Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Canada's Liberal Party and its Worthless E-mails

The e-mail that the liberal party sends its followers is always interesting. Today, we here at The Blue Maple Leaf received an e-mail as a follow up to a survey the liberals put out last month. In that survey, this author said that his number one priority for the federal government going forward is tax cuts. Keep that in mind as you read this latest e-mail. It reads:

Dear Michael,

In our first survey you told us that health care was your number one priority, as it is ours.

What element of our health care accord is the most important to you?

• Reducing Wait Times and Improving Access
• The Wait Times Reduction Fund
• Strategic Health Human Resource Action Plans
• Home Care
• Primary Care Reform
• National Pharmaceuticals Strategy
• Ensuring the Health of Canadians
• Prevention, Promotion and Public Health
• Accountability and Reporting to Citizens

Thanks for your participation!

Mike Eizenga, President
Liberal Party of Canada

Obviously responding to these liberal surveys is pointless. Any option that would involve for profit, private health care reform is non-existent. Although it would be tempting to select “Accountability and Reporting to Citizens,” if you do that you will most certainly get a follow up e-mail from the liberal party. That e-mail would begin with, “Dear Michael, in our follow-up survey you said that spending more on health care was your number one priority. What a coincidence, that is Paul Martin’s basic fundamental number one priority as well!”

If you ever wanted proof that the liberal party hears only themselves, just sign up for their worthless e-mails.


At 4:29 p.m., Blogger Rink Rat said...

Yeah, I don't get enough junk mail.

At 4:33 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...


It's the very least the Libs can do, for a forgiving and expectant electorate.

Everyone is going to be so happy with their pittance in tax savings, they won't even notice it.

Liberals and tax cuts are like oil and water.....they don't mix.

This is a pre-emptive under-cut of the CPC platform.


At 9:51 p.m., Blogger SoN oF DaD said...

The MSM in Toronto, which is where I live, in the province that has and, unfortunately, will decide the next election, the Liberals will win and do so with the help of the MSM, which has a bigger impact than people may realize.

Treats similar issues differently, depending on which political party they're discussing.

For example: The Klein gov't in Alberta will "propose" changes to health care and will be demonized by the central Canadian MSM, where as the Ontario Liberal gov't actually implements forms of privatization by forcing people to pay-out-of-pocket for services provided by physiotherapists, optometrists and chiropractors, whereas they were covered by OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Policy) in the past and the MSM here refers to it with a much kinder terms - "de-listing of services."

It's away to have the least negative impact on the Liberals because the MSM here - particularly the CBC and the ultra-leftist Citytv - wants to keep the Tories from returning to power.

The same goes for the so-called "surpluses," which is really over-taxation.

On the issue of tax cuts and heath care - the Liberals have no credibility on neither.

In 1999, the Chretien Liberals blasted the tax cuts proposed by the Reform Party, and then in the 2000 budget, FM Martin proposed $100 billion in tax cuts, thus undercutting the CA in the election later that year.

How this relates to health care is simple.

In the 2000 budget, for every dollar in tax cuts proposed, there was only 2 cents for health care - this at the peak of the Liberals' health care cuts and there devastating impact on the provinces.

The Liberals chose tax cuts over health care spending because tax cuts were en vogue at the time - popularized by Ont. premier Mike Harris, in the province where the Liberals needed to win.



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