Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Unofficial Liberal Election Campaign Continues with Letter to Supporters

The liberal election campaign is well underway. The letters have gone out to liberal supporters in an effort to distort reality and raise money for the left-wing agenda. The most recent e-mail from the federal liberals tries to portray Stephen Harper as the uncooperative Opposition Leader with a lust for power. The liberals continue to portray Conservatives as unfairly toppling the government before Canadians can see the final report from Justice Gomery. Liberals say this in spite of the fact that Paragraph K of Justice Gomery’s mandate specifically forbids the commission from expressing any conclusion or recommendation regarding the civil or criminal liability of any person or organization.

Remember Canada, it was Paul Martin and the liberals that shut down the public accounts committee last year when evidence of liberal corruption was starting to surface. It was the liberals that tried to hide their corruption from the public as they called an unnecessary early election in June of 2004 in a bid to reaffirm their grip on power, while Canadians were still completely in the dark about the sponsorship scandal. Now that the evidence is out in the open, the liberals want ten months to campaign, raise funds, and spread lies about Conservative hidden agendas before Canadians can get rid of them.

Below is the letter:

Friday, April 29, 2005

Dear Michael,

Since being elected, Paul Martin’s Liberals have delivered on their commitments to Canadians. In less than one year they have negotiated a 10-year health care agreement, started a nation-wide early childhood development program and are committing gas tax revenues to ensure Canadians have vibrant communities to live and work. Paul Martin’s Liberals are committed to making this government work. But today this progress is being threatened.

Paul Martin’s Liberals need your support today.

On Thursday, April 21, Prime Minister Paul Martin spoke directly to Canadians – accepting responsibility and claiming accountability as leader of the Liberal Party of Canada – and encouraged us to allow this government to continue moving forward with an ambitious agenda still to be accomplished in the House of Commons.

He also promised an election call within 30 days of Justice Gomery’s final report on the Sponsorship Program.

It wasn’t so long ago that Mr. Harper was threatening to bring the government down if the Liberals obstructed the work of the Gomery Commission

Now, sensing opportunity, with his perception skewed by visions of increased political power, Mr. Harper is threatening to pull the plug on Parliament and hold an election before Judge Gomery can complete his work!

Mr. Harper feels this would be in his own personal best interest, and that of the Bloc Quebecois. But it is certainly not in the best interest of the majority of Canadians who want Justice Gomery to complete the job entrusted to him.

Mr. Harper has made it clear that an election is coming – because he wants one. The Liberal Party is gearing up to be ready if the Conservatives and Bloc gain the votes needed to dissolve Parliament.

It takes time and effort from tens of thousands of volunteers - and it takes money to mount a winning campaign across this great country. Your support today is critical to our success.

Please donate now with the most generous gift possible. Canada is working. The only option to keep it working is a Liberal government.

Thank you for your past, current and future support. We will keep you informed of the progress we are making together.


Honourable Marc Lalonde
Member, National Campaign Committee

Honourable David Smith
Member, National Campaign Committee

*P.S. We can no longer accept corporate donations. We can only depend upon your personal support to be ready at any time. Please don’t delay – and make your gift today.

Reading this letter from the liberal party reaffirms the notion that liberal hypocrisy knows no bounds.


At 2:10 a.m., Blogger PR said...

I honestly wonder if Canadians are gullible enough to fall for these sorts of distortions of the facts.

At 7:35 a.m., Blogger Neville72 said...

A quick question to my Canadian friends from an interested American. Should the Liberals find a way to fight off a no-confidence vote or win the election whenever that might be and remain in power, does that make it more or less likely that Quebec separatists would be successful this time in an effort to secede from the country?

What other potential ramifications would result from a Liberal Party "victory"? Thanks!

At 9:06 a.m., Blogger Michael said...

If the liberals got their way in either of those cases Quebec is gone. If Canadians are even thinking of voting liberal at this point, they may as well go all the way to Quebec and just spit in the faces of french Canadians. Voting liberal just legitimizes election fraud and condones any behaviour that takes the right of self determination away from Quebecers to determine their own future or have any say in their own politics.

That said, Quebec independance will not happen until the next provincial election when Quebec gets a chance to vote the provincial liberals out of power and vote the Parti Quebecois back in. It will take a provincial seperatist majority to force another referendum on the question before they can leave.

But I have already said in a previous post, that no matter what happens at the federal level, Quebec independance may already be a reality on account of this. The latest polls show 54% support for sovereignty and Gomery has not yet heard from the crack group of investigators that compiled 10,000 pages of transcripts from wire taps and personal bank accounts and transactions.

