Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Liberals Break the Law Again – Gurmant Grewal Releases Taped Audio Conversations with Liberals

The most corrupt federal government in history of Canada continues to hang on to power any way it can. In the run-up to the budget vote only two weeks ago, the liberals were hard at work influence peddling. Bribing opposition Members of Parliament with government appointments and senate seats is against the law in this country and that is exactly what this liberal Prime Minister and senior members of his party did.

Today Gurmant Grewal, the Conservative MP for Newton – North Delta, released taped telephone conversations and recordings of in person meetings with senior liberal officials as they tried to buy the absence of Gurmant and his wife (also a Conservative MP) in the key vote.

The liberals had denied that any offers were made to influence the vote of Gurmant and his wife when he first went public with details they had tried to bribe them. After listening to the liberals lie and deny that any offers were made, Gurmant released information to the press that he had audio tapes to back up his claim. Once the liberals knew that Gurmant had them on tape, the liberal story changed from one of “it never happened” to “it happened, but Gurmant initiated it”.

In the meantime, the media pressured Gurmant for weeks to release the tapes he said he had. When asked why the tapes had not yet been released, Gurmant told the press they were being translated, since much of the conversation is in his native Indian language of Punjabi.

Now that the tapes have been released, the public is getting another first hand look at the criminal behavior of our federal liberal government. The RCMP is also in possession of some taped conversations and criminal indictments of senior liberal Ministers, including the Prime Minister himself, may follow.

What will it take to finally put these liberals in the jail cells they belong?


At 4:27 p.m., Blogger HearHere said...

Unbelievable - the Liberal media - CBC for one - is trying to make it look like Grewal is the bad guy here and "switching parties" is just a normal thing and that maybe Grewal was trying to sell his vote and should step down.

The spin is so blatant - we bloggers have our work cut out for us.

At 4:31 p.m., Blogger Shane said...

It is staggering how they have tried to make Grewal look like an unscrupulous Indo-Canadian fraudster. Imagine what they would have done had Gurmant been a evangelical Christian???

At 8:59 p.m., Blogger Canadi-anna said...

Grewal's actions should not be an issue. He is a backbencher in the Conservative Party. The other players are amongst the most powerful men in the country. They must be held to a higher standard, but apparently, judging from the spin, and media response, there are no standards. This is just business on the Hill.
Another shrug from the public.

At 7:11 a.m., Blogger Neville72 said...

First, isn't the Canadian media's piling on of Grewal a bit like blaming the rape victim for wearing a short skirt?

And secondly,has anyone supposed that Grewal, since he recorded the conversations,was merely attempting to produce irrefutable evidence of Liberal vote buying and corruption and not really attempting to switch at any price.

As an American, this is really none of my business but how much evidence of graft and corruption will have to come out for the average Canadian man/woman on the street to think, "that's enough, we've had it, we've got to throw the bums out"?


At 10:02 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

The problem lies not with the Liberal government, but with the indifferent and apathetic (and pathetic) voters in Ontario. This was made clear to me in a news piece I saw several weeks back where citizens of Ontario were asked on the street for their opinions on the Gomery commission.

When asked about the Gomery inquiry, one man from Windsor replied by saying: "The Gomery inquiry? No, I haven't heard of it ... Is that the one probing tainted meat?"

I rest my case.

At 11:15 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

The lead story on Canadian news-TV last night was 'deep throat' this, and 'deep throat' that.

Deep throat being the darling of the Liberal crowd, and how they just can't stop talking about Watergate, 30 years later.

Meanwhile.....fresh out of the oven....we have our own ADSCAM, with an entirely scrutinous eye on 'who approached who', rather than the crime at hand.

Our media is longer what it purports itself to be.

Just say Pravda.

At 11:18 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...


If I had my way, I’d like to do an experiment to illustrate what I believe to the problem and why the Liberals keep getting elected to form government.

I live in Toronto so I’d pick the intersection of Yonge and Bloor as the place where I would conduct my experiment. That intersection is relatively neutral, made up of a cross section of Canadians.

The first part of my experiment would be to poll those on the street, asking if an election where held today, who they would vote for. I would then subsequently ask if I could have 7-10 minutes of their time in order to help fill out my questionnaire.

It would, of course, take many hours, if not a few days to complete the entire experiment, but I would continue until I got 100 Liberal supporters and 100 Conservative supporters (since it’s Toronto, getting the latter would prove to be quite time consuming indeed).

This questionnaire would not be very complicated. It would feature a variety of questions which would include: Canadian politics and governance, social issues, economics, current events, and a few Canadian history questions thrown in their for good measure. Not complicated Canadian history questions, just the basics (the basics is all that would be needed to expose Liberal voters for what there are – uneducated, not so much in an academic way, but more so in a common sense way.)

And in order to avoid criticism that the results are biased, the questions would have to be in the true-or-false, multiple-choice format. Any subjective element would have to be removed. As well, simple true-or-false, multiple-choice question would be less time consuming, allowing me to complete the 50 questions in the time allotted.

I bet the results of my experiment would speak volumes about where the problem lies – with apathetic Canadians who vote Liberal because they just aren’t aware with what’s going on.

Using 70% as a passing grade (that’s reasonable … in fact, the standard should probably be higher) I believe that 90% of Conservative voters, if not more, would pass the test while only 30-40% of Liberal voters, if not less, would end up with a passing grade.

This, of course, would tell us all we need to know about where the problem lies.

I’m not sure how the liberal media elites would explain the poor results of those whose preference is to vote Liberal, but I’m sure they’d spin it someway.

(Note: I did not cite the NDP in this example because I believe that their supporters, like those of the Conservatives, actually stand for something and are knowledgeable on the issues, except that they’re on the opposite end of the political spectrum.)

At 3:05 p.m., Anonymous Emma Fawkes said...

Liberals aren't the ones frauding up audio tapes! Check out this website:


At 8:44 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like I say - these politicians need a lesson taught them.

We need legislation that would put "Declined to vote" on the federal (and provincial) ballots. And, if a majority of people voting, opted for "Declined to vote" the political parties would get no money back from the Elex'n Expenses Act which funds their eles'n hopes.

Then, when these tame apes decide to construct their own little scenarios, we don't have to pay for them.



At 12:09 a.m., Blogger Dodos said...

I couldn't help but notice that you didn't post the new information that was provided by the media today, namely that two independent audio analysts have said that the tapes were doctored in some way. As well, Mr. Grewal is not being investigated by Air Canada for asking passengers to carry a package on a plane for him. Nothing like jumping to conclusions huh?


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