Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The Flame of Democratic Freedom in Canada is Dimming in Canada

At 5:45 PM today, a vote of non-confidence was held on the floor of the House of Commons. The motion recommended that the minority liberal government resign because of its failure to address deficiencies in governance of the public service. This motion was a clearly worded vote of non-confidence.

This motion passed 153 – 150, but liberals have vowed to ignore the results. Canada’s minority liberal government, mired in the worst political scandal in Canada’s history, will instead continue governing in defiance of the vote.

Since 1993 when the federal liberals came to power under Jean Chrétien, they have been rigging elections by using taxpayer money to buy votes with the sponsorship scandal. They engaged in a money laundering scheme that funnelled hundreds of millions in taxpayer money through liberal friendly ad firms and back to the liberal party. They used taxpayer money to pay people working on liberal election campaigns and they used taxpayer money to pay bills directly for election campaign expenses. Since 1997, the liberals have gained power in Canada illegally.

Now that the details of liberal corruption have surfaced through the Gomery Inquiry and support for the liberal party is at an all time low, the liberals are doing everything to hold onto power.

Recently, Paul Martin included an extra $4.6 billion of spending in order to buy the 19 votes held by the socialist NDP in Parliament. The Prime Minister has been criss-crossing Canada at the taxpayer expense to sign childcare deals before the budget has even been passed. The liberals have racked up almost $23 billion in spending pledges in the last three weeks alone in an effort to buy their way out of this scandal.

Now the liberals have dimmed the light of democracy in Canada by refusing to recognize a vote of non-confidence in a minority Parliament. The legitimacy of this liberal government to stay in power is now gone.

The need for Canadians to begin a peaceful protest until elections are called and democracy is restored is fast approaching.


At 10:03 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would this be possible if opinion polls weren't a toss-up?

The outrage at the corruption, has fallen on the shoulders of conservatives and a few moderates. What else explains the astonishing level of support that the Grits still have?

Kinda reminds me of Clinton's impeachment.

At 1:34 a.m., Anonymous Terry Pearson said...

It's funny how the "constitutional experts" don't call this a non confidence vote.

The constitution gaurantees "Good Government" right? Isn't it time that Paul Martin obeyed the charter? The same charter he wraps himself up in and beats Canadians over the head with under equality?

Terry Pearson
The Right Point

At 5:41 a.m., Anonymous Peter.Ender said...

While I may not totally understand how things work in Canada I would like to share my point of view.
A couple months ago Paul Martin boldly stated that he had the "moral authority" to govern Canada. Though I may particularly like or support the Liberal Party I believed he did have the moral authority to govern. As of yesterday his "moral authority" is now limited to however much "moral authority" a prime minister campaigning has, and on the day that elections should have been held he will have lost all "moral authority" to govern and in my eyes become a pretender prime minister.


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