is especially amazing that they are trying this while quoting a poll that clearly shows 73% of Canadians hold Mr. Martin responsible for the biggest scandal in the history of the nation. As Finance Minister under former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, Paul Martin was the one person who was ultimately responsible for public money.

The mainstream media is going to need a lot more make-up if it thinks it can pass the Paul Martin corpse off as rare bright spot amid a series of disastrous polls.


At 9:12 p.m., Blogger Walsh Writes said...

We all know that the CBC is playing a dangerous game right now?

If the public starts to think that they can't trust them for any reason...

At 3:41 p.m., Blogger Robbie said...

Thank goodness we have blogs.

At 8:32 a.m., Blogger ed_in_cda said...

Thanks to Laurie Goldstein, I now know about your blog. Thanks to your blog, I now know why the reporting on that poll didn't sit right with me at the time. But the REAL story here is not the slanted agenda that Paul Hunter is pushing, but rather, how can we have faith in ANY of the so-called MSM when NOT A SINGLE ONE of them either noticed, or worse, saw fit to call him on this story of voter manipulation. It seems reasonable to suppose that ANY true professional (in any profession) who becomes aware of conduct discrediting his profession would make some effort to show that conduct for what it is. What a fantastic abdication of responsibility on the part of all who call themselves media professionals. This was excellent work on your part - proof that a single person CAN make a difference. Congratulations!

At 8:52 a.m., Blogger GREGM said...

I echo what ed in cda said... thanks to Laurie Goldstein for letting me know about your blog.
Man, I like the way you think.
I despise the CBC and I'm constantly shaking my head at the blatant pro-Liberal propaganda that they pass off as 'news'.
It's yet another totally disgusting abuse of our tax dollars.
But what do you expect?!

At 12:51 p.m., Blogger Max said...

I believe it was also the same poll that said that the majority of respondents
thought that Paul Martin made the best PM.
So I guess it says a lot about Canadians when they think that the Biggest
Crook makes the best PM.
Will the Liberal spin phrase "better the Devil you know than the Devil you don't"
work again in this coming election. I think not...!
The reason, people are beginning to notice the horns and forked tail of Paul Martin.!

At 1:08 p.m., Blogger Michael said...

Max: This is NOT the same poll that suggested Paul Martin would make the best Prime Minister. The link to the CBC poll is posted right in the article. You can go visit it and read for yourself.

At 3:01 p.m., Blogger ed_in_cda said...

I sent the following letter to the CBC today. Hopefully, I've managed to convey some of the frustration that many people feel. And apologies for not mentioning your blog in the letter.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I was very interested to find your "in-depth" coverage of the Gomery Inquiry (on your internet site) as it has such great significance to the current Federal government - perhaps even to the future of Canada. I am therefore writing to tell you how disappointed I am to realize that your "Feature In-Depth coverage" of these historic proceedings includes the following key content: [Link to CBC Gomery Info]
"In depth" (main page) - dated 14 days ago (April 6)
"Timeline of Recent Events" - dated 5 days ago (April 15)
"Key Documents" - dated Feb 18, 2004!
"In Their Own Words" - dated Feb. 14, 2004!
"The Paper Trail" - dated 15 days ago (Apr. 7, 2005)

Apparently you have not seen fit to update any of this "in-depth" material for days, if not weeks or months! Is this indicative of the effort that the CBC believes this story merits? Or does it reflect the professional limit to which your staff aspires? On the other hand, if these dates are not accurate, then why should readers have confidence in the actual content of the stories?

A second issue which I wish to bring to your attention is the shamefully unprofessional and blatantly manipulative "reporting" of polling results by Paul Hunter on your behalf last week. He should be fired today and so should his manager for not having already done so. In addition, the CBC should immediately disavow itself of any effort to mislead the Canadian public in this matter and pledge that all political reporting in the next election specifically, will be scrupulously unbiased and professional in all respects.

I have lately realized that certain free-lance, unpaid "bloggers" such as "CaptainsQuarters" are consistently able to provide me with more accurate, insightful and unbiased news coverage than what your organization can accomplish. If these examples which I have cited above are indicative of your organization's commitment to our country, then I for one, will support any effort to put a trustee in charge of your operations or failing that, to stop all public funding immediately.

I most respectively submit that now is the time for the CBC to demonstrate to Canadians that it can live up to its mandate to serve ALL Canadians equally and in a professional, non-selfserving manner. A results-oriented business model will survive - but the CBC's present politically-oriented model is surely an embarrasment to any self-respecting "professional" journalist and will not stand the test of tiime.

Very sincerely,

At 8:37 p.m., Blogger Max said...

Michael:You are correct. I should have said it was from another poll done around the same time.
ed_in_cnd: Be sure to let us all know if you receive an answer with your letter to the CBC.
Also I guess we all can't wait to hear what the PM has to say on his state owned network the CBC...!

At 9:07 p.m., Blogger Michael said...

Well Max, we could wait until tomorrow to hear Paul Martin's speech. Or we can read the contents of that speech right now on this blog.

Well, my predictions on the speech anyway. Maybe tomorrow we can check back and see how close we came. Enjoy. :)

At 9:47 p.m., Blogger darcey said...

congrads Micheal!

At 7:11 p.m., Blogger silverstreak said...

The Liberals have been cheating & running a corrupt Gov't for some time now.
They should all be made pay back every cent of this money.
The Prime Ministers trying to make Canadians think they are so honest.
Chretien knew what was going on, he had to authorise it.
Martin knew, he was finance minister.
The two of them are rich enough, they could pay it all back & still be well off.
We need a brand new party in to run the country.


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