Friday, April 15, 2005

Paul Hunter of the CBC Spins Latest Poll

The latest poll has been released, this time by the CBC. The numbers look bad for the liberals, but Paul Hunter and the state run broadcaster are not going to let the liberals sink without a fight.

Paul Hunter begins his piece with a happy and confident Prime Minister Paul Martin taking a reporters camera and photographing journalists. But in spite of Mr. Martins enthusiasm the polls show him behind in a poll commissioned for the CBC. The numbers suggest that if an election were held today 33% of decided voters would vote for the Conservative Party. The liberals trail with 27%, the NDP 24% and the Bloc Quebecois would get 11%.

The camera then turned to Donna Dasko, the vice-president of Environics Research. She said, “If we were to see this on Election Day, I think we would be looking at a very, very fractured Parliament with a number of the parties with seats and an even more fractured Parliament than we have today.”

The poll was commissioned after the damning testimony of Jean Brault, president of the ad agency Groupaction. According to the CBC, this poll has politicians in Ottawa anxious about a spring election. BUT NOT SO FAST says the CBC! The most important poll result for Paul Hunter is this one.

According to the poll, fully 76% of Canadians say there should not be an election until AFTER the final report of the Gomery commission, likely in November. Paul Hunter could not emphasize or stress this number enough. The number...

...was put up on the screen as big and bold as possible to drive home the idea that Canadians do NOT want an election. Canadians DO NOT want to see the liberals toppled. Canadians, according to Paul Hunter, want to continue living under the rule of the most corrupt federal government in the history of the nation for at least seven more months!

The camera then pans back to Donna Dasko of the research firm who says, “And at that point an election may be in the cards, but they [Canadians] don’t want an election in the near term.”

Paul Hunter then continues with some other numbers that came out of this poll, while the slide showing that...


...of Canadians say there should not be an election until AFTER the final report of the Gomery commission, goes back on the screen. Remember Canada, you don’t want to force an early election when Paul Hunter’s beloved liberals are behind in the polls.

The other numbers include 41% of Canadians which say there in NO single issue that even justifies an election right now. And yet, if there were a single issue to justify an election, 34% say it would be the sponsorship scandal.

Then Paul Hunter shows the numbers of who Canadians think is to blame for the sponsorship fiasco. According to the poll, 45% say the liberal party. 48% say a small group within the party. 52% sighted former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien as very responsible. Yet, only 28% think Paul Martin was responsible, even though he was the Finance Minister the entire time the kickbacks and money laundering was going on. The Finance Minister! We should also note that 28% is the same number who thinks that is just the way politics is in Quebec anyway. No big deal.

The camera then goes back to Donna Dasko who wraps up with the comment, “And even though the Prime Minister does not seem to be mainly responsible for this, he and his party are certainly being punished.”

Even though the Prime Minister is not mainly responsible? According to the poll he is not mainly responsible for this? According to witness testimony he is most certainly implicated in this! And as Finance Minister for Jean Chrétien he is the number one person responsible for this!

Paul Hunter then concluded with a number that paints two thirds of Canadians with a big brush of cynicism. According to the poll more that two thirds of the country thinks it does not matter who you vote for, all politicians are just as corrupt as the liberals anyway. So who cares?

It was a treat to watch a stunned Paul Hunter deliver the bad news on the day the publication ban was lifted, but now he is right back to spinning his left-wing journalism in favor of his friends in the liberal party.


At 11:29 a.m., Blogger Hamm172 said...


Take solace in the fact that year after year the BBMs show their viewership is sinking to new lows. Soon their audience will be naught but educators and civil servants.

I wouldn't give a damn what lies they make up, if it weren't for all the billions leached out of the taxpayers pockets to keep the CBC afloat. If it were up to me, I'd throw them out in the street to find work in the real world.

At 11:30 a.m., Blogger Mark said...

You know it, Michael. Look at the graph that (?)Kate(?) produced the other day showing political party contributions at the CBC. Like 90+% Liberal.

At 5:53 p.m., Blogger Snowbunnie1 said...

