Saturday, September 10, 2005

More Propaganda from the CBC – FEMA Director Fired According to Headline

A CBC headline states that FEMA Director Michael Brown was fired. This is a complete lie on the part of the CBC. The goal of Canada’s state-run broadcaster in publishing that headline is to affix blame to the American government and its president George Bush for problems distributing aid following hurricane Katrina. However, Michael Brown was not fired despite the CBC’s claim.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency, called FEMA, is an agency under the supervision of the Department of Homeland Security. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff made the decision to pull Brown from field duties now that the situation in New Orleans is under control and those duties have been turned over to Coast Guard Vice Admiral Thad W. Allen. Brown will continue to oversee relief efforts from Washington.

During a press conference Chertoff said, "Importantly, we must have seamless interaction with military forces as we move forward with our critical work in New Orleans and the surrounding parishes. At the same time, we are still in hurricane season and need to be prepared to deal effectively with the possibility of future hurricanes and other disasters."

Left-wing media outlets like the CBC have been on a relentless campaign to blame Bush and the federal government for mismanagement of relief efforts. Liberal Democratic Senator Nancy Pelosi of California released a statement on Friday calling for Michael Brown to be fired. In that statement she affixed all blame for the relief efforts on him. This headline by the CBC is a nice attempt to qualify her comments, but it is simply more CBC propaganda.

Some things never change.


The CBC, caught yet again engaging in propaganda, has modified this article. Whereas the previous version stated, “New Orleans under control, Brown fired, FEMA to stop giving out debit cards,” the article now reads, “New Orleans under control, Brown reassigned, FEMA to stop giving out debit cards.”
The article itself, however, it still a liberal attempt to blame FEMA director Michael Brown for the relief fiasco and deflect responsibility toward the federal government and the Bush administration in particular. The reality is that local and state governments, governments that have been 100% dominated by liberals for the last 60 years, were the ones who dropped the ball.


At 11:04 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

The truth is filtering out just the same.

Governor Blanco-brain stopped the RED CROSS from going in to help during the early part of this catastrophe. Why?....because she said they didn't want the 'assistance' to encourage the survivors into staying in NO.

I guess thats 'tough love'.

Governor Blanco also took 24hrs too long to decide on a course of action, despite GW's insistence she do otherwise.

Mayor Nagin allowed hundreds of city buses to be flooded, instead of mobilizing them into action for evacuations.

Mayor Nagin has also thrown his political support behind the Republican candidate in LA for the Governorship of that State....thus crossing party-lines, and further underscoring the panic within the ranks of the 'democrats'.

Folks, this is a 'blue-state'. NO is also a 'blue municipality'.

The Americans understand their political system better than we think we do. They understand that the State is the first authority in such an emergency, not Bush.

The MSM will be the losers here.

Blanco and Nagin will soon be political casualties.


At 11:15 a.m., Blogger Michael said...

Well said.

At 12:51 p.m., Blogger Ken Breadner said...

Wait just a cotton-pickin' second here.
You tighty-righties can't have it both ways.
In Canada, you're always trying to strip the federal government of powers and reassign them to the provincial governments. (Probably because the voters of Canada have seen fit to elect Liberal governments for twelve years now.) I'm forever hearing that the federal government ought to (a) set economic and foreign policy; (b) look after national defense and security. Looking after security is one of the few things federal governments are good for, according to the right.
Yet, because your oil-stained hero Bush can do no wrong, you'd rather assign blame to local and state governments for the fiasco that is New Orleans? Or worse, blame the victimes because they were on welfare--something I've heard ranted more than once?
Look, I'm not suggeting Nagin and Blanco are blame free. In this case, the blame spreads around a myriad of ways...including to the White House, where Bush decided a dinner party in San Diego trumped New Orleans' plight.
But, hey, Bush managed to remove a bunch of Democrats from the rolls...current estimates have the death toll between ten and twenty thousand, and most of them voted for Kerry, I'd wager. And Halliburton's got at least one contract to rebuild New Orleans. The ink was dry on that one while water was still flooding into the city. Gotta admire those Republicans with dollar signs for hearts.
We now know how BARBARA Bush feels about the whole thing--she was on my radio saying that "this is all working it well for them" (the under-priveleged who lost homes, possessions, jobs, family members, and friends). Gee, Barbara, could you be ANY colder?
Feel free Exxon-erating your Bush. Just remember, others see him and his party differently.

At 2:30 p.m., Blogger Michael said...

