Monday, April 25, 2005

Voting is No Day at the Beach – It is the Duty of Every Canadian

The mainstream media has been hard at work fighting off an election call for their friends in the liberal party. They have been using polls and man on the street interviews to push the liberal agenda of postponing an election at all costs. Paul Martin even used a televised national address to make a desperate plea to Canadians in a bid to hold power. The entire liberal juggernaut in Canada is stalling for time.

What is most troubling is how the media is working to pacify Canadians. When they commissioned polls in the past that showed the liberals leading, the stories they presented were all about how Canadians love the job liberals are doing. When the polls show Conservatives ahead of liberal, the left-wing media talks only about how Canadians do not want an election right now.

Asking Canadians in a poll if they want an election is pointless. Pollsters do not ask Canadians if they want to clean their house, shovel their driveway or mow their lawns. We all know that going to the polls is not exactly a day at the beach, but voting is more than just a right or a privilege; it is the duty of every Canadian.

What the liberals did in the sponsorship scandal was more than simply blow our money. Wasting taxpayer money is nothing new for liberals. Since they came to power in the early 90s the liberals have squandered our money by the billions of dollars. The HRDC boondoggle cost taxpayers over $1 billion. The gun registry scandal was another $2 billion. Billions of dollars in grants to Bombardier, scrapping the EH-101 project cost $500 million, the Shawinigan scandal and the list goes on.

The sponsorship scandal only represents another $250 million dollars of wasted taxpayer money, a small loss compared to the other liberal scandals. But what makes this scandal so important is the degree to which these liberals subverted our democracy. By introducing campaign finance reform the liberals ensured that the hands of other political parties would be tied financially.

At the same time, the liberals completely disregarded the rule of law and bought elections outright. They lied, they laundered money, they used the taxpayer’s wallet to fund their elections thereby ensuring that they could outspend all political parties by hundreds of millions and guarantee themselves reelection.

And now the CBC and other elements of the liberal mainstream media use self serving polls and man on the street interviews to feed the notion that Canadians should do nothing.

Only a few months ago, Canadians watched as ten million people in Afghanistan and eight million people in Iraq braved death threats, mortar attacks and suicide bombers to vote for a chance that they could one day enjoy freedom. One brave Iraqi spotted a suicide bomber heading for people who were lined up to vote. He grabbed the fanatic and they were both killed when the bomb belt detonated. This brave Iraqi died to save others who went on to vote. Other Iraqis stood in front of cameras in defiance of terrorists and showed off their blue stained fingers, proof they had voted.

Look also at what happened in the Ukraine recently. A Russian friendly communist style politician engaged in voter fraud. The fraud he was guilty of paled in comparison to the grand money laundering scheme and kickbacks the Canadians liberals organized. As a result of that voter fraud, the Ukraine ground to a halt. Its population stopped working and gathered en masse in the city center, sleeping and eating in the streets for weeks on end. They wore orange clothing. They sported orange flags. They did not relent until new elections were held to restore democracy and ensure that those election fraudsters were rightly kicked out of power.

And yet, in Canada we sit on our butts and complain about how voting two times in twelve months too much work. Every single day the CBC sets out to do its infamous man on the street interviews. The CBC always shows at least one person who complains they don’t want another election right now. I’m too tired. It would cost too much money. My wrist is sore. Whatever the excuse, the ones that complain about having to vote are the ones the CBC puts on TV. The whole thing is just sick!

55,000 Canadians died fighting in World War I. Another 37,000 Canadians died in World War II. Canadians have died fighting in many other wars including the American lead war on terrorism in Afghanistan. Those Canadians died fighting for the rights and freedoms we enjoy today. They did not die fighting for mythical rights like the rights of people to have sex with barnyard animals or the right to marry Canadians of the same-sex. They died fighting for democratic rights and the right to honest, transparent and accountable government.

Those Canadians laid down their lives so that we could elect a government of the people through free and fair elections, not governments that come to power by rigging the election system and engaging in election fraud of epic proportions. Given the sacrifice of all those Canadians who came before us, the least we can do is mark an X to preserve what has been given to us for nothing.

Voting in a federal election may not be a day at the beach Canada, but for the sake of our freedom and our democracy, get off your lazy asses and vote!


At 6:14 PM, Anonymous Greg said...

As usual the media are predetermining the answer by framing the question to their desired end. What if they asked 'Which party do you trust to investigate Liberal Party corruption'
What was the voter turnout in the last election? Is a signiificant number of people saying no to an election people who would not vote anyway?

At 8:41 PM, Blogger CJF said...

Well-done, Mike, on being another who's associating gay marriage with hot man-on-horse action.


At 9:44 PM, Anonymous rob said...

Damn, your right on the money here.... what's really disturbing is how far out of wack the radio polls, which have more respondants, are with the TV polls. There's a definite by off occurring.

Not sure what the hell cjf is trying to say...

At 10:09 PM, Blogger Canadi-anna said...

Excellent way of putting it. I get so angry when I'm listening to the news of these stupid polls. They become self-fulfilling -- everybody says, therefore, everybody says.
You've given me the sane response. Cheers.

At 10:20 PM, Anonymous themaj said...

The sooner we have an election the better. Hopefully those voters in Quebec will now see the light and vote conservative. This may be their last chance because the rest of Canada is getting sick of this shit!!!!!!

At 10:53 PM, Blogger Ed Doerksen said...

Well said, no excellently put. Your comments are what the liberals and like minded people don't want to hear.

Canadians need to realize that we need a change in government, and we also need to reform the present system. As long as Ontario is appeased by these crooks, they will continue to get back in again and again.

There needs to be a better system that represents the nation prpperly. We need to get out of the party system or at least vote for the prime minister separately from the party. We need a senate that is elected and not a rubber stamp of the ruling party.

At 7:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another erosion of democracy is the election gag law that limits so-called third party spending to a non competitive level see for details.


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