Friday, May 27, 2005

These were the worst of times – These were the worst of times

It is hard to be an optimistic Conservative these days. Canada’s minority liberal government is mired in a scandal that involved blowing our money and rigging elections. A member of the Conservative party sold out the country for a cabinet seat, by propping up this corrupt government on a budget vote. And the icing on the cake, the liberals won a by-election this week.

The Gomery commission continues to reveal more details of the sponsorship scandal. This week we learned that the liberal party lied when they said that only $250 million was spent buying elections. A crack team of investigators testified that the actual number is closer to $355 million. Groupaction president Jean Brault’s revelation of money kicked back to liberal party in brown envelopes was again confirmed, this time by Joe Marcelli, a key player in the scandal.

Belinda Stronach, the Paris Hilton of Canadian politics, crossed the floor to accept a cabinet position with the liberal party. This former founder of the CPC and former leadership candidate of the Conservative party helped the liberals survive a vote of non-confidence and stay in power. You would expect some humility from people who just survived a near death experience. Instead, the liberals were grandstanding the same day, with Belinda Stronach and the Prime Minister's chief of staff dancing on a speaker in an Ottawa bar to the tune of Madonna’s ‘Material Girl’. Naturally the liberal friendly mainstream media spoon-fed Canadians on what a wonderful victory for Canada this was.

Then came news this Tuesday that the liberals won a by-election in Atlantic Canada. Canada’s newest Member of Parliament is Todd Russell, a liberal candidate from Labrador. He replaces another liberal MP, Pat O’Brien, who created a vacant seat when he died in December of 2004. The people of this riding replaced one liberal with another despite everything that the liberals have done until now.

These may be the worst of times, but the bright side is, things can only get better from here.


At 6:26 p.m., Anonymous Greg said...

You are correct about things getting better. There seems to be a growing voice to rid the Conservative party of Stephen Harper. If this party can find a moderate Ontario leader, in touch with the moderate and progressive Canadian who is looking for a real alternative to the Liberals, then we may see a return to the days of political sanity. The days before the Reform/Alliance were able to hijack our politics.
In the meantime, reports from Gomery that some of the charges against the Liberals have not been backed by factual evidence suggest that the Lib's may soon be able to distance themselves from this scandal. Canadians will then begin to judge this new Prime Minister and his new caucus on their achievements.

At 7:18 p.m., Blogger Les Mackenzie said...

The CPC could have John Tory at the helm and still be vilified. Harper is the man for the job. Starting from square one will cost the party (and the country) more than we could handle.

Can you imagine another 4 years of Liberal crapaganda?

I wish I shared your optimism Blue.

At 7:35 p.m., Blogger Canadi-anna said...

You're right Greg, why don't we invite Belinda back! I'm sure the PMship would be an even better inducement than a measly cabinet post.
Or better yet, we could buy a hockey player! Naw, that would appeal to the knuckle-draggers, not the clever Ontarian urbanites.
How about we ask Warren Kinsella. He's a Quebecer, but Ontario won't mind so long as the guy's not from the west. He's got a liberal agenda and that's what we're aiming for right? It's not like we'd want the Conservative Party actually be conservative. Kinsella is well known, hates Paul Martin and he's really good at marginalizing all those bible-thumping reform/alliance idiots whose votes don't count cuz they're west of Ontario.
What about Sincair Stevens? He's old, but he's even got Internet savvy. And he's from the pre-hijacking days.
Wow, Greg. You should start a petition.

I share your pain Michael . . . with conservatives like this, who needs the Star or Globe & Mail?

At 7:49 p.m., Blogger Hamm172 said...

The mid stream (as in urine sample collection) media will attack and demonize any leader of the CPC. Frankly, any time someone talks about the need for a 'moderate' conservative, they're really saying 'liberal-look-alike.' We've had two decades of betrayal by red-tory leaders who are Liberals in all but name.

Greg doesn't understand. We don't need any more chicken-plucking Liberals who think their party affiliation is sufficient license to steal taxpayer dollars. Red Tories are just as bad.

It can hardly be said that a Newfoundland byelection is an accurate gauge of public opinion about the Liberals. No more than a byelection in Vegreville, Alberta, anyway. The Newfoundland vote had more to do with the candidates than with their party affiliation.

Finally, the Gomery inquiry has hardly scratched the surface according to the Auditor General. At least we're hearing sworn testimony, as opposed to allegations and innuendo about possible hidden conservative agendas.

At 8:57 p.m., Blogger Ken Breadner said...

I'm one of those Red Tory Ontarians y'all love to hate so much...let me tell you, there CAN be a real alternative to the Liberals. Just drop the damn social conservatism that crept in with Manning and rely on strong fiscal conservatism...There doesn't seem to be a party for people like me, social liberals who demand value for their tax dollars.
If the Liberals win the next election, say goodbye to Canada as we know it. Quebec will pull one way and the West will pull the other and something will snap.

At 9:37 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not much choice about forging ahead and not giving up the only makes sense, given our generational experience with Liberal policies.

Oh! This business about getting rid of Harper?

It's just more divisive dogma from our MSM.

Harper is just fine. What we need is media.

Fox News (Canada) anyone?

At 9:39 p.m., Blogger HearHere said...

