Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Liberals are Desperate for Campaign Cash – Another Letter Released

The liberal party released another letter to supporters today. The purpose of this letter was to raise money for the election that the liberal party is doing everything to avoid. Here is what the liberals had to say:

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Dear Michael,

All the great initiatives this government has planned are about to be tossed out the window – thanks to Mr. Harper and Mr. Duceppe. It is their self-interest driving them to bring down a government that is committed to strengthening our healthcare, environment and child care.

Canada is working under the strong leadership of the Paul Martin Liberals. And as Liberals – we remain steadfast in our commitment to passing the budget and moving our agenda forward – not back.

Next week could start the beginning of an election – one that Canadians do not want right now – one that we’ve promised within 30 days of Justice Gomery’s final report.

Elections cost money – and with one behind us only a year ago – we need you to step forward today with your most generous donation possible.

It’s a double-edge sword – taxpayers pay for the election process – and as Liberals, we donate funds to help mount campaigns that express Canadian values and win elections.

Donations to political parties have changed since 2004. Corporations cannot contribute anymore. Only individuals can donate to federal parties. And individuals can only donate a maximum of $5,200 this year.

You are key to our ability to mount a campaign to keep Canada working.

Please donate now with the most generous gift possible. Canada is working. The only option to keep it working – to keep it progressive - is a Liberal government.

Thank you,

Mark Marissen
Co-Chair, British Columbia, National Campaign

Brenda Kurczak
Co-Chair, Ontario, National Campaign

Prime Minister Paul Martin recently stated, “As Liberals, we believe in a Canada that is generous and just; prosperous and proud. We believe that the government must eliminate obstacles to success; that it must help people help themselves. We know that Canada is a wealthy nation, not only in terms of material goods, but also rich in talent and potential. Liberals are united by an unshakable belief in the values that have made our country one of the fairest, most respectful and most progressive in the world.”

Yes, elections are a double edged sword; either you give your money to the liberal campaign voluntarily or they just take their campaign money out of your taxes.


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