Monday, June 06, 2005

Liberal MP Pat O’Brien Leaves Party to Sit as Independent

Liberal Member of Parliament, Pat O’Brien, left the liberal party to sit as an independent today. Mr. O’Brien is one hundred percent committed to killing the same-sex marriage bill C-38. His strong opposition to this bill nearly led him to leave the liberal party over a month ago, but he received personal assurances from the Prime Minister that there would be full, fair and meaningful public hearings on bill C-38. This has not happened.

According to Pat O’Brien, the legislative committee looking into redefining the definition of marriage has been anything but full, fair or meaningful. Instead, the liberals imposed an artificial and unnecessary June 14th deadline to pass the same-sex marriage bill as fast as possible. Witnesses at the hearings that oppose same-sex marriage have been berated, lectured and insulted. The committee has shown little respect for witness by giving them less than 24 hours notice to appear in some cases.

All this adds up to liberal contempt for the Parliamentary process. The liberals are trying to ram same-sex marriage down the throat of Canadians without hearing what the people of this country have to say.

Pat O’Brien went on to explain how liberal activist judges were used to impose same-sex marriage on Canadians. For over two years, Mr. O’Brien served as Pierre Pettigrew’s Parliamentary Secretary for international trade. At this time he was appointed to the Justice Committee. The first topic of that committee was same-sex unions and the possibility of redefining marriage.

Mr. O’Brien served on this committee until June of 2003. At that time, the Ontario Court of Appeal led the way in declaring that the traditional definition of marriage was unconstitutional. Pat O’Brien called this the most insulting and arrogant judicial decision of all time, anywhere in the world. This court instantly usurped the democratic role of Parliament in imposed same-sex marriage on the people of this country. No other court in the world has instantly rewritten the definition of marriage in this way.

Since the liberals had their will imposed on Canadians by judicial decree, the committee’s work was shut down and no committee report was written. Following the Ontario Court decision, Pat O’Brien introduced a motion to recommend that the government appeal the Ontario Court’s decision to the Supreme Court. However, the motion was turned down and the liberals refused to appeal this decision.

The liberals narrowly survived a recent non-confidence vote when the liberal speaker of the House broke a 152-152 tie. When Pat O’Brien was asked how he would vote in the next vote of non-confidence now that he will be sitting as an independent, he would not say for sure. However, he did make it very clear that he would bring down the government if it was necessary to defeat the same-sex marriage bill.

This author agrees fully with Pat O’Brien when he says, “I cannot accept the headlong rush of this government to redefine marriage.”


At 8:49 p.m., Blogger Mark said...

Talk about a "one-issue" candidate. :-P

At 6:24 p.m., Blogger Ken Breadner said...

He can throw away his political career all he wants: it won't change anything. The reason the Liberals are "fast-tracking" the same-sex marriage bill (gays have been getting married in Ontario for almost four years now--if that's fast, I'd hate to see slow!) is, quite simply, because they don't care what many Canadians think.
Nor should they.
I'm a Red Tory, but you can colour me Liberal elitist on this issue if it makes you feel better. I'm continually hearing about the need to 'defend' traditional marriage. FROM WHAT? Buddy, if your marriage suffers one iota just because a couple of gays down the street tie the knot, you've got problems no marital counsellor on earth can fix.
As for Pat O'Brien--he'll find out soon enough that being an Independent hobbles his ability to effect change on ANY issue, not just this one.

At 1:02 p.m., Blogger v said...

“I cannot accept the headlong rush of this government to redefine marriage.”

Well stated, Mr. O'Brien.

"The reason the Liberals are "fast-tracking" the same-sex marriage bill, quite simply, because they don't care what many Canadians think.
Nor should they."

At least you are honest about it!

At 4:34 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hopefully Mr. O'Brian's defection will help the polls.

Plastered all over our newspapers today. The Liberals with a 14% lead on the Tories.

The more wrong they do....they greater the surge in the polls.

Go figure.....

At 4:39 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ken the Red Tory.

You lack vision. SSM is akin to instant gratification.

Anyway you slice it, SSM is an expansion of the definition of matrimony.

Why do we need to go there?


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