I find this SO Hilarious -

People from Ontario are now eating one of their own!
Stephen Harper was born in Burlington, ONTARIO..
Stephen Harper grew up in ONTARIO.
He moved west as an adult.

And, Stephen Harper is a classic Libertarian - what even the most elite Liberals claim to be.

I quite like the fact that the Conservative Party attracts Canadians with some widely diverse views because we Canadians are widely diverse. It is a tent that now has millions of members and growing and the party is only 18 months old.

Who wants to support a regional rump party like the Libs, NDP or BLOC where everyone has to toe the party line like a bunch of robotic yes men and women.

Libertarians also should appreciate that Conservatives have NO party policies on social wedge issues that exist in every country - the policy is FREE VOTES so MP's can vote their concience or the views of their constituents. .

It's about bloody time we allowed debate and free thought in our Parliament instead of dictatorships.

At 9:58 p.m., Anonymous Durward said...

I think it's sickening that people like Greg would lay the blame for this mess on Mr.Harper.
Is it Mr.Harpers fault Ontario can't see the forest for the trees?
You can talk till your blue in the face, but if the people refuse to listen and the media distort the message your sunk anyway.
Replacing Harper at this point is just plain dumb.
What needs to be done is to petition the premiers of the west to not recognize Martin and the Liberals.
We must take Ontario out of the equation and force an election.

At 10:07 p.m., Anonymous Brian S said...

Stephen Harper is not the problem. We've had enough leadership changes over the past 4 years to last 20 years.

Anyway, Stephen's views are mainstream. Our problem is the Liberal spin.

The Liberals would like nothing better than to dupe the CPC into switching leaders yet again and wasting another 2-3 years getting the new leader up to speed.

Who's to say any new leader would be better than Stephen?

At 11:17 p.m., Blogger BLUE705 said...

Stephen Harper is a wonderful leader and we are lucky to have him. I think the problem is, (and you might not be willing to hear this)...when Liberals are so humiliated with the Liberal Party they want to vote for someone else, they look at us and see so much anti-Liberal stuff that they are infuriated, decide to go home and accept the corruption while being more nasty and arguementative than ever. If we are to have a minority or even a majority someday, I don't think we are going to turn millions of Liberals into Conservatives (or keep demanding Conservatives move to the left to accomodate Liberals-- eat quiche and speak with political correctness) We need to create a bother/sisterhood where Liberals can vote Conservative yet be allowed to be Liberals Conservatives can stay their wonderful selves without constant nagging to change.
We need to start talking about unity. Not just with Quevbec, but all over the country--the West, Quebec, the East, the Natives, and anyone from Ontario who believes the country is bigger than their own province.

At 11:29 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a middle of the road, fiscal conservative, and social liberal (per say). But the policy as it stands I support 110%. It is moderate enough, while ALSO respecting the rights and beliefs of more social conservatives. Novel concept that that is. Now, what pray tell is so scary about that? It is time for government to STOP telling Canadians how to think, feel, live....and allow them to actually LIVE their lives. The Liberal Party of Canada does not do this. End of Discussion.

Replacing Stephen Harper will fix nada. It falls into the typical Liberal game plan and will do nothing more than continue to fracture our society.

At 9:01 a.m., Blogger Peter said...

Stephen Harper is a scary man indeed. He scares the Liberal scum. He does not fit in Canadian politics because he is honest, very smart and is not a billionaire. Canada(Ontario) has 2 options, elect the BLUE Conservatives with the Honorable Stephen Harper at the helm or see Canada break up.
Go, Stephen, Go!

At 3:30 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

I’m responding to all this rather late, so please forgive me.

I agree with many of the comments on here, particularly those that suggest it is the mainstream media, and not Mr. Harper, which is ultimately at fault.

This can be proven by a poll that was commissioned and released not to long ago showing that while Canadians (particularly Ontarians), hold NDP leader Jack Layton in high esteem, they just cannot vote for him because of the party. This same sentiment will be transfered if and when the CP gets a new leader.

Replacing Stephen Harper will do nothing. You can have a Red Tory like John Tory leading the party and people will say, “He’s a nice guy, but it’s the party I cannot support,” just as they say about Layton and the NDP.

The media worked so hard to push fmr. leader Stockwell Day out the door, citing his social conservative views as being too extreme, so the party replaced him with Stephen Harper, who is, by no means, a social conservative, and yet the same slant in the media continues. Does anyone really think this will change with a new leader chosen?

The problem is not with Mr. Harper or the Conservative Party. The problem lies, pardon the pun, with the majority electorate in Ontario who, through the polls, show that they’re no more ethical than the corrupt, lying and thieving Liberals who are running the governemt.

Many of those polled in Ontario (43% who would vote for the Martin Liberals, as opposed to only 26% for Harper Conservatives, translating into another 75 seats in Ontario for the Liberals) demonstrate their hypocrisy in their responses. Many suggest Harper shouldn’t force an early election (moot point now) because polls show that Canadians do not want one. And yet many of these same people applaud the move made by Belinda Stronach to join the Liberal party, even though the people of her riding voted to have a Conservative represent them and not a Liberal.

So the message from the majority electorate in Ontario is quite simple: we believe the people’s voice should be heard, but only when it benefits the Liberal Party and the cas du jour.


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