It is refreshing to see that others are not buying the media spin on behalf of the Liberals.
What about this is difficult to understand?: The government of this country as represented by the Liberal Minority government is up to it's lyin' eyes in : Corruption. Money Laundering. Theft. Thuggery. Mob Rule. One Man Rule under Chretien. We are gagged and muzzled and lied to repeatedly and your example is only the latest in a long and disturbing string of manipulations by the Librals and the media who carry their water.
I guess they are worried about those cocktail parties in Ottawa they might miss being invited to if they fail to try to bolster this pathetic group of Quebec mobsters.
Only trouble is their reach is countrywide and this scandal is not made in Quebec. It has it's roots there but the tentacles reach all of us and have us in it's diabolic grasp.
And, they are all in on it. CTV. CBC ( as Kate points out at smalldeadanimals ESPECIALLY the CBC.)
They want us to think this is a small band of miscreants who were off the reservation and ended up stealing all this money. From the Gomery Inquiry we know that isn't true and the Gomery Inquiry has only scratched the surface.
Justice Gomery's mandate doesn't cover Gun Registry, Human Resources, Indian Affairs.. JUST Sponsorship Scandal.
How much of this hogwash are we expected to take without getting off our lazy butts and DOING something about this outrage?
The Liberals are already acting like they think they are going to get away with this. Almost as though the media has whispered into Martin's ear... 'not to worry, we will make sure the electorate will focus on imagined 'hidden agendas' of the Conservatives and we won't concentrate on YOUR hidden agendas and will help you hide the ones burbling to the surface now. We'll skew polling and tamp things down until you have time to bury the bodies!
Slam Dunk-back in power.

At 12:31 p.m., Blogger WilliamT said...

What is the slogan for CBC Newsworld?

"CBC Newsworld: Trusted. Connected. Canadian."

"Trusted"? Hardly!

Many defenders of the CBC will argue that there is no tangible proof that would suggest its news department has a liberal bias, that it all comes down to conjecture and the personal opinions of each individual. If that's the case, then I pose this question to those who make that claim: Using CNN as an example, that news network has on its payroll (not merely as invited guests, but as employees) opinion-makers like Robert Novak, Kate O'Beirne and Bay Buchanan, who provide commentary from the right to balance off those from the left who are also on its payroll -- left-wingers like Paul Begala, James Carville, Mark Shields, etc.

Why can't defenders of the CBC give critics, myself among them, names of those "employed" in its news division who give commentary from the right to balance out the avalanche of opinions already provided on a daily basis from those on the left? the reason is simple: there are none!

And what makes this even more appalling is that, unlike CNN, the CBC is publicly-funded, financed in large part by the 4 million Canadians who voted for the Conservatives in the last federal election. As such, the broadcaster has a moral obligation to have on its staff opinion makers who don't constantly tow the Liberal party line.

Does CBC Newsworld make any effort to bring onboard someone whose views are right-of-centre? No. In fact, the latest programme it has come out with (in defecation format) is The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos, who has views that are, not surprisingly, left-of-centre, often taking swipes at those opposed to same-sex marriage. In fact, his very first show had a segment that was called "Battle of the Bigots," which mocked those of us on the right who want to uphold the traditional definition of marriage as it currently stands.

And it's not just that he attacks conservatives, but that in contrast he shills for Martin as well. In response to opposition attacks, here's what Georgie boy said on a programme that aired a few weeks back: "Many critics attack Martin. But what I say is, '8 consecutive balanced budgets?? ... That's pretty damn good!'"

He, of course, ignores the fact that massive federal transfers to the provinces to health care were made during that time, along with collecting the billions provided by the GST -- a tax that the Liberals promised to abolish. (To date, the Liberals have collected close to a 1/4 of a trillion dollars from the GST. Do the math: In 1993, when the Liberals came to power, the GST brought in $14 billion annually, now it's up to $27 billion.)

Oh, well, we shouldn't let facts get in the way of Georgie boy's arguments and how he stands up for big daddy who is rolling in surplus. Don't bite the hand that feeds, eh, Georgie boy?

