Sunday, September 25, 2005

John Loewen Seeks Liberal Patronage – Agrees to be an ‘Also Ran’ in Charleswood – St. James

John Loewen, a Manitoba Tory MLA, announced this week that he will be leaving provincial politics to run as a liberal in the next federal election. His opponant will be Conservative Health Critic Steven Fletcher in the Winnipeg riding of Charleswood – St. James – Headingly – Assinaboia.

When John Loewen made his announcement, he told reporters, “The Liberal Party of Canada, led by Prime Minister Paul Martin, closely reflects my vision and my values for Manitoba and Canada.”

What values are those you wonder?

Well, before John Loewen, Paul Martin appointed former Winnipeg Mayor Glenn Murray to run against Steven Fletcher in the Charleswood riding. Glenn Murray stepped down as Winnipeg’s mayor to run for the liberals in the 2004 election. Glenn Murray was appointed by Paul Martin himself against the wishes of the local riding association. In doing so, Paul Martin broke his campaign promise of addressing the democratic before the election was even called.

At the time of the 2004 election, Paul Martin and the liberals were realing from revelations that were coming out of the public accounts committee that was set up to look into the sponsorship scandal. Also at the time, Paul Martin himself vowed not to hold an election until all the details of the scandal were revealed to Canadians. Instead, Paul Martin shut down the committee at the very time that revelations were starting to hurt the liberal party and the liberals called an unnecessary early election in June of 2004. By doing so he broke another election promise.

The liberals have promised to scrap the GST since the early 1990s, but they still have not delivered. The liberals have also been promising a nationalized babysitting program, but have failed to deliver on that. Health care has been underfunded to the tune of $25 billion and is completely broken. Money has been squandered by liberals in the billions on scandal after scandal.

The only liberal value that liberals ever deliver on is patronage. If you do a nice thing for the liberal party, you get rewarded. Scott Bryson left the Conservative party and now sits as a cabinet minister. Belinda Stronach bailed out the liberals and kept them in power by the skin of their teeth and was also rewarded with a cabinet position. Glenn Murray left his job as mayor only to lose the election to Steven Fletcher, but don’t cry for Glenn. The liberals rewarded him too with a wonderful patronage appointment to chair the round table on the environment. This was an appointment that Glenn did not deserve and certainly was not qualified for.

Now it seems that John Loewen wants some liberal patronage. Surely he doesn’t think he stands a chance against Steven Fletcher in the Conservative stronghold that is Charleswood – St. James. Steven is loved by all in that part of the city.

Steven Fletcher is as non-partisan as they come. Even the most ardent liberal loves the man. Take liberal activist Rick Mercer for example. He is the comedian from the CBC show, “this hour has 22 minutes”. He considers himself flattered to get worked into Steven Fletcher’s schedule. Here is an excerpt from an August 8th Rick Mercer blog entry:

If anyone ever gets it in their head that MP’s don’t work like Torbay ponies in the summer they should check out Fletcher’s schedule. He has toured over 25 hospitals in Ontario alone this summer and has plans to see more. He is totally obsessed with his portfolio. He can talk health care until your eyes cross.

And nice? This is a guy who has absolutely no anger in his voice when he’s telling the very funny story about an airline losing his wheelchair.

Not long ago he found himself in Ottawa, sitting on a plane at 1:00am, having just flown all the way from Winnipeg through Toronto and nobody had a sweet clue where his wheelchair was. Eventually he ended up spending the entire night lying on an air mattress in the chapel. He literally had to stay there until the next day so they could find the lost chair and fly it to Ottawa. And just when you think the story has ended he tells you the part about how the chapel fills up at dawn with travelers of the Muslim faith who must take part in the Muslim call to prayer. Luckily they didn’t mind the guy lying on the air mattress in the middle of the room and Steven is partial to chanting.

This is why the good people of Charleswood – St. James elected Steven Fletcher to repersent their community in Ottawa. And he is partial to chanting.

In fact, if you listen carefully, you might be able to hear Steven chanting right now…Na na na na….na na na na……hey eh eh…..good bye.


At 10:13 p.m., Anonymous Felix said...

Hey Blue,

Deep down you know all that stuff about seeking patronage is not true. Johnny is really hoping to go to Ottawa as a Liebral MP and meet his soulmate in intellect, depth and character (hint..blonde hair).

At 9:27 p.m., Blogger Greg P said...

"In fact, if you listen carefully, you might be able to hear Steven chanting right now…Na na na na….na na na na……hey eh eh…..good bye."

Maybe not Steven, but a few of his volunteers have been known on election night to sing that song, while pounding on their large campaign sign beside Portage Ave.

"na na na na, na na na na, hey eh eh, good bye GLEN MURRAY! (and repeat, until Murray's yellow range rover drives in so he can congradulate Steven)"

At 11:58 p.m., Blogger oomithrandir00 said...

I remember Stephen from the UofM, and he was quite the arsehole. I found him to be whiny, and more than a little self-righteous. The mistake the liberals made was to choose a bigger arsehole and more self-righteous prick to run against him.

That being said I think he's done a great job since getting his seat. But i don't think he's loved quite the way you suggest. He simply ran against an even more hated opponent.




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