Ever since Katrina, American have been saying that New Orleans needs a saviour. They have been saying they need a Rudi Gulliani. Rudi Guliani was not a president, nor was he the director of FEMA. Rudi Gulliani was a mayor!

Following 9/11, the entire nation was so proud of the local people that looked after that catastrophe that many wore t-shirts and hats that read NYPD or NYFD. Nobody ever wore a hat or t-shirt that said FEMA following 9/11.

Responsibility for disaster planing falls with the local and state governments. Some local mayors like Conservative Rudi Guliani and some state governors like Conservative George Pataki are competent enough to take command of a situation and get the job done. All liberal politicians like liberal mayor Nagin and liberal state governor Blanco do what liberals do best, they fail miserably and then blame everyone but themselves for their failures. New Orleans is just a classic example of liberalism on display.

At 4:51 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ken Breadner.

You're cut from the same stained cloth as Dodo.

Let me reiterate for your ignorant pleasure. Americans understand their system of Gov't, better than we do(including you....Breadstick). They also know that this is/was a STATE matter unless the Governor relinquishes control to the FED's.

Blanco didn't do that, did she?

Bush could have trumped with an 'executive order'....he didn't.

That is largely the extent of Bush's culpability here.

In hindsight, he should have stepped all over Blanco's feet.

More ignorance fighting facts, for you and your wayward ilk.....Breadner:

The levees had been LOCALLY upgraded to apparent the last 12 months....where's your MSM on this?

Another concern Nagin had over 'forced evacuations' was for the financial liability of NO. He wasn't sure of the legal implications and the lawsuits from business, that it could attract.

nice priorities......

You see Mr. Breadner, it really doesn't matter what you hear from us tighty-righties (I like that), regarding the FEDS and what we think they ought do.


THIS WAS BLANCO'S GIG, ya bunch of liberal malcontents!

So when you liberally ignorant Marxists blame as many as 20,000 deaths on Bush, so that he could reduce a democratic only have your leaders to blame.

NOLA city council...majority DEMOCRATS.

PS.... Ken-doll. You can ruminate all you want about my crappy bedside only reflects my disdain for vocal ignorance, such as yours. I don't respect you, so don't beg for it.


Ken you offer a lot of opinion, coupled with a poor grasp of the American political system.

You'd be awesome with knowledge!


At 6:34 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Michael.

You're right about NY.

It was the State that took (Constitutionally correct) control of matters during 9-11.

I don't remember any finger pointing amongst the republican politicians in New York.

You know Michael, at the outset of the Katrina disaster....Mayor Nagin is on record saying the CIA might come after him, for his anti-bush remarks re: Katrina-relief. Seems to me, the Mayor later stuck out his finger to re-test the wind, and he discovered the prevailing tempest heading towards Blanco, not Bush.

He's been pro-Bush and 'disaster pro-active', since his absurd comment to the press.

He's banking on Blanco taking a 'full-frontal' on this.


At 1:22 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aww! The libs are getting quiet in here...

Okay gang. Been saying it all along.


Check this link from CNN, questioning Ms. Blanco on this. She doesn't look too good here...and remember, it's CNN.

How much longer will the Dems keep 'beating around the Bush'?

....instead of focusing on truths?


At 6:59 p.m., Blogger SpaceNeedleBoy said...

The CBC lockout is likely to drag on for some time.

In the meantime, Peter Mansbridge is likely being approached by the U.S. networks. While he technically is under a long-term contract to the CBC, he is presumably locked out without salary just like the rank-and-file CBC staff.

Mr. Mansbridge has turned down offers to "defect" to the States in the past. However, here's why I think he might bolt.

ABC and NBC News really could use a ratings boost after losing their long-time anchors Jennings and Brokaw. Peter Mansbridge's television persona, deliver, and manners will enhance ratings particularly since ABC and NBC's targeted audiences are generally more Democratic and left-wing than those of Fox News. I am confident the networks would pay very handsomely to buy Mansbridge's services and give him wide authority. (It's also possible that one of PBS' foundations like the McArthur Foundation could fund him being added as co-anchor of the "Jim Lehrer News Hour").

Given that Mansbridge could send a huge message of disgust to the CBC management by jumping ship - and probably isn't collecting a CBC paycheck - this is an intriguing way to advance his career.

Keep in mind that a lot of Americans - particularly Democrats and the East Coast "establishment" - are likely to become highly enamored of Mr. Mansbridge's style and ability.

What do you think?

At 11:57 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

No prob.

You can have Mansbridge. I share your confidence that American Dems will love him, but if there's any doubt. We'd gladly sweeten the pot.

he he


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