Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Robbing Peter to pay Paul – Why Belinda Stronach left the Conservative Party

Belinda Stronach and Paul Martin held a press conference to announce Belinda’s betrayal of the Conservative Party yesterday. Belinda Stronach said her reason for leaving amounted to a disagreement over that party’s policy of toppling the liberals before the Conservatives had enough of a presence in Quebec. Following short statements, the pair stayed to answer a few questions. One French speaking reporter put an excellent question to the Paris Hilton of Canadian Politics. He asked Belinda:

“You said that the Conservative party is basically non-existent in Quebec. In what shape is the liberal party in Quebec in your opinion?”

Belinda was shocked to hear the question. The answer according to every poll in the country makes the answer to that question rhetorical. Fumbling for an answer, Belinda replied, “Well I think that is for the Prime Minister to address that question and not for me to address.”

Every poll for the last month has said that the liberal party is essentially Quebec’s public enemy number one. It is small wonder she dodged this question.

Belinda then continued by saying, “What I don’t want to see is that we hand or we give a larger deck of cards to the Bloc Quebecois. I don’t feel comfortable lining myself up to defeat this budget. I don’t feel comfortable lining myself up with the Bloc to do that.”

What she does not say is that even if the budget passes, this minority liberal government is on its last legs. Jack Layton, leader of the socialist NDP, has already gone on the record. He specifically said that his support for this corrupt liberal government is only to get the budget passed along with its $4.6 billion of extra wasteful spending. Once the floodgates of government spending are fully opened, Jack Layton will vote to topple the government. This will happen as soon as the liberals allow an opposition day, something they are obligated to do six more times this Parliamentary cycle.

Consider what Manitoba Conservative MP Inky Mark must be thinking. Last week, Liberal Treasury Board Minister Reg Alock said that if he wanted to buy the vote of a Tory MP he would go higher up on the gene pool than Inky Mark. It makes you wonder just how far down on the gene pool the liberals think Inky Mark is after buying the support of Belinda Stronach.

Then there is the issue with Peter McKay. Belinda Stronach, already divorced twice, just stomped on the heart of this upstanding, loyal Conservative. For years the liberals have been beating up on the Canadian taxpayer only to tell voters, “Please take me back. I really mean it this time.” Who could imagine a better election script than one that involves a loyal Conservative who gets his heart broken by a shameless liberal?

This takes the saying ‘robbing Peter to pay Paul’ to a whole new level.


At 5:56 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

my bet is that frank stronach got a big promise from the liberal government for this. this will cost the taxpayers tens of millions, and we'll probably never know for sure why magna got those contracts

At 7:17 p.m., Blogger BLUE705 said...

I was glad at first Belinda left. I just hope she doesn't come back. I've been thinking more about it lately and getting pretty miffed.
There are allot of capable Conservative women who should have had the honour of being the first woman to run for leadership of the party. Instead Belinda grabbed the honour with her daddy's money and now has proven she was never worthy in the first place. Belinda blames Harper for her leaving. She blames Peterson for giving her the idea to join the Liberals, Martin for giving her the deal and then called a whole bunch of other men to find out if they approved. Show me one place where this adult woman made a choice that was right for her, a decision that was her own, or a mistake she didn't blame someone else for. How on earth is this person capable of handling a cabinet position?
The day she waltzed into the press conference with Martin you know what I stupidly thought? I thought maybe there was a development in the suit she had filed against the US banning imported Canadian beef. That's how stupid I am. No--she has to leave like that. In a big sensational press conference that really stuck it to everyone who ever supported her.
Even more humiliating, she takes the cabinet post before she is even prepared and we have to listen to "I dunno" for answers about HRSDC questions. Why wasn't the Minister responsible left there until Belinda was prepared? because she might not be sure she has the post if it was left until after the vote. That's what says to me, it was a deal. her constituents got her Conservative Report on Friday. if she had been thinking about this a while that wouldn't have happened.
Stephen Harper--
If you are responsible for Belinda's defection I want to pin a medal on your chest. Thank you once again.

At 3:39 p.m., Anonymous Jema54 said...

Why didn't any of those dumbos with MSM ask what a bigger deck of cards would be - did Belinda mean two decks, a deck that never did have 52 cards, a larger physical size? Is she playing that she is only playing with half a deck?
You people who elected her should DEMAND an election in your riding -after all you thought you were voting for someone playing with a full deck. You were mislead by the CPC and NOW is the time to show your indignation. Demand Better. Sue Mr. Stronach (your M.P.'s dad) for producing dangerous, inferior, damaged goods. Call up Jack and Olivia and tell them the big bad co-orperate giant (Magna) has dupped them (the people), and dupped them with the help of those 'scary' people in the CPC -especially the 'very, very scary' leader, Mr. Stephen Harper. HOWL!!! Stephen Harper that 'scary' man sold our innocent, trusting, milk-toast, Paule; Damaged Goods!! HOWL HOWL! Howl to Jack - he will jump or he is not the 'Champion of the people'. Jacko certainly would not have a 'hidden agenda' that would allow him to defend Big Business. NO!! Jack will warn poor Mr. Paule and all will be well. If you go to Jacko, now, the MSM should be all over this; the Lib/ND media will make it all go away and you folks can go back to sleep.


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