Monday, April 11, 2005

The Toronto Star – Driving the Agenda of the Liberal Party

On Saturday, Conservative pro-family groups gathered in Ottawa in support of the traditional definition of marriage. The rally was one of the largest political rallies since Canadians gathered to support Canadian unity during the last Quebec referendum. Many keynote speakers took to the podium including Stephen Harper, leader of the Conservative party who will likely become the next Prime Minister of Canada.

In spite of the rally’s size and scope it was not reported on by the Toronto Star. Instead, this sickly left-wing, agenda driven newspaper chose to report on a very small rally that also involved marriage. The headline read:

The article explains how Christian priests, Jewish rabbis and Moslem sheiks gathered in support of same-sex marriage calling for the right to perform gay and lesbian marriages. This completely one-sided news piece is designed to convince the reader that same-sex marriage is a mainstream view among religious groups whose popularity is growing.

Reading the article makes you wonder if this is being reported as a news story or simply a parody of the very successful rally by Conservative pro-family groups this weekend. Close to 20% of Canada lives within delivery range of the Toronto Star. It is small wonder we end up with corrupt liberal governments when you look at the extremist left-wing garbage that newspaper prints daily.

There is no question the Toronto Star is driving the agenda of the liberal party.


At 3:50 p.m., Blogger Sean said...

Let me tell you - the toronto star has been no friend to the Liberals... are you nuts?

that view of same sex marriage may be a result of what seems to be the predominant view within Toronto - so, having that view printed in the Toronto Star, shouldn't be surprising.

At 11:14 p.m., Blogger 905 Tory said...

I'm not sure that the Toronto star is driving the agenda of the Liberal party, but they sure are supporting it. The CBC is even worse. In a report by Christina Lawand (of the CBC), she basically tried telling Canadians that they shouldn't believe anything Jean Brault said. Christina Lawand's bias betrays her. It's time for a Conservative Television newsbroadcast in Canada.

At 12:21 p.m., Anonymous Elaine Kennedy said...

You are correct, tory. We need a television station, I watch the Newfoundland broadcast for the LEAST biased news. Is that station independant? Most Canadians watch T.V. for their news so we MUST get a station that will report the REAL news. How can this be done? The Western Standard is doing a fabulous job but it is a new magazine and it's circulation is limited.
The election is comming up very soon and we must do somethng right away. Canadians, on the whole are not using the internet - especially older people who VOTE. Our country, as a democracy, is at stake - this connection of the Liberals, Paul Martin, Cretin, Demarais et al to Kofi through Marice Strong in the Oil for Food scandle will cut us off from the U.S. and we will just slide into the gutter. I'm in a panic.


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