Monday, June 27, 2005

The Sick Reality of Socialism – When the Government Takes Control of Your Life

Imagine you are 47-years-old. You live at home with your mother and 80-year-old father. Your father is getting pretty old and a nurse comes by once per day to care for him. Being a good son, you also care for your father when you can.

Then one day your socialist government declares your father not mentally competent to run his own affairs. The government then appoints an official to take control of your father’s life without the consent of your mother or yourself. The government starts by withdrawing $900 from your dad’s bank account to cover its costs. This government official now owns all your father’s assets and can force him to move into any living arrangement he chooses.

Because this is a totalitarian state, there is no appeals process. The government official has no knowledge of your father’s circumstance before he is appointed to take over. You are not consulted even though you live with your father. Your mother is also not consulted even though she has the power of attorney over her husband. The government official is simply appointed and then takes over your father’s life immediately, without ever scheduling a home visit or meeting with your dad. He simply comes in and takes control.

Once the government official has stepped in and taken all of your father’s money and seized all his assets, you have one chance to appeal. Unfortunately, the cost of the appeal will run into the thousands and you don’t always win. As well, the official gets a 3% cut of your income which puts him in a conflict of interest.

You would imagine that this kind of scenario is common in socialist countries like North Korea, China and the former Soviet Union. Would it surprise you to know that this is exactly what happened in the socialist NDP province of Manitoba?

Above is the true story of the Hanaway family who live in Winnipeg’s North End. Manitoba’s Public Trustee Anne Bolton has triggered a firestorm of controversy in the power her office wields when she took control of the life of Thomas Hanaway on June 6th.

The more clients the Public Trustee has, the higher their revenue. This agency currently has 3,500 living ones now. To read more about this unbelievable story, please read the Tom Brodbeck article in the Winnipeg Sun.

This is just one sick reality of the kind of socialism that the NDP is bringing to Canada.


At 8:59 p.m., Blogger Mark said...

Thanks Michael.

At 9:04 p.m., Anonymous Durward said...

Might be just my interpretation but I believe at least two of his constitutional rights have been violated.

Legal Rights

7. Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of the person and the right not to be deprived thereof except in accordance with the principles of fundamental justice.

8. Everyone has the right to be secure against unreasonable search or seizure.

9. Everyone has the right not to be arbitrarily detained or imprisoned.

At 2:46 a.m., Blogger bob said...

Looks like I'll be reading Brodbeck very closely in the coming days. Excellent report.

At 2:22 p.m., Blogger Warwick said...


Bob Rea instituted the same thing in Ontario and neither Harris (which I would have thought would have scrapped it) nor McWimpy (which I wouldn't have thought would scrap it) have done a damn thing about it. That's all 3 provincial parties. Who to vote for???


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