Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Prime Minister Paul Martin Spams the Flock with an Open Letter

The following open letter was sent out by the liberal party. It is clearly an attempt by Paul Martin to slow the bleeding of liberal support across Canada and shore up support of party faithful. Touching as it is, it ends up being a desperate attempt to save himself from a despicable legacy.

April 11, 2005

Dear Liberal friend:

In recent days, testimony at the Gomery Commission has captured a great deal of public attention. It has also given rise to allegations about the Liberal Party itself and, by extension, all of us who are members. I felt it was important to write you on this subject and share my perspective and my pride in all of you as Liberals and activists.

As Leader and Prime Minister, I want party members everywhere to remember that it was this Liberal government that established the Gomery Commission – precisely in order to see that anyone who might have used the Liberal name to profit from national unity would be identified and punished. Similarly, if there are those who abused our party’s trust by using their position or their association with it, they have done a terrible disservice to the people of Canada and the members of our Party.

Like all Liberals and all Canadians, I'm offended by what I've heard in recent testimony. If even part of it turns out to be true, it is abhorrent to us all.

Public life is the highest service to which one can commit and the Liberal Party must embody the highest of ethical standards. This is my determined view, just as I know it is yours.

To those who have watched recent testimony, I say simply this is not the way politics should be done. Most certainly, this is not the way we do politics in the Liberal Party.

Canadians are looking for someone to step forward and to be accountable for cleaning up this mess and as Prime Minister and Liberal Leader, I accept that responsibility.

In fact, as my first act in office, on December 12th, 2003, I cancelled the sponsorship program. I made sure that those implicated were removed from their positions as crown corporation executives. The Government has also filed a lawsuit against 19 defendants, including several communications companies and their directors, to recover $41 million. And of course, it was this Liberal government that appointed Justice Gomery. With his conclusions in hand, I will act swiftly and surely to ensure those who did wrong face the full consequence of their actions.

As Liberals, these challenging times will also give us an ideal opportunity to show Canadians our true values and ethics. It is the Liberal Party that believes in the good that government can do, that has stood at every important moment in our nation’s history to fight for a united country and that has delivered to Canadians the strongest economy and best quality of life anywhere in the world.

It is these values, expressed through the policies we pursue that tell the true story of what the Liberal Party stands for and what it will fight for in the future. Together we have made great strides to strengthen public health care by finding ways to lower the times that Canadians have to wait for heart surgeries and cancer treatments. We have taken steps to revitalize Canada’s cities and communities, and to preserve our natural environment. We are working to build a child care system on which Canadians can depend.

In other words, this Liberal government is keeping its promises to Canadian taxpayers. While the Gomery inquiry finishes its job, we must continue to do ours. Most important of all, we must be proud of who we are, the good we’ve done and the good we will continue to do in the future. That is why I am – like you - so proud to be a Liberal.


Prime Minister Paul Martin

It looks as though Paul Martin will go down fighting, and given the latest polling data, he will go down soon.


At 4:22 a.m., Blogger PR said...

So after discovering that taxpayers were ripped off for millions by Liberal bandits, Martin's first reaction is to.....write a letter to members of the Liberal Party???

This brainwave must have come from the one that coined the term "wire brush Martin."

At 8:14 p.m., Blogger 905 Tory said...

Hello Michael! I want the Liberals out as much as anyone, but I'm a little bit pessimistic about how the Conservatives will do. Canadians (pardon me, Liberals) are way too forgiving of the Liberal Party.

And an Ipsos-Reid poll released yesterday contradicted the Ekos poll. While the Ekos poll showed Conservative support at 36.2%, the Ipsos-Reid poll showed it at only 30%. http://canadap.blogspot.com
I don't put too much stock in polls, but I believe the Conservatives have a lot of work to do to make gains. They need to keep hammering away at the Liberals (and prove the connection of this Scandal to Martin), while at the same time making clear their own positions (which should include persuading Canadians that Harper doesn't eat babies for breakfast, and that when it comes to social issues anyone can vote Tory because they can be assured that Harper will allow all MP's to vote freely on controversial moral issues).

And, unfortunately, the media will play a huge role. Will the media comment that the Inquiry testimony is really as damning against the Liberals as it is? Will the media feel sorry for Paul Martin and actually start routing for him? Maybe the media will stop reporting testimony altogether, or relegate it to the back page.

Oh well, go Tories go!!!

At 5:48 p.m., Blogger Drewbert said...

Notice how Martin says "this Liberal government"

The government is under new management the same as if a new coach was brought in and most of the major players from the previous governmnet are gone.

Did you ever think that this may be the real reason why Paul was at such odds with Jean. I don't feel like letting Martin hang out to dry for the previous Liberal governments actions on a program that Martin was against in the first place.

I think we get more positive change under Martin. Who is doing what we always asked for, then we would under the other parties. Jean always covered up. Martin is putting things out in the open and as a reward we jump ship? We must prefer the sly guy to the honest joe after all despite all our ranting...

The last right wing governmnet we had added 80billion to the national debt while this one is nearing 60billion in debt reduction. 100million what?

The scandel then was worse. When Kim got handed the bag the country was in ruins. Martin was handed the bag and the country is in great shape and the areas he was in charge of is why we are in great shape.

We give a good alternative for business. Why should we try and be more like the USA look at their debt and how little their low taxes, immegration policy and freeforall social fabric is doing for them financially, morally, internationally?

Haper is a yes vote for seperation don't forget that either. Do the math and Martins liberals are the best call between the two. With the NDP they need to learn to say NO to something. The conservatives for example said NO to making abortion illegal this past convention as well for the thired time in a row the freevote policy was scaled back, no youth league, no death penalty, no more referndums on national issues, no more representative democracy and then Harper has the gull to talk about morals and conviction...

The greens surprisingly might be the best most responsible option and they are a more practicle modertae party then you might think.

Me I don't like things either but until we have representative democracy and get some independence from the media to forget the polls and use our heads and hearts. We are stuck watching the Wilfred desk being brought in and out of the Prim Ministers office.

I would like to see patience on the part of the voting public. Are you a conservative? Most of us are quite moderate so why would we elect a conservative government. Elections are about the future and if ever their was an antonim for the conservatives the future is it.

Get some freedom and vote for the party that best suits you and if its not one of the main two parties then so what look what the reform party did its doable if you just have faith.

And if you must vote strategically don't buy into the liberal and conservative fear mongering just look at your riding and vote for whitch ever lesser evil you can stomach you will be surprised how close your first choise is to winning in alot of ridings especially with you behind them.

You can bet the conservatives and liberals are content to pass the baton if the voters let them for another century.



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