Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Hell’s Angels Steal a Page from the Liberal Public Relations Play Book

A chapter of the Hell’s Angels Motorcycle gang has launched a public relations campaign to shore up their image. After being hit by police raids last week, the B.C. chapter of the Hell’s Angels has decided to engage the public in a bid to clear up the misconception people have that they are anything more than a men’s club for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Speaking on behalf of the Hell’s Angels, public relations spokesperson Rick Ciarniello said blaming his organization for the misdeeds of a few bad apples would be like calling the entire police force a criminal organization on account of the Stanley Park six. The Stanley Park six was a group of Vancouver police officers that were convicted of assaulting suspected drug dealers.

The campaign to shore up public opinion comes within months of watching another criminal gang soar in public opinion polls despite months of testimony at the Gomery Commission. The Libranos Party of Canada has engaged in widespread criminal activity including money laundering and bribing public officials dating back to 1994. Money stolen from Canadian taxpayers frequently changed hands in brown paper bags as the libranos stole elections for over a decade.

Since 1994 the libranos have laundered taxpayer money in many ways. The most popular tactic they used was to funnel the money to ad firms for little or no work. These ad firms then funneled the money back to the libranos who enjoy a tax exempt status similar to that of charities.

During the month of May, key members of the libranos’ Ottawa chapter sought to bribe government officials including members of the Conservative Party and Bloc Quebecois. One such official, Gurmant Grewal, made audio recordings as he was being bribed by senior members of the libranos. Mr. Grewal has since enrolled in a witness protection program while enforcers for the libranos seek to assassinate his character.

In spite of the wide spread knowledge in Canada that the libranos are a criminal organization, they still enjoy huge support from the public, especially in Ontario, according to left-wing friendly polling firms such as Environics and the Strategic Counsel.

The libranos positive image is the direct result of an effective public relations campaign which works in concert with the liberal friendly mainstream media. The image they portray of their gang is that of a group of people who simply enjoy being chauffeured around Ottawa in stretched limousines. Whenever a librano member is caught breaking the law, the public relations people go to work blaming a few bad apples while deflecting criticism away from the organization as a whole.

Members of the Hell’s Angels have obviously figured out that if the libranos can have a good image in spite of their criminal activity, then anyone can.


At 11:36 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the MSM says what you just said....the Lib's support, would be decimated in less than a month.

And for good.

It's that simple.....Canadian's, that is.

We might as well have wall to wall TV....like in Fahrenheit 411.

The Angels strategy?.....it can work.


At 9:21 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe the Angels should form a political party?

At 10:16 p.m., Blogger wuberman said...

The government has enough evidence to mark them as a illegal terrorist organisation. If that much firepower was found in the clubhouse of the islamic motorcycle enthusiests club it would be instantly deemed a terrorist organisation. everyone involved would be rounded up as terrorists. I think its racisim. plain and simple. either that or more liberal cowardice.

At 11:07 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's too bad that double standard exists but I don't recall the last time a 'Hells Angel' blew up himself and a bus full of people.

I think there is a clear difference between racism and terrorism. I don't think the Angels qualify as terrorists by any stretch of the imagination.


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