Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Toronto Star Bashes Conservatives With Hit Piece on Pope Election

A Canadian federal election is fast approaching. The corrupt liberal minority government that is about to be ousted has nothing positive to offer the country. Liberal strategists are already on record for spelling out an election strategy that involves smearing Conservatives the same way they did last election with lies of hidden agendas.

The Toronto Star has taken this hatred for Conservatives to a new level with an article that printed comments on the election of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger as the new pope of the Catholic Church. Every second comment was a conservative bashing one. Below are a few examples:

“The Catholic Church had made the observation that people are leaving because the Church is becoming more dated, irrelevant, ignorant, and indifferent to modern problems and concerns. The elevation of a hard-line conservative who's more interested in maintaining the dogma (rather than the spirit) of the religion ensures that people will continue to leave because of those concerns.” - David Matsumoto, Scarborough, Apr. 19

“It's not surprising that the cardinals elected a staunch conservative who doesn't believe that women and gays are deserving of equality, and who would sit by while AIDS ravages the globe. However, it is the prospect of millions of Catholics around the globe bowing at the feet of such a regressive representative that gives me the chills.” - Lynn Iding, Toronto, Apr. 19

“Another strident ultraconservative who prefers trying to freeze time and human progress in place. When will the church stop trying to hold onto some idyllic period and embrace the present? Remember the past; don't live in it.” - Shawn Sintzel, Toronto, Apr. 19

“I'm disappointed with the selection of yet another conservative Pope. A conservative outlook from the church in this day and age will only create more dissention. The parishioners should be the ones to vote on a Pope, not the cardinals.” - Valentino Assenza, Toronto, Apr. 19

“Although Cardinal Ratzinger is a man of peace and values, it is unfortunate the Cardinals have decided upon one of the most conservative Cardinals there is. This could be very dangerous for the already troubled Catholic Church. It seems to me this is somewhat of a backwards move for the church. We can expect no forward progress with respect to ordination of females and the marrying of priests under his reign. Much of the progress many of the more liberal Catholics may have been hoping for has just vanished. I hope the new Pope can be as dynamic and outspoken as John Paul II was. The reformers, however, will have to wait.” - Rob Taylor, Mississauga, Apr. 19

“I'm a little bit concerned in regards to his age. He just turned 78. Also the fact that he is very conservative.” - Jan Staniszewski, Whitby, Apr. 19

Looks like the Toronto Star finally found a way to smear the values of Conservatives over and over in the same article.


At 3:13 p.m., Blogger 905 Tory said...

Not surprising. I bet many of these commentors are not even Catholic themselves. To call the Pope a conservative is a liberal pejorative term - a way for a liberal to express disagreement with what the Pope supports/believes. Now, I am neither a Catholic myself, but if the Catholic church believes its dogma to be true, then how can the Pope just go and change it? How can truth be true one day and false the next? Of course if you're a liberal then I suppose that truth and morality are relative. (Which of course prompts the question as to whether its only relatively true that truth is relative.) I'm very critical of Catholicism myself - hierachichal polity, the infallibility of the Pope when he speaks "ex cathedra," praying to saints, denying wine at communion. But I'll stand up for the Catholic Church anyday when realtivists, liberals, socialists, and other God-haters attack it.

At 4:20 p.m., Blogger PR said...

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At 10:09 a.m., Blogger Froster said...

I think you should mind your capitalization. You mention that the Star is bashing Conservatives, but in fact they are bashing Ratzinger's conservatism (in other words, small-c conservative). This is not, in my opinion, part of the Star's organized smear campaign against the Conservatives (which certainly does exist) but rather a person who has been elected pope who does not represent his followers very well.

I am not a catholic, but I think its fair to say that many Catholics in the Western world dislike things such as the lack of female priests, the church's ban on contraception, protectionism towards sex-offenders in the clergy, etc. I think its is fair to criticize the new pope's views on these subjects because his leadership will do little to fill the empty pews as long as he does not represent the beliefs of the masses.

At 3:17 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's cute. I respond to my inclusion in your biased "report" and state that you didn't put up the 50% entries in the Star that praised Ratzinger, and you didn't even let that comment up?



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