As long as the Liberals remain in power, there won't ever be opinion makers from the right employed at CBC Newsword. The staff there run a very tight ship, navigated by Captain Robert Rabinovitch (given a fresh mandate by the Liberal government to manipulate Canadians), with himself and his crew -- mates Peter Mansbridge, Paul Hunter, Eric Sorensen, Julie Van Dusen, and all the rest -- now attempting, in these very desperate times for the CBC party, I mean, Liberal party, to steer the good ship "Canada Steamship Lines" away from trouble waters, by focusing our collective attention away from the Liberals' poor handling of affairs and onto the potential danger that may lurk out there, shrouded in the thick sea fog -- namely in the form of "hidden agendas" ... er, I mean icebergs. Either that or their ship will be sunk by one of our diesel-powered subs -- not by torpedo but by collision, as the rusting hulk lies on its side, floating on the surface like a dead fish.

As a final note, let's not forget that in the lead-up to the 2000 election, former Canadian Alliance leader Stockwell Day, who is now the Foreign Affairs Critic in the new Conservative Party, floated the idea of privatizing the CBC, and we all witnessed the hatchet job that was done on him. (That alone put the broadcaster in a conflict of interest. It should never be allowed to covering politics.)

It was at that time that the liberal media -- led by the CBC --introduced the term "hidden agenda" into the nation's vocabulary. Now we know what they meant. Was it related to heath care? No, that was a diversion. It was used by the crown corporation because it feared its public funding would be stripped.

Let's examine the term "hidden agenda" -- its definition and its practical (impractical) application as used by the CBC. It's designed to put the Conservatives in a no-win argument. In effect, what the CBC is saying to the Conservatives is this: "Show us what you claim not to be hiding and then we'll believe it's something that isn't hidden."

No one should ever accuse the CBC of having a hidden agenda. No. It's out there for all to see.

However, if the Conservatives do have a hidden agenda, as the CBC often suggests, I hope itis this: to end the broadcaster's public funding after winning a majority government. Canadians would rejoice at such news -- delivered by a private broadcaster, of course -- because there is simply no place in a democracy for state-run media.

I can now see why Trudeau loved Cuba so much.

William Tracey,

At 3:03 p.m., Anonymous ELAINE kENNEDY said...

This is an excellent website and I would like to thank Captain's Quarters for the HUGE service he has given to Canadians; for it was throu the Captain that I found "Small Dead Animals", Nielsnews, this Site and other fabulous Websites full of the kind of information I wanted. The CBC, Canadian Newspapers, all Canadian TV news, and CPAC are now squirming (and isn't it fun to watch - that pitiful VanDUsan, and Don Newman) - when they try to defend the indefendable they know that MANY Canadians are cross referencing them on the internet! - and some Liberals have learned how to serf the web too!!
Today in Question Period Pettygrew said Canada was not involved in the Oil for Food scam in answer to a question from Mr. Day (CPC); the question specifically mentioned Power Corp and Maurice Stong. A quick stop at any of these web sites show Pittygrew as a bauld faced lier - if the P.M.(Cretin), Finance Min(Paul Martin) and Chief adviser to both (Demarais) who is also running a Bank for the collection of Sadam Scam money (Strong - Parabas in France - extension of Power Corp ) then Canada IS involved, deeply and dangerously involved.
I wonder if the left wing wackoos in the media will even attempt to spin this information?
Congratulations on all the posts - isn't it nice to have some real food for thought re: our country. The pablem force fed junk was boring and bland but the regurgitated spew we are expected to swallow these days sends me running to the computer - first stop Captain's Quarters. This site will be a regular stop too. Keep up the good work and watch your back all of you good webmasters. If you want a good laugh watch TV and read Dizzy Izzy newspapers, if you want the real story fire up your computer. Cheers to all
By the way I belive that the sooner we get rid of the Liberals the better but all gov't assets better be frozen BEFORE the election - otherwise they will all disappear into Korea or Cuba with what is left of our tax money in the coffers.


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