Friday, April 22, 2005

Paul Martin Impeaches himself in his Own Public Address

In an act of complete desperation, Prime Minister Paul Martin delivered a pre-recorded address directly to Canadians. The speech was a clear attempt to buy time from voters. The emphasis of the speech was on allowing the liberals to govern while Justice Gomery continues doing his job. It was also an attempt to win over public sympathy and portray himself as a trusted political figure that is innocent of this scandal.

Consider what The Blue Maple Leaf predicted the day before the speech. This author wrote, “He [Paul Martin] will distance himself personally from this scandal. He will allow the public to condemn the people he deems a few rogue members of the party, but he will ask Canadians not to condemn him until after Justice Gomery releases his full report sometime in December.

This is exactly what Paul Martin did. In his speech he said:

“On December 12, 2003, I cancelled the sponsorship program. It was my very first act on my very first day in office. In addition, I fired Alfonso Gagliano, the minister responsible for the sponsorship program, from his appointment as Ambassador to Denmark. To recover taxpayers’ money – money that went to those who did not earn it -- I ordered my government to sue 19 people and companies for more than $40-million.”

The fact that Paul Martin cancelled the sponsorship program as his first act in office should tell Canadians that he knew the full extent of the criminal activity of that program. He did not have to wait until Justice Gomery gave his final report to conclude that this was a corrupt money laundering scheme. He simply shut it down.

The fact that he recalled Alfonso Gagliano from Denmark should also tell a story to Canadians. Mr. Gagliano was not recalled, because he was a poor Ambassador. He was recalled, because Paul Martin knew the full extent of Gagliano’s involvement in this liberal corruption scheme. Again, Paul Martin did not wait until the final report of Justice Gomery to condemn Gagliano and destroy his career. He simply recalled the man to Canada and terminated him.

Paul Martin also, by his own admission, picked 19 people and companies to sue to recover $40 million of taxpayer money. Again, Paul Martin did not wait for Justice Gomery to issue his final report before deciding to retain a legal team to go after 19 scapegoats to recover lost money. These lawyers were commissioned to condemn these people and organizations without any information coming from the Gomery Inquiry.

Paul Martin has proven through his own actions, and through the words of his own public address, that he knew the extent of this sponsorship money laundering scheme. He knew who was involved. He knew what companies were involved in illegal activity. He knew all this and he has condemned them all without hearing anything about these people or these groups from the Gomery Commission. Paul Martin named and fired Gagliano and invites Canadians to condemn him and all these other groups without waiting to hear the final report from Justice Gomery.

And yet, in spite of his own admissions, the Prime Minister asks Canadians not to judge him until after the final report of the Gomery Commission is released in December. He makes this plea in spite of the knowledge that he was Finance Minister in charge of public money during the sponsorship scandal. He makes this plea despite knowing of all the corruption and all those who were involved. He makes this plea even though he knew and did nothing about it.

He begs for more time to rule, despite growing evidence that he himself directed sponsorship contracts. Despite evidence he lied under oath about his relationship with Claude Boulay, the President of ad firm Groupe Everest, who received $67 million in sponsorship contracts.

He says this despite the fact that he himself shut down public accounts committee that was looking into this scandal and called an unnecessary early election last year in a bid to win a new majority government while Canadians were still completely in the dark about liberal corruption. And by his own admission in this public address he knew everything about this scandal including all those who were involved before he called that snap election! But now, Paul Martin says that an election must wait until Canadians hear the whole truth about the sponsorship scandal, which he says can only happen when Justice Gomery issues that final report in December.

Paul Martin did not wait to condemn a handful a scapegoats for this corruption scandal and he is a desperate hypocrite to think that we need to wait until December to condemn him now.


At 9:31 a.m., Blogger Mark said...

Dang, Michael, you are on fire these days.

EXCELLENT synopsis.

At 9:59 a.m., Blogger Eliza said...

Michael, we can only hope that the people in Ontario have not fallen for Mr.Dithers act. We need to go to the polls and turf this corrupt government. Read the article in the National Post today in the business section. It gives a very good account of Maurice Strong, advisor and confidante to Mr. Dithers. I do believe that Stong is pulling all Pauls strings. Especially in regard to the kyoto mess. Strong is also well connected to power Corp. God help us all!

At 2:03 p.m., Blogger Michael said...

The following comment was emailed to the Blue Maple Leaf:

The Liberal party of Canada has through bribes and blackmail took control of the province's ability to control their own finances since the days of Trudeau, Today we see the same method being used to buy control of the municipal agendas and the Mayors who are willing to give it to them.

Through Sworn testimony we have found that the Liberals have directed our tax dollars to their party coffers and those of their friends, this is a crime and is an attempt to high-jack our democratic system.

Allegations have been made by a Liberal insider in a position to be in the know that point to Judicial appointments made for political favors, this if true is an attempt to high-jack our judicial system.

We all know the bias of the state owned CBC and realize they are nothing more than the propaganda arm of the Liberal Party of Canada, this is an attempt to control the media.

We have watched over the last month or so as the Liberals refuse to obey the law of democracy in the house of commons by ignoring the vote of the members and doing what they want regardless of being defeated by vote in the house, this is a direct attack on democracy.

When this is applied to any other country it is called Soviet style communism.
In Canada it's not even brought to the attention of the people.

Anyone want to give me an answer to that?

Durward William Saar

At 9:54 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very good.

Better than anything I read in the papers today.

Coupled with your Paul Hunter story on the weekend you're becoming one of the top blogging Tories.

At 10:20 p.m., Blogger Michael said...

Thank you.I

am starting to feel so good about my blogging abilities, I actually went out and bought myself my first pair of Pyjama bottoms today. I'm am wearing them as we speak and they are Comfy! With pictures of little Tazmanian Devils playing hockey, they are so cute.

Thanks again for the compliment. :)

At 10:12 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mike - Please send this to every Conservative MP in Canada! This is the kind of logic that Canadian people would accept and maybe provoke some free thought from those free thinking lefties that are still on the fence about Liberal corruption.

Great breakdown of the national emergency :D


At 10:22 a.m., Blogger Walsh Writes said...

Not only is it all the truth but it only scratches the surface I tell you.

At 7:43 a.m., Blogger JimBobby said...

Whooee! Yer right as rain, MikeyBoy. Ol' Fartin' Martin's lookin' like he's lyin' through his teeth on this here Boulay dealie. Even ol' Warrin' Kinsellerfeller throwed a heap o' mud in Polly Wolly's direction last week when he was on the hotseat in that there commons committee hearin'. An' now, it looks like the pryminister's rockin' cheerleader, Bono, is losin' patience with ol' Polly.

Martin'd be better off if he'd o' jest used that TV time t' 'pologize fer bein' asleep at the switch an' resign an' get the election vote started. Now, it looks like he's gonna try t' get ol' HappyJack Laydown t' side with'm an' keep the grits treadin' water. If Laydown knows what's good fer his own bunch, he won't make any deals with the Libruls. I can say fer a fact that if you lie down with dogs, yer gonna get up with fleas. Jest last night, I fell asleep on the couch with ol' Spot an' I'm scratchin' this mornin'.

Yores trooly,


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