Monday, May 23, 2005

Reg Alcock Needs to Resign – Please Sign the Petition

The time has come to sign a petition calling for Reg Alcock to resign. Reg Alcock is the Member of Parliament for Winnipeg South. He is also the president of Canada’s Treasury board. When Reg first accepted this position he bragged that as president he would manage the government’s financial, personnel and administrative responsibilities with an unwavering commitment to fiscal disapline. He said he would ensure greater accountability to Parliament.

Since 1998-1999, government spending has increased from $106.5 billion to well over $150 billion next year. Under Reg Alcock’s watch, government spending has grown exponancially.

In the last few weeks the gvernment has embarked on a multi-billion dollar spending spree. $4.6 billion worth of spending was added to the budget to buy the votes of 19 socialist NDP Members of Parliament. Other spending promises have been made to buy the votes of Canadians directly in the form of greater payouts to provinces like Ontario and Saskatchewan. The spending spree this government has begun is unprecedented and the implications to the country's economy should cause alarm. As Treasury Board president, Reg Alcock is directly responsible for this travesty, by spending without restraint.

For Reg Alcock to engage in this kind of spending spree is a betrayal of all that he said he stood for. Ultimately, this spending spree is a betrayal of the Canadian taxpayer. Reg Alcock has let us down and the time has come for him to step aside.

Please join the rest of Canada in signing this petition to ask for Reg Alcock’s resignation.


At 6:50 PM, Anonymous Shabbadoo said...

Michael, you missed the "c" in Alcock. It's misspelled on the petition page as well.

At 7:01 PM, Blogger Michael said...

Thank you for pointing that out.


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