Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Vote on Bill C-48 Tonight

The vote on the $4.6 billion NDP budget deal is less than 15 minutes away. The last time this bill was voted on the result of the vote was a 152-152 tie with the liberal speaker breaking the tie to keep the liberals in power. That vote was also taken after Belinda Stronach had crossed the floor to accept a cabinet position.

Since that vote, the liberals picked up one seat in a byelection and lost one caucus member, Pat O'Brien, who vowed to vote against the liberals in a vote of non-confidence to topple them before same-sex marriage can pass. Without Pat O'Brien the liberals do not have the votes to remain in power.

Grewal, Stinson and Chatters appear to be missing from the Conservative side. A Conservative motion to the bill was defeated 93-205.

Chuck Cadman also appears to be absent, leaving only Parrish, O'Brien and Kilgour in the independent chairs. Parrish is voting with the government on all ammendments, while O'Brien and Kilgour are opposing government.

The vote on bill C-48 passes 152-147.


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