In a previous article I wrote, "Paul Martin will do this in spite of the fact that what the liberals did in Quebec probably means Quebec is gone already. It is possible that this scandal, the biggest in our nation’s history, has already convinced the majority of Quebecers that enough is enough. It may well be that the damage these liberals have done is irreversible. Even a majority Conservative government with a strong mandate to de-centralize the power of this overwhelming federal government may not be enough to save it in time. Canadians should take this to heart."

It is a fact, we may have already past the point of no return.

At 11:55 a.m., Blogger left town for good said...

I'm not sure why you'd call it "unofficial" or why you'd single out the Liberals. All of the parties are campaigning openly.

And, by the way, Quebecers already have spit on their faces. Giving control of the government to the party that took less than 9% of the popular vote in Quebec last June would be spitting again. But that may be what we'll have to do.

At 2:38 p.m., Blogger Neville72 said...

Thanks for your answer. I realize this is sheer speculation but to carry this scenario a step farther, what happens to the rest of Canada, should Quebec leave? Wouldn't the maritime provinces be awfully isolated? Would Canada just remain "as is" minus Quebec or would other "dominos" fall?

At 3:02 p.m., Blogger left town for good said...

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the email.

"Toronto, May 2 – The Conservative Party of Canada has landed another star candidate, this time in seat rich Ontario. Conservative Party Leader Stephen Harper today announced to party faithful at a campaign rally in Toronto, that Peter Kent, the former CBC and Global TV news anchor and foreign correspondent, will be their candidate for the riding of St. Paul’s in the next federal election." - from the CPC Website

That's all I meant.

At 3:11 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

We've spent no less than a full generation of time to find ourselves here. There is no quick fix.....and as Michael suggests, perhaps no fix at all.

And Neville with your unenviable question. I think it would be hard for Canada to survive long "as is" minus Quebec. Maybe we try...but how long before regional demographics and priorities prevail?

Either way, a contiuance of Liberal leadership isn't the answer. I suggest we go from there.

At 3:32 p.m., Blogger Michael said...

Neville72, there are too many unknowns about Quebec seperation to know for sure what would happen. I imagine a best case/worst case scenario.

Best case: Quebec seperates, Canada negotiates for contiguous borders that join Ontario with Atlantic Canada and we get consessions. Quebec takes its share (25%) of the national debt.

Worst case: We end up fighting a bloody civil war and our entire economy collapses. America would have to intervene in a Canadian civil war, because the economic impact would be too great on the US economy, especially with the multi-billion dollar defecit. The Canada-US border represents the largest free trade zone on Earth.

There are a lot of scenarios in between, including Alberta becoming the 51st state of the Union. Alberta has huge oil and gas reserves that would offset dependence on mid-east oil. Alberta is also a very conservative province, it is the Texas of Canada.

Having Quebec leave does have its pros and cons. The upside is that we would no longer have to appease 25% of Canada's population by transfering money to it in the most unbalanced way. The downside is 75% of the population gets stuck with 100% of the nation's $510 billion debt.

$510 billion is an enormous mortgage for 24 million people to finance. Our dollar would collapse overnight.

At 4:16 p.m., Blogger left town for good said...

Whoa there. Alberta didn't execute 23 prisoners last year and they haven't legislated against cheerleading. Not yet, anyway.

At 8:18 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another upside to Quebec separatin is the end of costly, treasonous Official Bilinualism which is nothing less than a devious, bloodless means of reversing the Battle of the Plains of Abraham in 1759.
According to Toronto accountant james Allen, published in Dialogue in 1997 the accumulated cost from all sources for Official Bilingualism was $1.09 trilion and an average of $1000 per citizen per year.
Over the years these felons have used every dirty trick in the book to suppress debate and the dissemination of information on the discriminatory program--the classic piece of Li(e)beral hidden agenda.

At 11:42 p.m., Blogger 905 Tory said...

Hey Mike! How ya doin'??

How'd you get this letter?

Anyways, keep up the good blogging work!

Cheers to Manitoba!!!

At 6:41 a.m., Blogger Neville72 said...

Memo to Canadians from the US:our liberals are just as bad as your liberals. But then, misery loves company does it not?

There's this from the Polipundit blog.

Wednesday, May 04th, 2005


John Kerry Heinz used some of his campaign contributions to pay off parking tickets and to purchase tickets to a Red Sox game.


You would think that a man who married into big money – twice! – and who receives a six-figure, taxpayer-funded salary, would be able to find the “courage” to fork over a few hundred of his own dollars for such purposes, but, then again, this is the current, asinine version of the old Democratic Party about which we’re speaking.

In any event, I just wonder how many of those “librule” college students, who donated to Kerry’s campaign, will now demand refunds.

Memo to those donors:

Don’t hold your breath.

Hat tip: Hedgehog Report.

And that doesn't even include the "banana republic" election still going on in Washington state.
Woe is me.


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